Hot 97 Interviews Joe Budden & Tahiry

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Still Got Love For You.

Tahiry and Joe Budden visited Hot 97 to plug their new season of Love & Hip Hop. Joe Budden spoke on the Slaughterhouse album, working with Action Bronson, the game’s reaction to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse and more. Slaughterhouse album drops..when Eminem is done.

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  • JIG-AH

    IF you a real MFer U know what it is NIGGA…this boy joe a SUCKA for LOVE/FAME…

    • BeREAL

      Yea, and no one wants to be rich, or have a girl as bad a Tahiry.. STFU internet gangsta ass nigga..

      • JIG-AH

        Who the fuck you think U talkin’ pussy…this nigga chasin’ a bitch and the bitch is chasin’ FAME so you know somebody gettin’
        play…# faking the funk

  • smh

    joe budden and his joebuddentv shit was the blueprint for LNHH….he was putting his personal life out there with relationships n etc in his music and that jbtv thing for years before this……this really felt like a straight jack move of his whole idea/thing

    • p0isonedkoola on Twitter

      JoeBuddenTV was him vlogging. Something Joe didn’t start either. Many couples put their lives on Youtube & had bigger success than Joe actually.

      In the end , Joe’s music got overshadowed by Tahiry, Twitter beefs, Twitter hoes & bad choices in beats.

      I’m a fan from the start, but I’ve conceded that Joe is wasted potential that will never manifest into the artist we thought he would become.

      @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

      • TeF

        Call it Vlogging or whatever you want to call it, but rappers were too busy lying on the mic to be any kind of genuine with their true life info. Joe may actually be the cat that started that “Putting your true life on the internet” shit. No one was doing that shit like him, whether it was just random clips, no make-up, no producers, just him and his camera during arguments or good times. That nigga was not concerned about him image at all. So yeah, I do believe the Love and Hip Hop jumped on that trend, and it’s no surprised that Joey would be put on the show.

  • LikeJordan45

    This nigga is sorry…why people fake care about shit like this is beyond me

    • TeF

      What a bitter, female ass comment this is. “why people fake care about shit like this is beyond me.” Millions of viewers is a lot of “fake caring”, if it’s not your type of shit, excuse yourself and just let it be, but there’s a market for this shit, it’s a hustle, these niggaz are making money off of airing their real life shit on a major network, and people watch. Get your own hustle by doing something new and original, and stop dying to be like Mike.

      • LikeJordan45

        Thanks for riding my dick, watch your step as you exit