New Music: Eminem x Buckshot “Don’t Front”


Gotcha Open Again.


Fans who purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts at participating retailers will get a limited time offer to buy the standard digital edition of Eminem’s new album, “The Marshall Mathers LP2,” for a special reduced price. Album comes WITH “Don’t Front” (featuring Buckshot), the exclusive bonus track.

 UPDATE: Full version.


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  • JoeJoe

    “lettin jokes fly every sixty seconds so you know I meant it (minute)” LOL dope

    • spliffjones

      dope? this punch line shit is what is wrong with eminem today. it is fucking lame and he does it because he saw lil wayne sell lots of albums with this style. horrible. he has smarter ones than lil wayne ever does but they still suck as this style of rapping is very bland.

      • Quiv

        Hey faggot why don’t you hop off the damn page. You’re only wasting your time trolling everything everyone says about em

        • spliffjones

          Nah the truth needs to be known about this album. we dont need the youngins giving undue praise to a mediocre at best album

          • Zorbo85

            LMFAO Kanye West Guzzler alert!!!
            Seriously go blow one off to Yeezus that did 360k first week then had an %80 drop second week for 60k the worst ever second week on RAP history!!!

  • spliffjones

    eminem is lil wayne on steroids. punch lines that are lame and played but smart. a shouty style that has no fluidity on beats and pandering with songs to groups of people.

    This album isnt special and post addiction/overdose Relapse has been the closest cd to an eminem that has come out..

    Im not even talking content I am talking about fluidity over beats(riding them) and the flow. shit is played with the shouty punch line shit and its dumb. he is trying to appeal to teenagers who wear skinny jeans but still trying to be super smart on his raps(which he is) but its lame. about 4/16 tracks on the album are good and I see why the deluxe songs were all left off..

    Boring shady. Very boring.

    • JoeJoe


    • Simon

      Cmon Don’t Front

    • Crespo

      so u typed all that so fast cos this post just came on or u have been doing copy and paste in every sight.I give d album a 10/10 and i double dare anyone to debate that with me.

      • spliffjones

        easy this album sucks. the song apologizing to his mom is the main reason it isnt a ten out of ten.. oh no i mean stronger than i was.. oh no wait i mean survival.. oh no wait i mean all the deluxe songs.. oh no wait i mean the song with the creedence sample.. shit dude this album has maybe two good beats and about 4 good songs.. the rest is filler for the skinny jean drake fan faggots.

        • Kippers

          Well you can go have fun not enjoying music, then.

          • Myke Wayne

            Exactly. Have fun not enjoying. Apparently your fun is in attempting to kill fan highs. Fuckin’ Jerks that tell Kids Santa ain’t real

    • westside

      shut the fuck up niGGaa your fav cant fuck with Mr.Mathers #MMLP2 classic

    • What tha

      the fact that you big upped Relapse says it all. Don’t front

      • spliffjones

        The fact you dont like relapse tells me your aged 12-20 and your opinion doesnt matter. Nobody who was around when em first came out likes this shit. Its not eminem. its not even marshall.. its fulfilling his contract to interscope and not putting his emotion and passion into. the song about his mom is obviously pandering to women and its gay as fuck. so gay.. but not as gay as stronger than i was.. eminem used to do it for rap music but now he is doing it for kids who wear skinny jeans who dont know what good rap is and eminem knows that he just made some wayne type shit that he knew fags would eat up and you do. its sad. relapse was the last album he put himself and emotions and his passion he had from the past into. it shows with the beat selections and the way he is able to ride the beats.. he doesn’t gel with beats anymore.. sounds like he doesnt even know what a good beat is anymore also.

        • Mark

          Wow. You are completely wrong with your views about Em. I remember first hearing about Em during the early dialup internet days. Took a long time to download “Just the two of us” Relapse has been the worst album he has ever made. If you think coming to terms with his mom is a faggy move, then you don’t get Em at all. The guy does what he wants, when he wants. His life has made his career. His story is what defines him. You either respect every bit of that story or you don’t even count as a real fan. Calling his Headlights song as pandering is like saying every song he has written about his life has been a ruse. If you don’t like that part of his story, then your loss. It’s all legit from his end.

