Kendrick Lamar Covers GQ


Suit & Tie.

Holding the microphone like a grudge, Kendrick Lamar makes his cover debut on GQ’s annual “Man Of The Year” issue. The magazine is available on newsstands now, but complex has a few quotes.

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  • Chronic

    They got him lookin all presidential and shit

  • KenethKaniff


  • Nicole

    The mutha’ fuckin’ King!!

  • Doobi-Roc

    Is everybody understanding we looking at the Future of Hip-Hop… Its looking good for the culture.. Salute to the homie Kendrick

    • Furious Styles

      Being on the COVER of GQ has nothing to do with Hip Hop. You should have learned that from when 50 Cent did the cover a few years ago. Kendrick looks 100 percent ridiculous. This is the vision of a stylist/editor and Kendrick looks like an idiot. GQ has this ability to lose the people they profile in a style that does not reflect who the person really is. This is a case of being a fashion victim. Sorry not interesting.

      • Yacht

        Take it easy man.I think you are taking it a little to seriously. It’s a good look, GQ mag is always a good look. Everyone knows if you want to become familiar wit his music download it/pick it up. Stay away from “Control” verse hardly his best work. Peace.

  • NiggalosCage

    lmao nigga looks like he tryin to sell u a honda

  • Why does B Dot wear du rags?

    Kendrick is Nas – Drake is Jay Z
    Kendrick battles by rapping circles around you, making you feel inferior to his skills on the mic and his ability to form and position words so eloquently.
    Drake answers Kendrick by saying how his wrist is platinum and how much money he has…sound familiar??!?

    Haha! Jay Z is soooo overrated! Money, Cash, Hoes, huh?

    • Desond Alfred

      Except Forbes List shows that Drake isn’t making that much more money than Kendrick. Only a million more last year.

      • Mike

        that’s because drake hasn’t toured when that list came out, and been touring for a yr. no diss to, i like both rappers

    • Tec1Nyc

      If we’re going to make comparisons then it goes like this;
      Drake is Jay Z
      Kendrick is Eminem
      J.Cole is Nas

      They are the leaders of the new school like it or not

  • tlox

    FUNNY how Kendrick trying to act anti-fashion yet he on the cover of GQ fucking sell out

    • Furious Styles


    • FerociousLionsOrg

      this just in, ppl wear suits.

    • Hannibal Lecture

      Your bumass dont own a suit grow up you little bitch.

  • NativeKing

    little guy

  • Yacht

    It’s really like comparing Apples to Oranges. Two different style artist, just personal preference in my opinion. If I feel like flexin wit some Drake on I will. If I feel like mobbing wit some Kendrick on I will. Don’t see the challenge Hip Hop has too have balance. Both legacy will be Unique and Appreciated, even more years from now. We don’t know what the future of the Culture has in store for us. These two artist make good music. Enjoy it. Let’s debate some artists who are really overrated…


    damn crackaz love to keep a nigga “safe”

  • haann

    When did hip hop become a culture where 1 album gets you crowned king ?

    • REALLY23

      Nas and Biggie did it with one album…

      • Haann

        Debatable, they were name kings way after there albums, biggie wasnt legendary until he passed, not months after 1 album and a hot verse

        • REALLY23

          Nas became the King when he dropped illmatic…
          Big challenged him with Ready To Die…
          Rae and Ghost weighed in on Cuban Linx “Shark Niggas” skit…
          Nas flipped it Escobar to compete with Ready To Die…
          Big let it be known with Life After Death ‘Kick in the Door’ was aimed at Nas “You’re reign on the top was short like Leprechauns”…

          As long as you’ve heard the name Frank White the Notorious BIG was proclaiming himself King Of New York…

          I’m a have to charge you for the next hip hop

          • oneloveonebeing

            learn something new everyday, i heard about the nas-big banter, but didn’t know what song. now i has some more clarity, thanks

          • REALLY23

            no doubt bruh

    • disqus_JFP5JoJtp5

      I hear you. But Kendrick has been making great music for the last couple of years. He’s only just been recognized now.

  • Ben

    To say k dot is king is gross

  • The brother is looking good. Props for making the cover!

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    SMH…a grown man can’t wear a suit without “niggers” saying that he’s selling out….shout to KL for making a power move…broaden your fanbase