• eastpointvet

    actually not bad

  • Jacob

    I actually like this shit lol

  • blah

    hes wak hope he gets slumped..and i know hes reading this and prob knows whos posting this fuk boi

    • Fred Spliffstone

      He has no clue who you are…too busy getting money. Get a life man.


    I’m f*ckin’ with this jawn right here. People can say what they want but Trinidad kept it all the way real. It’s the TRUTH that Down South music runs NY radio.

  • SpencerS

    I don’t understand how this guys exits, I mean All Gold was a jam sure but sitll. His mixtape was called don’t be SAFE (sensitive as fuck everyday) yet he’s the most sensitive emo little bitch ever. But more importantly, he’s a HORRRRRRRIBLE rapper, the verse on the August Alsina song may be the worst verse ive ever heard in my life, no exageration. Guy makes Fredo Santana look like Nas. PLEASe stop giving him credence by posting his material.

    • Christopher James

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! The most non bias Comment I’ve ever seen on here. “All Gold” was cool. He had a Hit. But that’s it!!!!! Def Jam is NOT about to put that Money up for His shit to collect dust on these nice Best Buy, Target, Walmart Shelves. And MAN!!!! That Verse on that August Alsina Joint was HORRENDOUS!!!! Damn Shame!!! Lmao. Okay I’m done.

    • Prince Kelis

      You can say how much TJ sucks or what not but at the end of the day he got 3 million for dont be SAFE, hundreds of thousand from shows and traveled around the world. Meanwhile you’re just some Lame who is trying to be REAL voicing a real irrelevant opinion.

      • All i did was voice my opinion and back it up with the logic I used to get there. Whats the point of a comment section if not to give your opinion. I don’t need to even make this point bc its pretty obvious if you think about it, but isn’t calling my opinion irrelevant a little misguided when you then take the time to respond to it? Trindad James doesn’t need you to fight his battles, he’s made it more than clear that if someone dislikes his music he’s willing to fight them for it.

  • I promise you the nigga is speakin the truth! He ain’t a lyrical rapper but he speaking his mind and rhyming about some real shit!

  • Neal
  • Neal

    Song sux

  • Chronic

    Not gonna lie, this shit is good. Sounds like somethin off flockavelli

  • Mister LXXXVII

    this is straight asshole residue.

  • Chronic

    Needed a second verse instead of his stupid ass little rants he goes on in every song

  • LikeJordan45

    You niggas who keep giving Trinidad James shine are fucking up hip hop.

  • So this is how my G responds. SMDH The weakest track I’ve ever heard from T. James! C’mson with this bullshit tho T. James!


    Trinidad James isn’t going anywhere as long as he got South Beats, artists like Gucci, Waka, Frenchie, TJ, will remain to make you go to the club and wild out. nuff said.