Lil’ Kim Joins Kendrick Lamar At Powerhouse

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Welcome To Brooklyn.

Over at the Barclays Center last night, Kendrick Lamar headlined Power 105.1’s annual Powerhouse concert. Before the close of his set, he brought out Brooklyn’s Queen Bee for “Get Money” and “All About The Benjamins”

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  • majormar

    Lil kim played herself. The self proclaimed king of all coast on stage with ny queen bee. If big was alive kendrick would have never been able to pull this off. I guess desperate times cause for desperate measures

    • Noe/Edub

      Big been dead 16 years bruh, may be time to stop saying, if Big was alive he would’ve blah blah blah

      • majormar

        Maybe so but I dont respect a nigga from one place saying he da king of another. Big wrote all kim old stuff thats y I say that. He n ny and the only person from ny willing to cosign kdot is washed up kim desperation

        • Marlow †

          i mean why don’t you respect it though?

          • majormar

            Cuz im from norfolk va nd a Newport News nigga or a ptown nigga can get money n my city but if he start holleringking of norfolk Iit wont end well. Not even me the whole city gonna flip might sound wild but that how it is. Its boundaries

    • flo

      also, how is Kendrick desperate? he winning over 99% of hip hop.

      • Marlow †

        nah he sayin kim is washed

  • LilKim4EVER

    @MajorMar Shut the fuck please! Thats HUGE that new people are paying RESPECT to a LEGEND that can STILL rock the HOUSE!!

  • Damn I hate I missed this show. Thanks for the update.

  • Tucq

    Kim can really rap her ass off. I hope she finds the right songs to keep her career goin

  • the nuisance

    Damn K.Dot strategic as shit lol! He made sure he kept saying “Queen & Queen B”. He the King and now he rockin with the Queen! #TDE

  • Wiley Show

    I am loving Queen B

  • bcl187

    She killed it! Love lil Kim she’s real

  • Liv Profit

    where’s papoose??? lmfao

  • TeF

    I have to say, I dig K. Dot’s moves in the last few months, Hip Hop needed it, but I agree with majormar, this cat set shit off talking about he’s the King of New York too, and Kim is on stage with this nigga while he ad-lib’s some of her biggest hits of that era, one of which she performed with BIG. As a Brooklyn nigga, this has me kinda tight, this seems like some dick-riding shit on Kim’s part, and some low-key sheisty shit on K. Dot’s part. This nigga can now hop on wax and pop shit about how he Big’d himself up, went to Brooklyn and got a straight up Co-sign from the Queen after all of that shit.

    • Bapethatlife

      Geez yo, you’re taking this entirely too serious. It’s only entertainment 🙂

  • Marlow †

    kdot continues with the strategic moves, i can respect it

  • The Incredible Creation

    This most likely was a last minute move because Nicki said some shit before the show…. or maybe she knew about this beforehand… *shrugs*