          • spliffjones

            nah its pandering like a motherfucker. he said he hates relapse in an interview and then on the CD bad meets evil which came out after taht interview he states his love for it on the song with Royce da 5’9 called reunion.. he’ll say in interviews whatever makes you little skinny jean extra medium shirt fans happy so you buy his shit. and you buy into it all. sad. very sad.

        • Sweden

          I can agree with you that Relapse is really dope, love that album to this day, especially “Deja Vu”. The other stuff you wrote though? definetly not, you’re lost on that one.

        • EminemFan

          are you fucking stupid? all of his albums are dope even his mix tapes. Clearly you haven’t heard Recovery cause he went all out on that just like he did with all of his others. He’s said so much shit about his mom in his tracks so why the fuck can’t he make a song about being sorry? it’s his final album so why the fuck not. And do you even know what Stronger Than I Was is about? no you clearly don’t so shut the fuck up. who cares about beats you idiot.. it’s all about lyrics. and if you actually listen to his songs and his lyrics you’ll see that it’s still the same old Em that everyone fell in love with way back when Infinite dropped. Learn what real Hip-Hop/Rap is then come back and try and argue about Eminem

          • spliffjones

            Nah lyrics are all good but if the beat is shit its not a good song. Amazing lyrics don’t save everything. Delivery is key in rap. If you can make the way your deliver your words feel like a part of a beat it makes the experience that much more special for the listener. A connection is felt. Generic spitting of good rhymes only gets your so far.

            I hate the way you think of rap. It is why it has gone down the tube over the past 8 years. I hate the fan of rap that you are. You suck and you helped kill a genre I used to love. You let the party and bullshit stuff in the game and its killed it. Get the fuck out of here unless you are interested in saving rap which you obviously aren’t and neither is post overdose/loss of proof eminem.

    • Kellen Bale

      There are a few songs I wasn’t ENTIRELY impressed with. Mainly b/c I had such ridiculously high standards. But.. His fluidity IS tight. Bad Guy, in my opinion, is one of his most epic sounding tracks ever though. Not saying it’s his best song ever recorded, but definitely the most epic sounding. I love it!

    • REALLY23

      Criticizing Eminem’s flow is like criticizing Usain Bolt’s speed…#uSoundFuckinCrazy

  • Damn Em’ why you couldnt haves this vibe on the album?

    -Check out my review here if you’d like, please:

    Reply to me what you think

  • The wise

    Belive it or not its true the album is trash..i can easilly say worst album his out out! Every track is skippable ..only one song i liked which was legacy other then that no replay value..rap god was cool a but too but non of this i mean legit non of it is the old story tellin em ..he relys on complex raps with shoutin on every song an the singing ooohh man i wont even get into that “stronger then i was” pshh lets not go there…honestly after listen none but legacy actually stuck really a throw away album that makes recovery look good…i officaly dettached my self frm being an em fan an is no forced to be in the group of people who say em is wack srry for yall groupies but the mans lost well never get it back

    • spliffjones

      Very boring album.. I can’t believe this came out. I get the whole thing its hiw viewpoint as an older marshall. Cool. But why you gotta rap like lil wayne on steroids? Punch lines.. still shouty as fuck. Beat selection is horrid.

      Losing Proof made him lose his fluidity over beats.. Its not his worst album(see recovery) but it is far from the top 4(mmlp sslp eminem show relapse)

      I mean the dude cant flow continuously anymore.. Proof gave him style and confidence he lacks like a mofo. The song yellow brick road from encore talks about the confidence proof gave him and proofs albums/mixtapes show the style he gave eminem(the lyrics on proofs shit werent very good but he could ride a beat and give harmonies. ,elodies like a mofo) and not having that second brain in the studio has hurt eminem vastly. He is still good with the lyrics but the presentation fucking blows.

    • da5’9

      mad good album you have no idea what your talking about

    • LesterDaMolester

      no storytelling? 1st track is storytelling plus theres more storytelling throughout the album i think u need to re listen and think

  • JP

    The fact is, we debate like this and he gets all this criticism because he is and will always be the best to do it. “Take some big and some pac, mix it up in a pot” the guy studied the game and took hip-hop somewhere it would have never gone. We should all have opinions but we should also appreciate this mans work just like we would anyone else who is in hip-hop’s elite.

