J.Cole “Crooked Smile” On Letterman

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 9.32.37 AM

Straight Performance.

It’s been nearly two years since Jermaine appeared on David Letterman‘s show. And last night, he returned to the program with a performance of “Crooked Smile”. Dave seemed impressed. Cop Born Sinner here.

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  • oldbobcat

    J Cole..you did that. I thought that the BET awards performance of this song was amazing, but you surpassed that performance. Just incredible.

  • datprettynigga

    what a dope song, shout to all of them. just sucks the crooked smile video had nothing to do with such an uplifting song

  • yeah

    Thats the dope part of Coles shows, hardly any of it is straight dj, the way he puts those instruments together sets him apart from any other show. But he aint come to Tennessee this time :/

  • Hussle

    Great performance! COLE WORLD

  • GOD MC

    One if his best tracks.

  • GOD MC

    Letterman has seen so many live acts perform at his show. His reaction says it all. Props to J Cole.

  • brza

    lol @ this guy’s outfit

  • JuJu


  • Capuccino

    j cole is just more exciting to watch live than most other rappers it feels more like a concert and he just connects more with the audience and u can tell the work and pride he puts into his music because he saw an opportunity to tweak this joint to make the bridge and made a pretty good track even more enticing. my favorite tracks on the album were Trouble, Rich Niggas, Chaining Day, and Miss America