New Music: Lil Twist x YG “One Time”

one time

Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead.

The mack is back. With that said, Lil Twist returns with new music and brings YG along with the assist. Bad Decisions coming soon.

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  • mobby

    Fuck lil twist… get him out of here

  • Hutch91

    Short Dawg would snap on this

  • Skull Boi

    my nigga my nigga

  • xxChipDeanxx

    That’s what happens when a kids takes too much of a lead from his mentor. He sounds way too much like Wayne for his own good. A real standout would have taken all the advice and made it his own. Kids a novelty and always will be. I gotta admit, when I heard him a “Finale” I was excited to see how he would grow…never thought it end up like this.