    • Pete

      Nope. He is one of the best to do it. The best? He still has Jay, Pac and Biggie to deal with. He was top 5 in his prime. But that ship has sailed.

      • spliffjones

        Ya he was the best until he dropped recovery and mmlp2. they took him down a peg. Andre from outkast and big boi from outkast step into that spot and I think method man or redman takes teh 5th spot. Pac Big(1st or 2nd you choose) andre 3 stacks big boi(maybe insert nas here if you want) and then either red or meth. Thats the truth.

        • heat

          haha you’re a retard. Em is the GOAT

        • Nate

          wow man your a straight fag… I was just looking at how many responses you have on this one page and wow dude… get a fucking life…. seriously that shit is really sad… it’s a Saturday night go out and do something or don’t. Actually probably better if you don’t that way no body has to be exposed to your stupid ass.

          • spliffjones

            Im on house arrest until may 2015 for selling lots of weed to lots of partyers that make your saturday nights. Fuck off.

      • U Idiot

        Lmfao you’re comparing Jay-Z to Em today? Tell me, is Magna Carta better than MMLP2? Don’t front

        • spliffjones

          Yes. The beats alone with out hovas words prove that point.

          • domdom

            Beats without Jay-Z’s words? We’re talking about RAPPERS not PRODUCTION, one. And 2, this shit didn’t even come out yet. Plus, Jay’s shit was not very good… Not really good at all.

        • dr

          Same level.

          • Shady-Yo

            Of course not. Em is miles ahead of Jay, and probably always have been.

          • Tanya

            I know what all of you are talking about. Steph is a priority of Tristan’s lyrics and my music of course, buy Jay-z is the only person stand plan in the rooftop that’s why he should carry Tristan’s music. And that’s my decision.

      • Michael Ibbett

        That doesn’t make any sense, “He was top 5 in his prime, but still has Big and Pac to deal with”….You know they died right?

      • jbrew

        Magna Carta is just a remix of what everyone else is doing. That’s all Jay has ever done creatively, he just does exactly what is hot at the time and is able to do it better than the scrubs that are doing it. Em does his own thing, wanted to prove he was the best with at the art. At the technical part with flows and rhyme schemes. And he did it in a way Jay would never be able to do. He’s the GOAT. As an MC his talent is simply untouchable.

    • Checkz

      ur crazy to praise him like that. he ayt nothing special.

    • REALLY23

      Em got the best technical skills in the business (ALL TIME). His content on the other hand is top twenty and that’s being generous…

  • Mark

    The deluxe version of the album can easily be his best album since The Eminem Show. Relapse was a mess, Recovery was a very good step towards good storytelling with some standout songs, but this one has some amazing and classic Em style songs. I have quite a bit of favorites on this album. He has all things for everyone. From mainstream fun to incredible storytelling to deeply personal songs to just fuck you im the best type rapping.
    The deluxe version has sick songs added to an already good album. I think those extra few songs elevate this album to another evel. You see Em grow up and evolve while still showing you how good he can be. He doesn’t need to have the best beat or amazing chorus to tell you what he’s trying to say and still make you love the song. Em’s skills make the song, not the chorus or beats.
    Bad Guy, So much better, Rap God, Brainless, Love Game, Headlights, Evil Twin, Groundhog Day, Beautiful pain and Wicked Ways are all gems. When you have this many great songs on 1 single album, how can you say anything negative about it. Most artists can barely give you 3 great songs on 1 album.

    • spliffjones

      haha. Nah.. his choruses and beat selections use to be the style that brought you in.. the lyrics were a bonus.. his voice used to be another part of the beat.. it added to it.. now it shows how flawed the beats he chooses are and how bad the delivery of above par lyrics are.

      • Mark

        I disagree. Go listen to his early days, those beats sucked so badly. His chorus were trash. His rhymes and storytelling made th songs. No bad production stopped him from blowing up. Em made Em.

