New Music: XV “Guess Who”


X To The V.

Back like he never left, XV returns with another freebie, this time over Scarface, Beans and Hov’s “Guess Who’s Back”.

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  • marcos

    Bout time man xv needed some noise!!!

  • The names Reggie

    Forgot how small this dude was…My cum streams are bigger than this nigga. Regardless he dope tho…Hope he drops another classic next to zero heroes

  • Leo Fiasco Del Valle

    Ehh everytime I hear him , he sounds more and more mainstream . Not a bad song but it just doesnt sound like him anymore .

    • xxChipDeanxx

      This is the most cliche’ post ever. I could literally copy and paste this post to every other message board on this site and it would “ring true”. Of course he don’t sound the same. Part of bringing in a larger audience means playing with sounds and techniques. End of the day his skills are still intact. That’s all that should matter