New Music: A$AP Rocky “Phoenix”

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Starring actor Michael K. Williams and model Joan Smalls, A$AP Rocky brings domestic violence to the forefront in Long.Live.A$AP’s latest visual aid.

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  • @SxlxJxnes

    NYC SHIT! Most of you won’t understand. No gimmicks. Just bars.

    • Dashing

      Isn’t you posting it here unsolicited kind of a gimmick?

      • SxlxJxnes

        Listen before you comment. Posting on rap radar is an outlet. Not a gimmick.

        • Chronic

          I’ll give it to you, it’s better than some of the other shit people put links too…but nothing special man

          • The Incredible Creation

            Ok, so what do we think about this guy here? ..Milly from Baltimore…

          • Chronic

            jones’ song was much better than anything I heard from my quick scan around that…you got a basic ass flow and rhyme pattern, and theres zero substance or wordplay

          • Marlow †

            What do you think of this, I directed and edited it myself. Marlow – Long Live (Official Video)

          • Dashing

            I listened to it and I’ll give me honest feedback. Decent verse, but not something I’ll feel the need to listen to again. You can rap, but like Chronic said, there was nothing special about it.

    • You sound like Fred Durst.

  • Chronic

    Ayyo It Phoenix homie not Pheonix. And it should say new video…not new music…since this shit came out like a year ago

    • nah

      u a fuckin bum bdot

    • Fly boulevard slippin

  • Chronic


  • zack

    • Marlow †

      this shit was kinda hard yo