        • spliffjones

          bad production almost stopped him from blowing up. have you ever heard infinite? you have now only because he got famous once his production got better. you never heard of infinite when it dropped because you were 4 in 1996 and no one was checking for lame ass beats like that. once sslp hit the beats were great and he rode them like a mofo

          • da5’9

            infinite is classic

          • spliffjones

            it is because of his words and flows and ability to spit conintuously not because of the beats.

          • Fistacuffs

            Thought you said an album can’t be a classic with shitty beats? Hypocrit.

          • mike

            lol why dont you just shut up and go listen to mmlp2, how can u call an album wack with songs like legacy, stronger than i was, and headlights ?? he drops masterpieces only no matter what the name of his albums is.

          • Mark

            I was in high school in 1996. You assume too much. SSLP was full of weak simple beats. That didn’t stop him from making those beats into great songs. His rhymes and storytelling made them into something fans gave a damn. I knew about Em from the very early days. Stop pretending most of us are some Relapse, Recovery fans.

          • spliffjones

            Relapse is an awesome album. btw. Guilty conscience and brain damage as well as still dont give a fuck, rock bottom, 97 bonnie and clyde are not weak simple beats.. maybe simple but very very strong.

        • Jay

          exactly! I don’t know what niggas are talking about. Eminem’s beats have always been borderline elementary and wack to me. It’s his wordplay and flow that made him dope. Fuck a beat

      • MrHeat

        Some people grow dude. You should tr it yourself retard

    • Mark

      Forgot to add Legacy as one of his best songs. I have that on repeat.

      • spliffjones

        wow he and his marketing team got you hook line and sinker. sad. man. sad.

        • ROMARE

          I hate niggas like you who sit on a computer all day and get in arguments with people just because they have a diffrerent opinion than you and you think YOURS is fact. well i say fuck you and your opinion because it’s completely bias and annoying. Eminem using wordplay is NOTHING NEW at all, he used it going all the way back to INFINITE, and his beat selection was solid on this album. Relapse is not in his top 4. MMLP2 IS. no one wants to hear a middle eastern accent for 18 songs straight. Em proved hes still one of the best to ever do it and your hating. simple as that.

          • spliffjones

            I am hating on a bullshit product. A quarter of this cd is good. an 8th of the beats are good. thats bullshit. he need 14/16 fire beats and his words dont save the beats. the beats poor selection and shitty delivery of the lyrics outshines his fine selection of words. get over yourself and stop thinking everything he does is awesome. it is possible for an over 40 male to be out of touch with rap. that is a possibility. eminem proved it with this cd. You need all three parts to make a good song.. Good beat.. Good delivery.. Good lyrics.. Em has always had the lyrics but the other 2 are lost on this album and recovery. Two bullshit new age rap fan pleasing albums. I havent seen someone fall off so hard in the game. anyone in his camp wont be honest with their opinions because eminem made them a lot of money over the years but they know its true as well.. why the fuck you think there is no Dre feature.. No 50.. No d twizzy.. Eminem dont give a fuck if you like them he will put them on a cd regardless.. They heard the beat selection and prolly didnt want any part of it. shits played dude.. The shouty punch liney fast paced style is what eminem thinks the new teenage rap fan wants. Its true.. They were all ruined by lil wayne post carter 3.. Game went down the tube and sadly eminem jumped along for the ride.

          • Kaylo17

            i love all the beats. imo. his beats were better than anything his ever done. So Much Better, Brainless, Evil Twin, Bad Guy, Berzerk, So Far, Rhyme or Reason, Wicked Ways, Legacy, Headlights. The beats on those songs were dope as hell.

            Music is subjective, so there’s no point arguing. the shit i love might be different from the shit you love.

          • fuckulooknat

            You want some beats with a sick ass kick and hella bass and hype shit, you the type of nigga who want DJ Khaled to produce every beat. Beats on mmlp2 are good just because em flows with em like a bird diving in the air ya feel?

          • domdom

            Em’s delivery on Rap God was incredible. His delivery on Berzerk was a tribute to Beastie Boys. His delivery in Survival was vintage Em.
            … You’re reaching here. If you got a hot beat and a halfway decent flow with shit lyrics (which is what Jay-Z is now) and compare it to one of the most original flows in the game, a decent beat, and good lyrics (Eminem now), how are you gonna even make that argument? How?

