B.o.B. ‘Underground Luxury’ Cover & Tracklist

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Bundled up, Bobby Ray stunts to the max on the front cover of his upcoming set, Underground Luxury. Album drops December 17.

UPDATE: Pre-order Here

1. All I Want
2. One Day
3. Paper Route
4. Ready (Feat. Future)
5. Throwback (feat. Chris Brown)
6. Back Me Up
7. Coastline
8. Wide Open
9. FlyMuthaFucka
10. HeadBand (Feat. 2 Chainz)
11. John Doe (Feat. Priscilla Renae)
12. Cranberry Moon Walk (Feat. Mike Fresh)
13. Nobody Told Me
14. Forever
15. We Still In This Bitch (Feat. T.I. & Juicy J)

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  • Joshua Lang

    Damn B.o.B. is looking like Diddy on the album cover.

    • Goodness Gracious

      haha I thought it was just me that noticed that

  • Speak The Truth

    Fake big sean looking ass nigga

  • Tucq

    I was surprised he did the Headbands song. I thought it was Tyga or a Bay Area artist

  • yeyeyeyeyeeeeeee

    is anybody even checking for this niggas music anymore?

    • fox

      He sells out arenas in the states and overseas…. So, yeah.

      • Chris M

        He sells out arenas in the U.S.? Links please because I doubt that.

      • JuJu

        arenas? lmao yeah right fool.

  • Lonnie Love


  • carl grimes

    he a pop singer

  • tpayas

    Can’t even hate, it’s a dope cover. I like it. His music? Not as much, but he always got a few good songs here and there

  • GreenBergs

    b.o.b made his bread time to start investing in other ventures and find ur way out of this shithole..

    • Abe6772


    • Abe6772


  • Abe6772

    I didn’t even know he was releasing a new album

  • Abe6772

    I didn’t even know he was releasing a new album

  • JuJu

    lord this is going to flop so hard…….

    • Abe6772

      Word up. I don’t think he even has a single out

      • nigga

        already got one rolled up in my left hand

  • Peekay

    I want the old Bob back. He’s reaching.

  • Kid

    After the MMLP2 rappers need to step their game up, no more bs dance songs and pop ish. Construct your fucking album like it’s your last, not like your label is forcing you to out somethin out and you just decided to throw a bunch of pointless songs together to please em.

  • Johnnie Rawker

    F*ck Em We Ball was one of the hardest mixtapes in the last year. I expect the albums to follow the sound of that tape. Glad to see B.O.B going back to straight spittin

    • Might be too late for that though. The folks that wanted more Haters and Lonely People on to the next one.

  • joy

    why y’all at home or ya mama house he out doing something wit his life so haters get off his dick and do something wit y’all life cuz I don’t c or hear anything y’all doin that’s worth anything