• Hussle

    On top of the game for real

  • wwe

    He doesn’t sound like a lovable badass, he sounds like a cocky prick, and not in a good way.

    but he got skills with words for sure.

  • HeyBuddy

    It’s funny how he’s “on top of the game”. He’s on a big tour. Has done only a handful of ok songs, and he’s rapper of the year? I feel like this is mtv hottest mc award. Not worth a damn shit!

    • Dashing

      Actually EVERY rapper in the game imaginable (with the exception of Rick Ross and Nas) dropped an album this year….

      J Cole, Wale, Jay z, Kanye, Mac Miller, Pusha T, Eminem, ASAp Rocky, Tyler, Big Sean, 2 Chainz,Juicy J, etc.

      And Kendrick did not. And he has been the most talked about MC this year. With no album out.

      Yeah, I think he’s earned rapper of the year.


      Haha you are forgetting Kendrick has the most play time on event stages out of any artists this year, thats including pop hop rock country.. Dude has been on Grindmode this year. I was Glad he even went up to AK to see us… Whose comin up here next?? Wiz + MGK??? Awesome……

  • brza

    gkmc is a modern day classic but until he releases a sophomore album I’ll wait on handing out that award

  • Neal

    Overrated ??? Yea I think but Congrats on the look MR “IM NOT WEARING NO MORE DESIGNER SHIT” lol

    • FerociousLionsOrg

      niggas wear suits all the time why you gotta be so damn literal

  • @SxlxJxnes

    NYC HIP HOP! No Gimmicks. No Trap. Just bars..



  • Mike

    GKMC is a great concept album that plays like a story but it also has a lot of average songs on it. I think Kendrick is over hype but congrats to him