          • SL9

            spliffjones. Everybody has an opinion. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t make them wrong. Take your bias bullshit somewhere else, nobody cares man.

  • Respect

    This album is fireeee,

  • LesterDaMolester

    its funny because u can easily spot the haters on the comments from the amount of effort they put into puttin negative shit on each eminem post

    • D_True

      ..and you can also easily spot the dickriders

      • LesterDaMolester

        yeah not a dickrider though.. i will admit of em puts out weak stuff and i think he has before i think relapse was kinda weak

        • spliffjones

          Relapse has been his best effort post overdose. It had real emotion. Not this catering to what I think fans want to hear. It had ems passion fully behind it. These albums have ems want to finish his contract up with interscope and get out the game. That saddens me that he would put out two cds with no love for the rap game like he used to have. No 50? No d twizzy? No Dre? This tells me the album has nothing to do with what shady wants but what the label wants. sad.

          • LesterDaMolester

            thats ur opinion if anythin i say relapse lacked emotion it was jus mainly shock rap again jus serial killer themes it wast a bad album jus not that good if u ask me and that weird accent jus fucked alot of songs up and u talk about emotion have u even listened to to the new cd he has alot of emotion u can hear it.. especially the song apologizing to his mom and tell me y does 50 have to b on the album plus wel all know d12 is done and they have been havin diagreements with each other so obviously it hasnt worked out.. eminem is stil good friends with them

          • FOH

            Em’s contract ended a long time ago, so he could have left a long time ago if he wanted to. He really doesn’t have to answer to anyone at his label.


            That’s what keeps him around. He’s loyal to Dre and jimmy for even giving him a shot in the first place. And Em is the reason Interscope and aftermath is still kicking. That’s their biggest selling artist, and Em’s success directly or indirectly led to Jimmy and Dre being able to sign more artists and begin new business ventures like beats headphones and shit.

  • D_True


  • Christian Park

    Music is just music. Throughout Em’s career, he had alot of good albums like The Eminem Show or Recovery, mixed in with bad albums like Encore. Some people may not like it, some people will like it. But that doesn’t mean you should argue against someone’s opinion. What’s the point? Em would never give a fuck about what you think, because he doesn’t even know you. He just wants to make music and get money for himself and his family. Otherwise like many of his songs say like The Way I Am or the Monster, he just wants to be a regular civilian. He hates media attention. So don’t front, appreciate the music, or get the fuck outta the website. You can use your time better.

    • REALLY23

      speak brother!!!

  • Hussle

    damn that “Dont Front” sounds better than 50% of the album

  • SpaceGhost

    There is no such thin as one greatest rapper of all time. Eminem might sell the most but his skin color in America is a major factor. Eminem himself admits this fact. he is however one of the elite artists along with Jay Z, Nas, The Notrious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, 2 Pac and now Kanye. Of course, there are other heavy weights like Scarface for instance, but the others have transcended the time space continuum, if you will. People should realize that everyone on that original list is the greatest when his album drops……until one of the others on the list comes out. so enjoy the few emcees who care enough to make solid releases consistently. Eminem is just one the best, but he DEFINITELY NOT ON THE MOUNTAIN ALONE.

    • Kellen Bale

      The fact you make a list of other heavyweights and leave out Royce da 5’9, Tech N9ne, self made Hopsin, Kendrick, Dre, B.O.B., and (as much as ppl don’t want to admit it) TI, makes your entire comment invalid to me. Lol. JK… But seriously.

  • LOL

    it takes a white boy to bring back the boom bap back to hip hop, album is fire as well. Em is top 5, and he’s solidified.

  • Neal
  • BCAT

    His multis are untouchable. Nobody is rapping like that. Nobody can fuck with this man on a mic. And they know it.

  • Da Business

    Lp is good, not gr8. And I’m an huge Em fan.

  • wtf

    so….did anyone catch that weak ass SNL performance. Em was lip synching and it was so obvious. Either keep it real or hang up the damn mic.

