• Vic_Mensa_Wins


  • The Incredible Creation
  • Jacob

    you guys arent even gonna mention vic mensa in the headline even though he SLAUGHTERED them both smh…

    • Can

      Vics wasn’t off the top tho

  • JayLDN

    How can you not mention Vic Mensa in the header of this post or in the main chunk of it along with Bun B & Asap Rocky even though he BOSSED this freestyle, showing so much potential in this and his mixtape! SMH

  • PaperPlates Clothing

    vic mensa destroyed this cypher. I wouldn’t have rapped after him foreal

  • That Guy

    How are you going to give Bun’s, an OG’s, mic to some unknown? That’s disrespectful.

  • T Chame

    T.chame Got Hitz Nigga 3 albums worth of heat you not ready my nigga rocky do this shit