Childish Gambino “Shadows” On Arsenio


No Fear.

Donald Glover got comfy on Arsenio’s couch last night. He opened up on his Instagram letters, insecurities and hopes for the future. He also hit the stage for a live debut of his track, “Shadows”. Because The Internet drops December 10.

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  • Donn

    I like Gambino, he’s come into his own artist, I feel like he has a mainstream appeal and an image and a brand that can work for a certain demographic. Its cool to see how HipHop has evolved pass the masculine tough guy shit to just real people being people. Those so many different types of artists and subgenres. Once you get pass childish things like what somebody is wearing or how their hair looks, or how tough they are blah blah, u get to the depths of just people being themselves and making music from their heart. Gambino will definitely has something

  • tmb

    man he’s spitting the truth with the whole “man you remember ninja turtles?”example about how everyone’s scared to move forward and they keep looking back lol i had ppl i know in high school who did shit like that and are still living at home with their moms, doing the same high school shit and that was 7 yrs ago

  • SpencerS

    Yo bino’s my guy, but does he own only one shirt?

  • Shipwreckdakota

    I mean the songs alright… but what’s Jhene done to the boy maaaaan? Where’s the hard spitta that I used to hear..

  • Not my type of flow.