Lil Wayne Joins Drake In Miami


I Get It, I Get It.

Drake’s Would You Like A Tour stopped in Miami two night ago at the American Airlines Arena. While performing “HYFR”, Weezy surprised the crowd with his verse and followed up with “Rich As Fuck”.

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  • Wavpin

    surprise really … it was written in the sky!

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Hov Sued for Allegedly Using Illegal Sample in “Run This Town”

    Jay Z Under Investigation After Purchasing Gift For Robinson Cano

    • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

      i think “Hov” forgot to renew his “illuminati Puppet” membership

  • Hussle

    Are we gonna act like Wayne’s last what….3 releases werent average? oh ok…

    • Bee

      are we gonna act like ur opinion changes anything? Or mine even.

      • Rachel Hendrix

        I agree but I think If you still like Lil Wayne in 2013? You need to stop smoking weed with Sazz and Kill yourself and yourself.

        • Son it’s about preference, Wayne ain’t nowhere near how he use to be but people like what they like. Why would you tell anyone to kill theyself for liking certain music? smh lame af

        • Bee

          the thing is, when u grow to love sum1, u grow to tolerate him, does lil wayne have the best lines now? hell no. d best album? far from that. Anyways hes kinda old now. But i fell in love with his music earlier on, now i just love him, maybe cos of d memories. but that is who a fan is, im not a critic, im a fan. I will always accept wayne however he is.

    • Jack Hoff

      You can say that for Eminem also

      • shipwreckdakota

        nigga “legacy” “rap god” and “beautiful pain” is not fucking average

        • Jack Hoff

          Those are the out of the while album. I’m not saying there were some good songs but as a whole it was average

        • Ripper

          @ Shipwreckdakota,

          I listened to Em new album and it is mediocre. U need to sit down and listen to that shit again. Just to let you know, the Rap god” song is alright, it is definitely not great at all.

    • bigfoot2011

      Eminem’s last 4 albums have been trash. Relapse may have been the worst album in 10 yrs

  • Neal
  • Donn

    Lol Wayne is universally liked. Ppl grew up to Wayne, in High School to college. His fans will forever support him. He has some cringe moments but he’s humble dude who is just down to earth and still keeps it 100 and makes music for a new generation. IF you don’t like him, go away, go support who you support. The one guy who comes in the party and ruins the fun lmao

  • Janna

    I hope Drake will bring me on stage so I can dance for him!