Eminem “Berzerk” & “Rap God” At MTV EMA

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And The Winner Is …

Marshall Mathers. MTV’s 2013 Europe Music Awads went down today at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome. After being bestowed this year’s “Global Icon Award” and walking away with the “Best Hip-Hop” award, Eminem performed his album’s current singles. MMLP2 in stores now.


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  • Ason Frio

    the fuck did he get a “best hip-hop” award for? fastest onsetting promo?

    • Yaooo

      It’s Eminem we’re talking about. The Greatest.

  • MrDope


    Should of been Male of the year to, that little faggot bieber aint no male.

  • nachit

    Is the hip hop himself, thanks eminem for this album, you’re the GOAT. True stan

  • nachit

    Rap god performance.. jesus.

  • kliq

    it’s painful to watch him perform this song … this song isn’t an ideal song to perform

  • Donn

    I keep thinking his live performance is going to get better the more he does it but it doesn’t. I can’t understand ONE word he says and ppl in the crowd are just like I don’t know what he’s saying but it’s Eminem so fuck it.

    • MrDope

      Seems like your ears are stuffed then. And yeah, 90% of the crowd was screaming 14-17 year old girls that understands jack shit… You could tell when biebers and sugarpop names came up, they went nuts.

    • wwe

      Something is wrong with you, every word he says is so clear. it’s not his fault you’re dumb.

    • the12thletter

      here, let me break this shit down in lamens
      Terms for you just to make sure that you can understand this
      And Canibus they using too many complicated fucking words for you
      Here then let me slow it down for you
      So you can understand if I say it slower:
      Let it go dog it’s over

      • shayden2kz

        damn fuckin right!

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Dope watchin him nail that super sonic part.

  • GreenBergs

    talk about a terrible album and a shameful campaign for it…

  • YouDontKnowYourShit

    I fux with EM but if you can’t rap without a hype man or the track lyrics—you cant be the greatest

    • Real Shit

      41 years old and overdosed on drugs, you try to rap the lyrics like that on a stage, fuck outta here. In his prime the dude rapped his songs perfect sounded exactly like the studio versions.

      • wwe

        Did you see him in the YouYube Awards, he sounds still like he sounded on the studio version.

  • bigtaterman

    Eminem – G.O.A.T

  • dushbag777

    Ron burgandy: Afrojack was talking shit about you..
    Eminem: who?

    Ron: um Afrojack
    Em :who?

  • JustExpressingMyOpinion

    Ok. somebody has to say this. Em and Mr.Porter don’t mix well . Mr.Porter is Em’s hypeman for around 3-4 years now and he still struggles to keep up. He looks out of place. And those breath moments Em needs. Porter messes up the lyrics or he doesn’t perform them correctly. with a half way mic to his mouth. Mr.Porter is a cool guy, but as a hypeman he blows. Or Em needs to get a tutor or somebody who could help him and Mr.Porter get some chemistry going. Make them pros at live shows. I liked this performance, but its hard not to notice the hick ups. If Em and Porter mixed like peanut butter and jelly, damn. They would be on the next level with their live performances.

    • Michael Ibbett

      He’s good producer/hooks….Horrible hypeman…Proof was one of the best along with spliff, any one of his other underlings would be much better, i’d imagine

    • jake

      i agree. since he’s a replacement for proof though i don’t think we’ll ever think it’s quite as good. him and proof life was the best shit i’ve ever seen.

      • jake


    • deteesfinest

      I thought I was the only one who felt that way, Proof was a waaay better hype man, even Obie when he was there, and I love Denaun “Mr” Porter he produced my mixtape (plug) https://soundcloud.com/glasperporterchopslp but maybe he should get swifty or Kuniva they might be better, I also think Royce would be a good hype man too for Em

  • shayden2kz

    ive seen Em live many times and he puts on a damn good show! those say he lip sync don’t realize he couldn’t because he feels it and knows the words so well he can’t help but rap it. Performing the last verse of rap god after a whole other song and a half is crazy!

  • TimeChange

    this dude with the annoying voice is the G.O.A.T? lol, time to separate white and black hiphop fans i think,and take a poll who is GOAT. because the internet gives too many corns a voice to be heard.

    • JP

      Oh, hello Racism. Its 2013….grow the fuck up. Colour isn’t the issue.

    • johnny

      Like you 🙂

  • Hussle

    FINALLY!! his stage presence is back!!!! not awkward anymoreeeee

  • “Best Hip Hop” award? what does that even mean? He just released his album and he’s been away from the hip-hop scene for almost 3 years. I am confused.

  • West West

    Eminem is the greatest rapper of ALL TIME. One of the greatest musical artists of ALL TIME. Great to see Em get such a great award. Ems a true icon. Love the new album. Great to see Eminem on top, right where he belongs.
    Shady vs Everybody.

  • Neal
  • NiggalosCage

    Rap god remix with travis barker… just a thought

  • KilledIt

    Hahahahahah, I’d really love to know what these haters got to say now. They slandered Em for lipsyncing on SNL and said ‘he lost it’. Look at that Rap God performance, awesome!

  • micke

    Eminem has just sold 484,157 copies, last day tomorrow! WTF!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!

  • Bangers N Mash

    That rap god performance was insane. Not as good as the youtube one obviously but man he killed it.

  • Obaidur Rahman Atiq





  • INTL

    Man gotta love this. He just transformed the EMAs into a hardcore Hip Hop show with them lyrical Rap God verses. Look at them weirdos dancing to his verses.

  • Berzerk and Rap God amazing performance,Rap God is Eminem