Lupe Debuts “Drizzy’s Law” In Atlanta

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Law Abiding Citizen.

Taking a page from the Aubrey’s playbook, Lupe catered to his female demographic last night in Atlanta with a new track called, “Drizzy’s Law.” The beat sounds hypnotizing, but until the CDQ arrives, obey law.


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  • yo

    what the fuck

  • NoNoNav

    This fool is so desperate to become relevant again..but I certainly agree “yo” that was for sure my initial response

  • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

    Lupe is desperate, he can feel it slipping away from him, he is not one of the elite, he has to resort to controversy and putting Drake’s name in his title, he may have his hard core fans but Drake, Cole, Kendrick, Tyler,even Meek and Wale have all passed him up, sorry Lupe but truth is truth brother.


    • aye

      Dont you remember when he was the next big thing?? ha Same will happen to kendrick.. i give him 2 years n gone. You have to be versatile, study your craft & look like a star just like Drake to survive. hype today n forgotten tomorrow when the next guy arrives.

      • Chronic

        Drake is still around and so big cause he makes RnB for 3/4’s of each of his albums.

      • AjaniGreg

        same will happen to kendrick? 2 years and hes gone? its been a year since he dropped his debut and hes more talked about than he was when he dropped. fucks outa here with that nonsense

      • polopolo1

        Welp when they get a new bitch your Jennifer Anniston, in LUs defense even when shitty ass lasers came out he proved he still had it with enemy of the state. His label situation didn’t help him at all, jay z tried to buy his contract but Atlantic wouldn’t let em

        • polopolo1

          After that whole scuicidd situation

      • GreenBergs

        bro, you do realize you are talking about dr. dre and jimmy iovine’s prized possession, kendrick lamar…this dude aint going no where for years to come mark my words. they wont let it happen they put too much money into him nd tde n them for it to happen brozay..

      • Word

        It’s incredibly sad when MCs of Kendrick caliber are essentially being called one hit wonders. The hate is real.


      You’re a fool. Lupe owned that Poor Decisions song, Wale did NOTHING on it so there’s that. Only a Drake stan is gonna some some bs like that. Lupe still got it, you just lost him.

    • Spitticus

      You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Say Something Bae

      You called Meek elite!? You prisoner of the moment. At least Lupe is still being mentioned in 2013, nigga dropped in 2004. Let’s see how many radio rappers have albums, much less relevant in 10 yrs. There’s only three rappers from 2004 that are still on – JayZ, Eminem, and Lupe. Bottom line point blank period. And don’t mention Wayne’s wack ass either.

      • Xenocide

        Lupe dropped in 2006.

        Jay Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Nas, and Kanye are still elite, and all came out before 2006.

        Lupe is in a lower category, and he shares the area with many other rappers. He fits more appropriately with old members of the Wu-Tang clan, or with guys like Pusha T, Big Boi, Mos Def, Game, etc… people with a die hard following and a little bit of crossover, but not at the top of the game anymore. And everybody that I named has been around longer.

      • titus tucker

        What came first, the chicken or the Kanye???

        Get your dates right..

  • RIV

    Lupe album was the best album of the year…last year…but niggas slept on it…come check out the new music video “The Good Die Young 2K13” in 720/1080p HD here:

  • GreenBergs

    i remember when lupe was one of the most promising artists…

    • tlox

      TILL DRAKE CAME ALONG…well we know story

  • The Good Son

    Lupe might low-key drop a reeeeeeeally dope album!

  • The Good Son

    Lupe might low-key drop a reeeeeeeally dope album!

  • Aline

    Lupe at his worst > Drizzy in his best

    And if you consider NTWS the album of the year, I feel sorry for you.

    • Aline


    • ShatteredWorld

      Ignorance form this post.

      If it’s not RAOTY, it’s definitely Top 5.

  • Poo Poo, But it wasn’t made for me lol

  • Me

    Lupe’s album will be NICE!!!

  • This is pretty good. Lupe has been singing and rapping and making love songs (go baby, sunshine, etc) but this is the first time he did on this type of beat.

  • WindyCityG72

    So drake can put Beyonce in his title and everyone one cool with that, but lupe can’t do the same with drake’s nick name…? so drake wasn’t reachin’ for no attention by using beyonce’s name?

  • Say Something Bae

    Lupe uncool for using Drizzy’s name for “publicity”? Lupe uncool for going in over dubstep beats? Lupe uncool for skateboarding? Lupe uncool for growing dreads? Lupe uncool for breathing? Ya’ll sucker ass poser ass looking niggas. The live version of this track is better than half of NWTS especially when *GASP* Drake used Wu Tang and Beyonce’s names for hype. Turned them into straight ass songs.

  • ODB

    its called paying homage, sheeshh..

  • brza

    there was a point in time where I respected Lupe as an artist. lyrically it’s there but he went left field with the shots and the ranting etc which completely lost me


    For those of you unaware…DRIZZY’S LAW is an ongoing joke where Lupe is only catering to Females. During the concert he told all the guys to turn around and go to the back (and remain turned around) and all the females come to the front! Then he proceeded to perform for the ladies. Ill shit! Lupe the Great!

  • Talk is Cheap

    Lupe is a professional contrarian who’s in the business of controversy for the sake of staying hot. This joint feels like he’s tryina get the label to support his next effort OR he thinks the title is a Bobby Fischer move to get Aubrey on the remix.

    Either way, coming off a week where he’s shitting on rap battles that got nothing to do with him and sparking twitter-twat beef in an attempt to pull rank MUST lower this fucker on your best emcees list. The greatest trick he’s ever pulled is convincing people that he’s smart.

    AND if you read this shit LUPE.. How the fuck do you shit on ATCQ? Aint nobody forget that shit.

    • #0

      go wipe your ass, and get a burp cloth. cause you sound like a little ass baby.

  • B

    dope. people forget drake called Lu a legend. This track for the ladies (drake esque). Lupe got classics under his belt, i have a feeling T&Y gonna be his third classic