New Video: Pusha T x Rick Ross “Hold On”

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Flowers For The Dead.

Pusha T and Rick Ross eulogize some of the game’s fallen soldiers in their new video directed by Dre Films. Before ending on a somber note, purchase My Name In My Name here.

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  • RisRobot

    Best track of MNIMN!

    • thecool

      S.N.I.T.C.H. goes hard too

  • Fiyah

    Kanye just had to make this track 10x worse with his retarded auto-tuned yodeling, huh?

    • LuckyP757

      10x worse? man sit down and shut the fuck up

    • oneloveonebeing

      i felt the same way initially, but it grows on you

  • CobraShawings

    Dope pusha

  • JMcL

    pusha t is a real hood rapper

  • No1

    KAnye’s auto tune is what gives the song even more depth and grit.

  • HeyBuddy

    To the people who don’t understand soul rap, would say Kanye’s part in this song is stupid and all other shit. But hands down, this is one of the best songs on the album.

    It just that true soul hip hop shit. Plain and simple. Some people love it, some people call it stupid. Would’ve liked a kanye cameo, but it has a good message with the song.

  • BillyBobJohn

    Fun Fact: William is using this as promotion for himself. After seeing the good reception the track got, he called Pusha up and said he would fly him down to Miami and MMG video director DREfilms would do the video free of charge.
    More promo for William and Pusha gets a trip to Miami and a free video.
    More fun facts next time.

  • olakeeg

    This song is simply dope, I almost fell off the chair, but i managed to hold on!

  • wow

    dRE FILMS!


    pusha t lp is real dope


    second line of the first verse is a shot to ricky lol but i be honest he had a good verse

  • slimmy

    this dude dope

  • Kanye totally fucked this song up for me! Especially at the end! C’mson Kanye with all that hooping and hollering in autotune!

  • JCN

    Check out the homie Pusha T murder it on Easy Lantana’s remix to “All Hustle No Luck”