• vato


    • tpayas


      • Tpayas

        Gay, I know what you mean. Where are you? In address location and big situation. Are you in concerts? Who are the men there? You can language me in gay I know gay language. I’m a militar.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    I don’t care for how this track sounds live. He should do Rap God, or some other dope track off the album.

  • Bangers N Mash

    His stage performance has improved drastically since the Relapse/Recovery days.



  • Extra Domus

    scary ass gaped face…he’s so fried, damn…

  • jerome


    I’m glad he isn’t duck-walking anymore, it was so cringe. now he just needs to pick a better song to perform live. And get rid of Mr. Porter, find someone who isn’t so bad at being a hypeman.

  • Word

    Its comical as hell how they keep showing that bald, jorgen von strangle lookin’ dude every other second.

    • MadShot

      It’s a french rapper named Booba. So when a rapper looks at the stage performance of another…that’s why

  • Steve

    Damn he really does have crow’s feet lol

  • steve

    There are many getting killed.