New Music: Busta Rhymes Ft. Q-Tip, Kanye West & Lil Wayne “Thank You”


Thanks, Busta.

It’s been a long time, well, actually three months since Busta Rhymes talked about this collabo. And with a video for it already in the can, here’s his soulful single from Extinction Level Event 2. This is definitely cookout approved.

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  • Goten

    Straight deceiving niggas with the Ft. Yeeuz & Tune.

    • GandalffTheBlack

      exactly niggas jus droppin names on a title now jus for the fuck of it jus like that new timbo track with drake

      • jomo

        their featured cause they helped with the producing of the song you dumb ass

        • PeanutHeadShawty

          well if thats the case then y the fuck aint all these other producers got features then DUMBASS because usually u see ft jay or kanye and think your gonna hear a verse theres a difference between a feature and who produced it

  • kingcassy

    i was looking forward to ye and weezy going at this beat! im disappointed

  • Chris M

    Joint is bananas. This is the single? Wonder if this will get any radio love, sounds like absolutely nothing on black radio now.

  • 400_Degreez

    Dope ass record… But Busta shouldn’t have mentioned Wayne and ‘Ye… Too many people will be upset about that

  • dope as fuck

  • Free

    Shit trash

    • Jaymalls

      not enough 808s and rolling hi hats for you… lol! Suck A Dick!!!

  • T.O.S

    50 cent’s version>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Strong Enough

    that pic is too hip hop

  • brza

    this is a dope record

  • Donn

    What a waste of a fucking aaawwwwwwwsome beat!!!! What the fuck is Busta talking about?????? No subject matter, just random bars. Please give this beat to Andre 3000 or Common.


    • Viva La Raza


      • Emily

        Agreed agreed.



  • Your God

    this beat is tha shit.

  • Neal
  • This is much different from what’s being made by everybody else. Busta second round is stoopid. It’s dope to have the vocals from Weezy and Kanye on an old school sample beat with 90s legends. It completely changes the feel of the record and it will bring more attention to the song. Good work Bus’

  • Bruce Wayne


  • Van Sertima

    Tip went innnnnnnnnnnnnn…… oh shit. Bust back…. I rep the foreverness.

    Shit’s Dope.

  • Gregg Lucas

    Lose Wayne and you gotta HIT! c’mon Bus

    • Gregg Lucas

      Thumbs up on the song though! Do NOT put that “TWERK IT” shyt on the album

  • RashadP

    Damn this is dope. They was spitttin hard.

  • MasonDub

    Wayyyyy better than that Twerk garbage he put out…this will grow on me

  • Viva La Raza

    Busta’s flow is off, QTip rings off nicely….incredible production/sample…but Busta sounds like hes rambling & hardly riding the beat…a beat he couldve killed.

  • Your Father

    Prefer Queen Latifah’s track that uses this sample. This is alright.

  • SoLo ShrimpLomein

    I Think By Him Mentioning That Wayne and ‘Ye Featured On It Will Catch People’s Attention To Listen…The Song Is What We Need

  • Dashing

    Q-Tip bodied this!!! as did Busta. Hot shit.

  • anonymous

    Q-Tip WENT IN. Fits real nice on this, the beat is fuckin’ hot. But what exactly is Busta’s direction on this joint? I cant seem to see exactly what he’s talking about; cant seem to stay on point for more than a few bars..

    Are Ye’s and Wayne’s verses not released yet? The way Weezy has been lately I say drop him I can’t see him fitting in on this track..

  • Chronic

    Honestly so happy it was just busta and q-tip on this shit…both of em killed it, beat is smooth

  • Ashton Robinson

    Yo this that jam right here. Hope this is a smash hit Hip-Hip needs this. Busta bringing that real back.

  • Toni Strandman

    this had a real good vibe to it… dope song!!

  • DODO


  • Ash

    Beat made by Q-tip, this is his style.

  • Brenda

    New Six Reasons video is sick!


    I was underwhelmed