• heruthagod

    besides the few stumbles he killed the freestyle. TDE got any eye for real talent. They’re not looking to be the “hottest” but to be one of the “greatest”. Ready for Q to drop Oxymoron, Soul’s album, Rock’s album, and Kendrick’s sophomore effort. TDE takeover

  • KingOfTheSound

    TDE = Totally DooDooEntertainment. If this bitch ass nigger thinks HipHop aint in Chattanooga He Dont Know The KING of this city has influenced the world and the people he runs with 3 times Over! Death To This Bitch and the pick-a-ninny crew he runs with! I hope they all get fucked to death in the ASS with a Sick Dick

    • suck a dick or die a sucka. ha!

  • Vins

    fuck, this dude can freestyle, very clever

  • KingKendrick

    I love how sway mentor’s these kids