Eminem ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’ Tops Charts

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Chart God.

As expected, Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 will debut tomorrow at the top of the Billboard charts. According to HHD, MMLP2 sold an estimated 779,577 copies  in its first week. The album becomes Em’s sixth consecutive number one. Congrats! Finally tally tomorrow.

UPDATE: According to Billboard 792,000 units.

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  • Hennessey

    Its crazy how this album literally picked up all its steam within a week, everyone was bashing the album but seems like they still all bought it

    • Crespo

      everyone? u mean some of the bloggers lol. U have to understand that bloggers hardly buy albums.what they are good at like u is to bash anything out without take out time to really listen to what u are bashing.The reviews from rolling stone and co were very positive. I am no blogger i blog like once in a blue moon so i can confidently say i bought 3 copies of d album. so next time u talk of bashing we are buying while u keep blogging.

      • @Crespo

        So, bloggers dont buy albums, you’re blogging, but claim that since you only blog once in a while, you are the exception and actually buy albums? Listen to how that sounds young pup…Yeaah, pretty awkward…

        • Crespo

          do u understand English. U can read my original comment.i said bloggers hardly buy albums. ‘hardly’ Plus why did u have to use my name to respond.That’s so childish.Just use your original name. MMLP2 Great Album now swallow that like a pill.

          • Niggas is lame

            You a Drake fan, crespo? Sounding really sensitive hahaha!

      • Hennessey

        Im talking actual listeners, most comments that I read were negative but them sales or surely positive.

  • Mfn

    7th consecutive number 1 *

    • Patrick Wiley

      Slim Shady LP debuted at 2.

      • Yo

        That’s why it’s 7. He has 8 solo albums.

        • Patrick Wiley

          Technically 9, if you count infinite 🙂 but you are correct.

          • Al3xx

            Technically its 8 solo albums. infinite, sslp, mmlp, the Eminem show, encore, relapse, recovery, MMLP2.

          • Patrick Wiley

            They consider curtain call a solo album.

          • Al3xx

            who considers it a solo album?The curtain call is a compilation album.

    • Respect

      they got it right his first two albums, Infinite and Slim Shady lp didnt debut at number 1 but the next six did

      • Mpulse

        Curtain call debuted at #1 and counts as a album, so 7.

  • JMcL

    i would love for this to go diamond

    • Word

      I would love for it to go emerald.

      • RichFlair

        I would love for it to go sonic the hedgehog. who need beats? soundcloud.com/whosrichflair

  • Jack Hoff

    Average album with great sales.
    Album was missing something.

    • DOODY

      HI SLIM

  • x file

    Good numbers.I think the album it’s great. Lyricism.that’s what hip hop needs. Rap God .

  • wacklemore is cannon fodder

    just wait. all your favorite rappers are on the shit list. you think he isn’t going to skewer ol sport in rapgod video? cmon son you are literally witnessing the greatest to EVER do it. and this album will go EMERALD

  • Birdman


  • Respect


  • tpayas

    Only on sale for 6 days too compared to 7 for Recovery. It probably
    would have done close to a million with a full week of sales.

    • Nabsta

      Both Recovery and MMLP2 were released on Tuesdays

      • tpayas

        Nope. Recovery was on June 21, 2010 which was a Monday. MMLP2 on November 5, 2013, which was a Tuesday obviously.

    • Dontoure Smith

      Given the fact it leaked almost a week early, I think that’s the only reason it didn’t do a full million or close. There was great anticipation for this album

  • micke

    Almost 80 million fans on facebook and only 780.000 sales.
    Meanwhile Lil wayne sold a milli, that’s just fucked up.

    • MrSkeezyMak

      Waynes second week sales dropped like 85% though.. shit was mad suspect. Em will still sell around 300k or more next 2nd week.

    • LuckyP757

      we already know whats up with those CM album sales numbers. and FB is dead technology to most. people “like” artists but very seldomly keep up with anything from these guys FB pages. to me this album just wasn’t “that good”

    • Fistacuffs

      The label bought copies of Wayne’s CD.

    • God Mathers

      Do you know that The Marshall Mathers LP sold 1.76 million in the US in the first week? It’s the the fastest selling studio album in America.
      Also he has 80 million fans worldwide on facebook his overall worldwide sales will surpass that of what wayne did worldwide when he sold a million in the US.

      Oh and 13 years later after the debut of The Marshall Mathers LP he sells 780k, how many rappers, or let’s say musicians in general can do that?

      Oh and don’t anybody come in here saying it’s because he is white, because Eminem is the only successful white rapper.

      • brza


    • joe

      carter 3 came out almost 6 years ago man. That’s old news. Lil Wayne would not sell a million records first week now lol. It’s not like Em hasn’t sold over a million in a week before. Don’t forget, he has the fastest selling album of all time., the mmlp did 1.7 first week. That record will never be broken.

      • Joe

        “50 did a milli, wayne did a milli, Ye too, but what em did is silly”


    • Sean Power

      that was almost 5 year ago next wayne album won’t do 500.000 1st week

  • Jack Hoff

    All these Eminem fans sound like Lil Wayne fans now.
    Less Rick Rubin more Dr Dre would’ve made this a way better album in my opinion. The lyrics were there, production wasn’t.

