• TalTogarma
  • huez

    berner is the shittest rapper to ever exist, if it wasn’t for wiz’s money he would be flipping burgers at mcdonalds

    • ganggang

      More Like He’d Be Flippin Birds Do Ya Homework Be4 U Talk Fuxk nigga

    • BillyBobJohn

      lol berner is a legend on the west he supplies everyone with weed do your homework on people before you run ya mouth

  • Chronic

    Rappers who make it need to stop trying to put on there entire crew…especially when they don’t have talent

  • Fred Spliffstone

    This song is dope. Beat is supreme and Wiz came thru on the hook. Stop throwing shade…not a good look.

  • Viva La Raza

    never heard a Berner song that I like…average at best.

    being that street dude doesnt mean your music gon bang….
    he need to go to Rap Camp, then maybe I’ll fuck with him.

  • novakaine

    He said flippen burgers at burgerking Berner gets more doe out of his hustle then he does in music he is like a Rick Ross his bars get better every album and his ear for beats is immaculate.