    • disqus_1fKGyOOuXM

      I didn’t think he was lip synching? He even flubbed some of the words during Berzerk…He’s def banging Skylar Grey tho. I didn’t think the performance was terrible tho

    • LesterDaMolester

      ur stupid bro only parts that r kinda synched are the chorus for obvious reasons..if u couldnt hear that he was actually spittin the verse through the mic then u need to get your ears checked

  • Streets Buchanon

    * yawns *

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  • jerome

    Now this is a song. Replace this with Survival and BAM you get a great album.

    Seriously, it possess me off they included it on the original album.

    Eminem could have had qnother classic ifonly…

    Yyo. Elliot. Tell Eminem to get rid of Mr. Porter. He is so cringe. It’s nasty man. Worst hypeman ever.

  • Del

    if you really think MMLP2 is wack or even below par your just not listening, this is Em’s best work since the 8 mile stuff… the storytelling and wordplay is crazy, open your ears dumbasses

  • Facts, son

    TMMLP2 is easily his best since The Eminem Show. And it’s better than SSLP.

  • Geo

    should have been on the album. This is dope

  • Timz

    even the boxing critics
    know that if I get off to a “rocky” start
    I’ll always have a ROCKY finish!

    cuz on the mic I gotta represent the real rappers
    the real rappers get the mutha fuckin skillz crackin

    WOOOO now this shit right here…. FIRE!

  • Jonathan Lopez


  • sway-z

    Album grows on you. Def better than Recovery, but I still think people slept on Relapse. To me, that’s the closest he’s ever sounded (or will sound) to that early 2000s Em, and Dre put his foot in them beats.

    Niggas overreacted to the accents, which aren’t that crazy (shit, that one verse from Criminal had like 6 different accents in just that one song) Relapse is just a well produced, cohesive album. Take Survival, Berzerk, & Stronger than I was off and this shit & it could’ve been right there with his best work.

  • NiggalosCage

    aw this is perfect example whys hes just a pure lyricist at heart he went in kinda reminded me of his early freestyles and anyone else catch the open mic referrence?

  • mike

    Top 5 1. Eminem 2. Fuck Everybody Else

  • Shipwreckdakota

    this dude put big boi in his top 5.
    3 stacks maybe.. but big boi? dudes top 50 at BEST.



  • Kid

    Damn, that’s how you rap right there!! 41 year old killin it better than the 18/20 year olds. Haha sick

  • Danial Parsa

    WOW ….classick ! idk y dafuq didn’t eminem released this shyt as a single ? I mean my ears r burning …

  • Danial Parsa

    WOW ….classick ! idk y dafuq didn’t eminem released this shyt as a single ? I mean my ears r burning …

  • EricHeisenberg

    awesome album

  • LP1087

    Why the album didn’t sound more like this is beyond me. There STANS Em, meaning they’ll do that on their head

  • brza

    Jay can’t see Em lyrically don’t front. I’d rather listen to Jay any day but Em would eat him

  • brza

    reminds me of the Rawkus days

  • LightManX

    Quality album, no matter how many negative comments one butt hurt faggot posts doesn’t change the quality of the album. Definitely his best post drug era album in my opinion, followed by relapse, BME and finally recovery. It’s not in the same league as the SSEP, MMLP or TES, but no em album will ever be like those again, that was a point in time where he was breaking all the rules, he was fresh and new, something different. Now the rules have all been broken, I’m just glad he’s still original and doing his own thing, just trying to copy what’s hot not only denigrates your value as an artist but it also devalues your previous work in my opinion.

  • you guys are dumb af

    nigga gotta be high, well of course on house arrest, if you think relapse was a good album…even em said it belonged in his trash. he was getting sober and was trying to find him in music again. learning to rewrite and rap sober.

  • 11.2.11

    I am the creator of everything that everyone knows I created in audio and visual.

  • Tanya

    I know what all of you are talking about. I am the only person making all detail complete decisions in music and movie industry because everything are all my true story. Everything are all my personal life’s experience in Spirit and in Truth with Almighty God that describes the Law. I am Marine Air Navy and Land and Aquamarine Tanya Louise Aman Laureta now Tanya Louise Simon, my nickname is Ten, my military identification number is 11211. And I know all of you.