    • Del

      I agree with you, but I don’t think the Rick Rubin shit is bad, it just isn’t on a Dre level to me…but sadly, I think Dre is not focused on music though

    • jake

      we needed eminem and the bass brothers doing the production. dre is like a marketing myth. him and eminem haven’t really done allll that much together like they’d lead people to believe. most of eminems hits were not produced by dre. only about a handful. the rest are his own production or with the bass brothers and a few others too. some of the best beats and songs on the album were produced by eminem. so much better was great and it sounded like a raw eminem production. we need that again.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Curious to see his 2nd and 3rd week sales, Em’s sales don’t dip as quick as every other rappers. Like Carter 4 movin 964,000 copies in its first week then 2nd week droppin 77% and movin selling 219,000 copies. I remember Recoverys third week sales beat out Rick Ross’s first week sales for the top spot in 2010.

    • Word

      Once “The Monster” really picks up steam, and the Rap God video drops, I think his sales will sustain for a while. To be honest, I can see platinum status in week 2 at the very least (only needing 300k to do so). Monster debuted at 3 and that’ll massacre the airways for the rest of 2013 & beyond so his sales will be fine.

  • Word

    The album won’t sell they said. He has no buzz they said. He’s not up with times and he’s outdated they said. Its funny, I just read a comment on HHDX that says it won’t sell near what Recovery did because he has no buzz.

    Sales aren’t everything but you’d think people would stop underestimating Em’s fanbase and influence. Decent album on first listen, but I like it a lot more after a few spins. Legacy, Groundhog Day, and Bad Guy are top notch. Great album.

  • marty mcfly

    Of course its selling, its fucking Eminem Smh. Its not an album from some barely known underground lyricist. Its the great white hope LOL

  • Bangers N Mash

    Real solid numbers for a real solid album.

  • YaBoy

    Big ups Marshall, this album has def grown on me.

    Sidenote: RR keeps switching between the new layout, old layout and the mobile layout on my Mac. Get y’all shit together!

  • tlox

    NWTS > MMLP2 sorry but it’s true but congrats he is a legend so respect to him

    • Abe6772

      We all know thst you want the attention

  • G

    Def album of the year…. Ppl need to really listen to this album carefully…

  • G

    No other rapper is as technically gifted on the mic as eminem is and he proves it on this album not even jay z or nas

    • Chronic

      Only rapper that comes close is tech nine…and that dude has zero substance

  • EagleFly

    If you replaced alot of the songs with the Deluxe Tracks that came with it, MMLP2 is a raw ass fuckin album

    • Dan Karlin

      Agreed. I enjoyed MMLP2 overall, but replace “Monster” with “Beautiful Pain” and “Survival” with “Wicked Ways” and it’s way more fluid of an album.

      • anonymous

        don’t forget don’t front with buckshot

        • Dan Karlin

          I liked “Don’t Front” but it definitely belongs more as a B-Side or bonus track than an actual album cut; not because it’s not as good as anything on the album, mind you. It’s just better as a lone track.

  • West West

    make this MOTHA diamond!!! EMINEM is the greatest of all time, TIME PEOPLE!

  • Jeff Eastland (FirstDirt)

    Not really surprising, this is Eminem we’re talking about….lol….congrats to Marshall nonetheless…

    Be on the lookout for 60East new mixtape “Mood Musik” dropping in Jan
    Check out firstdirt.com
    ig: @60East @firstdirt

  • GreenBergs

    lol its just cuz its eminem, dude has fans in 3 diff. generations…album was and is wack to me ..

    • shayden2kz

      im so over everyone who says its jus cuz its eminem as an insult. yea its cuz its eminem! Cuz no one can do it like him! These days jus being Eminem wouldnt make this generation of youtube and mp3 downloaders actually spend money on an album unless it was worth it!

  • shayden2kz

    this album is so complex one skim or listen doesnt do it justice. so much content and skill on one album. Such a range of flow and styles. as others said look at how much Em you have seen in one week. He didnt need to over hype the album, it speaks for itself! sidenote in 2000 when mmlp sold 1.7 piracy and youtube was not wut it is today. So to sell that 779,000 thess days it a feat in itself

  • north west
  • Da Business

    Props to Em. IMO tho, lp is just above average and not gr8.

  • eastpointvet

    final tally 792,000

  • westside

    final : 792.000 1st week

  • Michael

    The album deserves mad props it blew my expectations, people are sleeping on it. I can see it going platinum easy by the weekend.

  • Michael


  • PROhz Music
  • GreenBergs

    i have never seen so many people in denial about an album before, I didn’t enjoy listening to this album whatsoever..you know yall wont replay any of these songs in a matter of months, weeks, even days..

    • shayden2kz

      I wouldnt b so quick to speak for over 700k people! If u didnt enjoy listening to its thats on u, and apparently ur the one in denial about the greatness of this album. Keepin hatin!

    • Word

      So, because you didnt like the album, that undoubtedly means that NO ONE else liked it? I’m not seeing your logic here. You seem like the one in denial.

  • bg
  • ricky