New Video: Rondo Numba Nine x Lupe Fiasco “Life Of Savage (Remix)”

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The Life.

Inside a Chicago clothing store, Rondo Numba Nine and Lupe Fiasco recite their verses to the “Life Of A Savage” remix.  The video is a WSHH exclusive, but his mixape Real Nigga 4 Life is available to everyone here.

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  • brza

    what happened to Lupe? flashing jewelry etc in videos now smh okay

    • #0

      you do realize he has had that chain since forever ago. He had it on in the “I’m beaming” video.

  • JOHNYblaze

    Crazy been following these chi town kids dude seems like hes next to get murked inevitably and sadly.

    Surprised lupe is supporting this youth destructive shit but these are real.

  • immortal

    Listen to Lu’s lyrics. He’s still rapping about positivty.

  • nirusxhonda

    lupe just show support and lupe bars are just like the same type message on poor decisions..

  • Neal

    Let Lupe rock , he 1 of the best, underrated

  • InfamousG

    Niggas keep forgetting Lupe from the Chi and was actually one of those ignorant little niggas at one point but he found a better way thankfully. Respect it.

  • brza

    don’t get me wrong Lupe is lyrical

  • smylez nigga #069

    Ha this nigga rly think he know shit Lupe a bitch aint neva been wit it or ran wit it. BDK MACB TW shawty u know how om rockin real #069 hitta