• Tryingtobehappy

    to much talking, not enough music

    • ajsea

      This a podcast…???

      • Tryingtobehappy

        i know i mean from him in general, I always here s about the things he wants to do and not enough doing it. it’s like artists focus on everything but the musc

  • dadankniiice

    Only chicks and dudes who wear skinny jeans like this shit. Not rap fans.. Garuntee 80 percent of this dudes fans haven’t heard of Freddie Gibbs.. someone who could rap circles round this clown.. Go back to that horrible tv show community.. oh wait.. you cant.. because it got cancelled.. because its not funny.. when chevy chase and joel mchale cant save a tv show because the writing is so bad you know its bad.

    • RileyEscobar

      Community didn’t get cancelled… and he has his own television show now… sooooo….. you’re stupid. Also, just because a person hasn’t heard Freddie Gibbs doesn’t make them ignorant to rap music, it makes them unaware of an under the radar rap artist.

    • DeLi

      Ok idiot. I have heard of Freddie Gibbs, and think they’re both good. Just different styles. Is he the best out? Not even close, but his shit it alright. I also don’t wear skinny jeans, dick.

  • David Joseph

    Childish Gambino experiencing Saturn Return is in effect for approximately
    two-and-a-half years and will occur twice in your life, typically
    around age 28-30 and again at 58-60.

  • DeLi

    Respect, but D.DotOmen B O D I E D him today. Ether-Net…