2 Chainz “Used 2”

Mannie Fresh’s beat takes us back to the glory days of the Cash Money Millionaires so it was only right that Tauheed travel to New Orleans to truly pay homage. With a backdrop of free BG T-shirts, all of the Hot Boyz even join the fun. (Hey, Wayne where’s your white T, martian?). Please pardon Tunechi and enjoy the twerkin’ here which is great and more than compensates, whoadie. A million views on YouTube? Shit, Chainz is already close to three.—YN

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  • guest

    wow this song is a bit nasty and kids in the background what are you thinking when you made the video wow.

  • disqus_SJNSg4LMQI

    This is absolute bullshit. Makes me sick.

  • da truph

    cause this song is the worst influence on the kids in that neighborhood..

    • @TheLastShxt

      New orleans is known for bounce music , they was dancing like that way before 2 chains came down there and they still will for a long time to come

  • French Toast

    This video is old as dog shit. Smh Come on ya’ll.