Eminem Covers Complex



Complex strikes 90s magazine gold with Eminem on the cover of their December/ January 2014 issue. Only 1,000 copies of the jacket above will be printed. Read the full feature here or buy it later this month.


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  • Do People buy Magazines anymore? I Flip through em when i’m the grocery but… i remember when Wu was on the Cover I would always cop that.

  • The Association of Chronos

    Its crazy how Em’s Promo team just manages to squeeze everything in all at once at the last moment. They’re “Last second shot” promo always manages to come through in the clutch. I swear this album had barely any promo. Now there is 3 magazines coming out, the singles, the leak, Gay controversial, performances, commercials, etc. Some of course not the result of Em and his team but, nonetheless still part of the promotion. All within 3 months and some change. Paul does it again……….. Oh, and great cover Lol. I need to cop these and the others when they drop

    • Darrell Cabey

      apparently you work for Paul.

      • The Association of Chronos

        Shit I wish I did. Paul, come holler at Me. I can be a better Hype man for Em than Mr.Porter

  • Darrell Cabey

    Let’s be honest… Eminem fell off on this album. He sounds bored and uninspired.

    • fuckyou

      You’re a moron if you think that way and i’m interested to know who the fuck you think had a better album than eminem this year.

      • Darrell Cabey

        apparently Marshall’s cock is a perfect fit for your jaws. I will not respond to to you beyond this point.

        • Alchemist


        • fuckoff

          you nigger bitches have issues

        • fuckyou

          aw, classic comeback. Bitch. you’re fucking ashamed to even reveal who you liked this year. now that’s pretty sad.

      • hands

        kanye, drake, bronson, pusha, rocky, and kendrick all had better albums than em and that’s just off the top of my head. i’m sure there’s plenty more, stan.

    • dssfam

      haha he said UNINSPIRED! HA!

      • NiggalosCage

        im tryna figure out why you think the word “UNINSPIRED is funny but ok then…

        • dadankness

          its this album catering to skinny jean fucks. listen to the shit that was leaked by koolo of twitter fame called syllables.. that is how eminem really feels.. that is why it had to be leaked and not released. they didnt want eminem going down the path of ending their money train and I feel bad you think he is still doing these albums for your listening pleasure. he does this shit so he can get more loot in his pocket thats all.. you say he is rich enough he could retire? once you get money youw ant more… there is never enough.. this album proves it. he is falling in line and becoming a stooge.. sad state the rap game is in

          he had no reason to get so personal on the album.. i dont think he feels any of the shit he says in the raps.. he said it because the execs gave him a laid out plan of topics to rap about and he did it to the worst of his abilities.. if you are feeling more than 5 of these songs you havent ever listened to eminem and you think recovery was an album that was better than a 5/10… relapse was his last effort to please himself and I think after that album he realized how much he was playing into the executives hands..

          why you think detox hasnt been released? dre realized that his name was just being used to make money.. he has enough artistic credibilty to not release some shit that is created in paul and jimmys office and he doesnt want to give them a pay out

          big ups to dre for standing up to the machine by finding other avenues to get money in(headphones) without having to comprimise his already tainted artisitc legacy.

          • NiggalosCage

            bro i feel sorry that your that brainwashed if u think all that lool i just cant even be bothered to explain how stupid what all u just written is

    • ppTHEtruth

      a hundred percent truth. sounds like there is no passion behind the songs.. looks like with all the media and sponsorships the stuff at one point which I thought was real(the women hate the hate for the mom the denouncing of fags is all a ploy to feed into what the real america feels and values) so if its all fake thats fine I hate the old albums as well since they were obviously concocted in jimmy iovines/paul rosenbergs offices and eminem eminem is his pawn.. sad state for which the rap game has been exposed by this album. i doubt if eminem ever felt any of these emotions

      why would he denounce cleaning out my closet? that shit was real as fuck. i think he knows that he was pressured into this shit from day one by the execs and he was sick of it thats why he came out with a bunch of shittty beats and only a few songs with replayability. its all to get you to spend that 10 dollars on the album and nothing more.. in the beginning maybe he thought yeah this is what i wanna say.. but now that he is older he sees that he was a puppet on the strings of a tennis shoe and thats why all of these songs seemed so played out already.. that is why he is doing the shouty punch liney style because he knows real rap fans wont like it and he is just selling the pop machine like iovine and rosenburg have wanted all along..

      he is sick of it and so am i.. his brain should have been given an ivy league education.. imagine the writings that could have been done.. he sees that all he has done was nothing more than some bull shit emotions he was egged into having and deepened by the corporate execs at interscope.. he feels like a pawn so that is why he put out a bullshit album because he knows no one who respects rap will like it.

      fuck this album only has 4/16 good raps and 2/16 good beats.. fuck this shit.

      and thats the truth

      • fuckyou

        dude. its been like 14 years since he made cleaning out my closet. That’s a pretty big period of time for you to forgive somebody or try again. This might be his last album, might be. Anyway. you’re one of those dickheads who wear foil hats and live in a bunker . NWO, illuminatti. be afraid bitch !

  • Popintl

    That’s a nice concept for the cover reminds me of a old Source cover.

    • wellsfool


    • wellsfool


  • Neal
  • amazing Rap God is Eminem,amazing Complex EminemWeek Cover !

  • Word

    Why do y’all continue to listen to every Em album if you don’t like the music? Troy Ave dropped an album too right? Support that.

  • The Incredible Creation
  • tinybow23

    They tried to mimic the Source on purpose? Idk why this looks like a Source cover