New Video: Drake “Worst Behavior”

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Drake premiered this last night on the New Orleans leg of his tour. But now, we have the full 9 minutes shot in the heart of Memphis. Features include Drizzy’s dad, Juicy J, Project Pat, and one long ass skit. Ha! Cop Nothing Was The Same here.

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  • yupyupyup

    That skit in the middle was wayyyyyy too long.

    Good vid though Drakes killin it

  • real

    great beat, but why is he saying worst behavior for like 300 times :s..rap or dont rap

  • DOPE video

    • Karllos Silva

      Drake is so good in all way!

  • fuck these fake mutherfuckaz

    Wack as fuck

    • tlox

      why cause theres no hoes twerking

  • room2roam

    great vid to an ok song. he says worst behavior too much. he shoulda came with that 305 to my city joint instead

    • just sayin…

      then you’d be saying he says I Get It too much lol

  • Furious Styles

    These people are stealing from Migos. So LAME!

  • Furious Styles

    Drake is best heard not seen.


      TRUE. he needs to sign ASAP though. it sounds like a YEEZUS song that should of been on the album

      • Tabby

        That song is on ” Nothing Was The Same “, it’s # 6 ………..

    • Macavelli

      realest shit ever written.

  • Batman

    … …. ….. WORST

  • Who’s hot who’s not?

  • Producer


  • Guest

    Drake looks like some suburban kid trying too hard. #LAME

    • tlox

      hes from memphis too stupid

  • Simba

    Lol I think people here are missing that Drake is actually making light of the fact that people say he’s not gangsta (which he isn’t). It’s good he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he can make a joke out of the shit people say about him

    • polopolo1

      Oh okay? Did drake call u up personally and let u know that was the scheme behind the video

      • ShatteredWorld

        He doesn’t have to “call him up personally”.

        That can easily be inferred with Drake’s position on the issue and the video itself.

        • Word

          Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think this video has anything to do with what you’re saying.

  • Chronic

    Skit ruined the entire video…and it wasn’t anything special

    • tlox

      its called fastforward

  • Cee

    I love that this video didn’t revolve around urban butt models twerkin everywhere, what a relief The skit was a little too long, but nice video overall. The showcase of Memphis was great!

    • Guest

      Do you mean New Orleans?

      • wellsfool

        It was filmed in Atlanta & Memphis and premiered in new Orleans use ur context clues dummy

        • REALLY23


      • 901

        Dumb ass nigga he lived here in Memphis before he n he mom moved to Toronto..

      • SpaceGhost

        It was filmed here in Memphis. There are no Atlanta scenes. I can show you every single place in the video. That being said……GREAT VIDEO, horrible song. I appreciate him filming here in his dad’s hometown where Drake spent every summer…..but I wish he would have selected a song with lyrics. This is a French MontanaESQUE song.

  • LuxuryRap

    his dad doesn’t know the words

  • Donn

    The dope thing about Drake is, he’s a centerpiece for every conversation. Ppl who don’t like him talk about him more than his actual fans. Most ppl are either fans or undercover fans. See a post about him and can’t wait to click, lol. But see posts about other artists and just skip them. Drizzy is the go to guy right now and probably will be for the next 5 years.

    Video is too long though lol

  • Lyn

    I just find it funny that these rappers will go into these low-income neighborhoods, with all this jewelry and flashy cars, clothes etc. and see nothing wrong with that picture. It boggles my mind. I don’t get it.

    • Starlion

      Ask the kids in these neighborhoods if they not happy about the excitement it brings to their town. It’s only right. being fresh BEEN part of hip hop. chill kid.

      • Chronic

        Think the point He’s trying to make is if he spent the same amount of money from just one of his cars, he could probably help the entire community in some way

        • Kingly_Caracter

          Why do people assume you need money to “do something”. THATS the true mindset we need to change. Yes money matters. But you can do shit without one dime.

    • tlox

      his dad lives there and was drakes childhood in the sumer…memory lane

  • Mort

    Everyone needs to stop ass kissin drake . The video wasn’t even all that .drake can’t even walk by himself with out his bodyguards .that nigga act hard but really isn’t . Scared ass pussy .

    • tlox

      why he went out of the norm NO HOES NO TWERKING NO CLUB SCENE He showed the beauty of Memphis

      • Tyrone

        tlox get drakes dick out ya mouth fool

  • poetic assasin

    wasn’t that MJG? not really a fan of this song – tryin to be hard for no reason what so ever, just make ur music man.

  • REALLY23

    Drake probably practices his ‘mean mug’ four times a day in front of his mirror…

  • heruthagod

    i dont fuck with drake, but i fuck with this video except for that long ass middle part. respect to him for showing some of the culture of tennesee

  • CabriniGreeny

    Cool how Drake has his pops rocking in the video.

