• Tyler >>>> Will.I.Am

    • Craig

      u can have them both. That boy mama aint taught him shit about having respect, over 20 years old an putting his dirty feet on peoples couches, Arsenio should have called him out on it.

      • Starlion

        breath easy

      • aintshit

        Fuck your couch nigga! He has the money to buy him another one if it offends him that much!

      • Selorm Amuzu

        all that and you got offended by the way he is sitting … evaluate yourself please lool

  • tmb

    i like tyler man idc what anyone says lol maybe one day he might change for the $$ like will i am said idk but for now he’s still crazy ass tyler lol

    • Camden Price

      Damn right…. Don’t think he’ll ever sell out though….. He got on being who he is and is still here being who he is……. That nigga will only evolve…..

  • Turn Up For What

    Tyler = Son of Kanye

    • RNKTA

      was that a shot at childish gambino?

  • Starlion

    u gotta love that dude

  • eyon1770

    Shout out to Tyler….dude is comfortable in his own skin which most of US are not…regardless if I think he’s weird as fuck, I still respect him for being him

  • Neal

    Lol shit was hilarious, he has his own views , don’t knock it