New Music: Jeezy “Foul Play”


Snow Gon Crazy.

The suits at Def Jam are living foul. After releasing a new track, Jeezy issued a series of tweets to the big wigs at his label. It’s Tha World Vol.2  arrives November 27th at midnight.

where @LA_Reid when u need him #RIPShakirStewart. I been perfecting this album 2 years for #myfans. Niggas @ @DefJamRecords keep playing games if you want! If Def Jam don’t get this right y’all got an early xmas gift #myfans. This about that fans! That’s all!


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  • HipHopObama

    Its so cold in the D..ef Jam…

  • dre

    Jeezy we all wnt u to win n get Ross outta here but u putting too much garbage music thts y Def Jam got u on the shelf it hurts to say th as huge Jeezy fan but wack now ma nigga

  • zion

    Jeezy needs a specific producer to reitroduce him. hes still nice at his style, just needs new beats, same beats same feel. only thing he missin new distinct production

  • Rome

    Here what most of you don’t know it cost def jam more to put out a jeezy album than it does with ross

    • Igiveherthatjamaicandick

      and why is that

  • Viva LA Raza

    sick as fuck, as expected…he 1 of the few that talking about mostly the same shit and it just sounds banging…

  • Track King Cole

    Jeezy out sold Ross on their last albums…

    • Jop

      first week not overall sales

      • Track King Cole

        DO you got Paypal?? ill bet you 5k right now that Jeezy outsold Ross on their last albums. Look it up before you try to disagree with something i write. And im not a major supporter of either artist.

        • CTE

          Ross Never went platinum..the end..shut the fuck up and do your history..Jeezy platinum a few times!!!!

          • EdiBeOnIt

            Ross went Platinum for the first time on his last album GFID…Jeezy went Gold on his project

          • CTE

            Well, the RIAA thinks otherwise..try again with the Lies!!Port of MiamiReleased: August 8, 2006

            Label: Slip-n-Slide, Def Jam, Poe Boy

            Format: CD, LP, digital download111—165—RIAA: Gold[7]US: 750,000[8]TrillaReleased: March 11, 2008

            Label: Slip-n-Slide, Def Jam, Poe Boy

            Format: CD, LP, digital download11114——RIAA: Gold[9]US: 645,059[10]Deeper Than RapReleased: April 21, 2009

            Label: Maybach Music, Slip-n-Slide, Def Jam

            Format: CD, LP, digital download11123——US: 434,000[11]Teflon DonReleased: July 20, 2010

            Label: Maybach Music, Slip-n-Slide, Def Jam

            Format: CD, digital download22217—169RIAA: Gold[12]US: 724,000[13]God Forgives, I Don’tReleased: July 31, 2012

            Label: Maybach Music, Slip-n-Slide, Def Jam

            Formats: CD, LP, digital download1111298RIAA: Gold[14

          • Nigel

            Ross aint never went platinum stop it!

      • Track King Cole

        Jeezy album has sold 683,312 copies.. Ross has sold 588,000 copies. LOOK IT UP!!!

        • Rome

          True but ross is more of a star than jeezy ross sold out 65k tickets in South Africa ur favorite rapper couldn’t do that and ross sells more world wide!

          • Track King Cole

            You do know Jeezy is ROSS boss over at Atlantic right!? Im not a supporter of either artist, but i keep it honest. and Ross is not a bigger star than Jeezy. You guys be pulling shit out your asses. I swear i hate this generation of fans. Your favorite rapper will beef with a rapper, and you guys start to hate the other rapper. MAN FUCK ALL THAT!! YOU CAN LIKE BOTH RAPPPERS.

          • Romeo

            Don’t be stupid how does being A&R make u boss and right now he’s sounding more like an employee and a boss MMG drop 2 albums this year what’s CTE doing? Then u call him a boss smh

          • realtalk

            lol @ that. if jeezy is such a boss. and he supposedly is a bigger artist then ross. then why is jeezy getting shelved right now n complaining to def jam?? why hasn’t cte drop a compilation album in 8 yrs?? ross dropped wale album meek mill and self made last yr compared to one album jeezy dropped. that should tell you right there who the better artist and boss is

        • Thez

          thats because Jeezy album was released 8months before Ross during the christmas weekend ofcourse it wud.. Ross clearly had the better album tho

          • Track King Cole


  • areal1

    Street niggaz only Street niggaz only Snowmans back this shit FLAMESSS!!!!

  • Russ

    Well…Ima just say…Jeezy sold out 2 shows on a Friday night in my city (he didn’t slack one bit on the second show) and Ross only been to my city once when he first started to blow but it was at a festival like concert. About to see him for the first time dolo in DC on Sunday. *I’ll be back with a comment on the show.

    • The Incredible Creation


  • RichFlair

    Need a beat for your next project?

  • LikeJordan45

    Yup this is that Jeezy niggas miss

  • The Incredible Creation

    Your petty arguments here won’t change a thing… lol

  • CTE

    Fuck Def Jam…Jeezy is hot in these one wants to hear another CO album..