  • rick

    drake keep the skits short and sweet man shit was to long bro…but you r the best in the game right now so keep the videos coming man!!!


    • tlox

      Drake toooo damn nice to his friend fuck the topszn regime and leave drake video alone

  • rick

    Honestly the dad and the pimps was the best part of the video lol…damn drake dad was actually better then drakes part

  • iamsherman

    Only Drake Can Rap Holding a Lil Kid in One Hand while Giving the Rap Game The Middle Finger with The Other Hand!! #NothingWasTheSame #OVO

  • MassConglom

    Look up a chick called “Mary Gold” (the chick Drake is smoking with in the whip at the end of this video) on datpiff, she is Curren$y’s new artist. Her mixtape is chill as -uck though. (9:43)

  • Sam Robilotta

    I approve .. end was dope

  • SteakandFries

    Not feelin it…

    • @OneManBeats

      its sad i had to scroll all the way down the comments line to find one person that i can agree wit. Im not feeling this song at all.

  • Th1rte3n

    I dont get what the song is about

  • Da Business

    I fux w/ it.

  • LP1087

    What makes a straight dude wanna say “hold my phone” tho

    • ShatteredWorld

      You stupid or something? It’s Drake’s own variation of “Hold THE phone”.

    • disqus_JFP5JoJtp5

      Reference to when Drake would write all his raps on his Blackberry. Now he’s sayin, “hold my phone.”

      • LP1087

        I kno what he’s say’n. I also kno I need to grow up but that line still borderline

  • GreenBergs

    this video was just plain bizarre..

  • PaperPlates Clothing

    dope ass video. yall are caught up too much on that shitty worldstar quality shit.. when niggas drop movies for a music video.. you don’t even appreciate it. nothing was the same

  • Marlow †
  • Free Agentz


  • Jeff Eastland (FirstDirt)

    Skit was a lil’ long…but a very entertaining video nonetheless…. I loved it!!!

    Be on the lookout for 60East new mixtape “MoodMuzik” dropping in January
    check out
    ig: @60east @firstdirt

  • Joek money

    Dope vidoe drake the best hands down ovo all day. He always shows love to where he comes from and the Black culture/Southern black culture. And to all the hating ass motherfuckers who don’t comprehend the video or the words of the lyrics nigga everybody in the video is his family all his uncles and cousins and that house was his grandmothers drake is from Memphis Tennessee as much as Toronto. Know your self.what noting fake about this it was all love he grew up in a lot of places and had to travel at a young age because both of his parents were divorce why do y’all think him and lil Wayne click and vibe because he’s from Houston and drake was bread and influence by Houston and spend timed there when he was A young ing and Atlanta. He’s also influence and has love for Miami Vegas & Texas because he was Bread and stayed there. All you hating ass hater think why would he go some were if he didn’t come from and was bread from there smh hater use your common sense. His been a real one and been holding it down and was on His hustle shit for years. His been a day on nigga if you don’t think so then ask yo Gotti ask bun b just ask the under grown drake been doing his things for years since. It has nothing to do with being gangster he was doing something positive for his birthplaces for his family for the culture turning a negative into a positive showing the good outcomes of are culture and where we come from just remember Drizzy drake put everybody on and puts all these places that has substance on the map. It’s the new urban international multicultural. Those places has a lot of history history of the black people. Drake is a realist. A visionary and a optimistic. All you haters just know y’all are pessimistic. #worstbehavior #blackOctober because it’s that new Drizzy drake that’s just they way it go. Don’t ever get it fuck Up if u dunno #ovo #topzn #is the #regime #juice #pat #tea #AWOL #OG #pimps #home #Family #marygold

    • kim

      This aint twiiter

  • 901ismycity

    the song is cool at best.. I really just like it because he did a really good video here in Memphis.. Better than any other Memphis artist yet.. And yes for the slow MF, he’s from here.. He just grew up in Toronto..

  • JR

    Skirt Behavior

  • Trapoutda Bando

    That nigga has some tough bars. He’s real subtle with it though… “That’s why I can beat Serena when she playin wit her left”

  • CASH

    Yesses Drakes dad is a ugly motherfucker lol. thats where Drizzy gets his unflattering looks from. Stupid song but its catchy as fuck! Long live Drake!

  • MaDD MaXx

    Can we get an edited version minus the white people please? The video started out with do much potential and then ruined itself in the middle

  • kylekuts

    change up….nice

  • Dejon Allen

    haha if that snot the truest shit ever idk what is