Webbie Returns To The Breakfast Club



Webster broke bread with Power 105’s Breakfast Club the other day. During their discussion, he touched on Trayvon Martin, Lil Boosie’s incarceration, altercation in the Chi and more.

UPDATE: Webbie was back on Power 105. In this hilarious interview, Webbie plugged his Savage Life 4 album, Obamacare, Lil Boosie’s return, getting his ass ate and more. Album drops November 19.

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  • Yeaaahhh

    This dude is so high he on the planet Superman was born on.. LoL..

  • LR

    wtf is he talking about?

  • Izzy-ballin

    It’s sad that CthaGod always bring black people down. Black people are angered that someone died because of racial profiling and he switches the subject to black on black crime. Justin Bieber gets in trouble and he blames it on hanging with black friends. He says Summer time is not the season for black men to date black women and is support of Stop and Frisk. This dude is a joke. IDK if it’s an act or he really wants to be Uncle Ruckus.

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    Does this come with captions???…I’m black and could barely understand this nigga. He sounds like a slow banjo!

  • yeaHOE

    Why even post something that’s “not optimized” for mobile (whatever tf that means)? Aren’t most people on their phones? or is that not a correct assumption

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    @Izzy-ballin Good job completely avoiding the real immediate issue. Whats more urgent. 1 white man killing a black man every few months or niggas killin 50+ niggas a weekend (Chiraq). Niggas like you enjoy being able to latch on to racist situations first before you handle the real issues. Nigga is right. The next nigga to die in your neighborhood…send me a count of the niggas protesting outside.

  • yeaHOE

    @ Izzy ballin agreed..that shit is irritating, he’s tryna be that funny shock jock type but it’s just corny. Most of the shit he says about black people is completely rooted in white supremacy.

  • Izzy-ballin

    @BLACK MIRROR black on black crime is a major issue. What makes a black man kill another black man? Its because the American system has created a psyche in which we don’t feel valued in this country, so we resort to violence and illegal activities to survive. We are still viewed as 3/4 of a human being in the justice system. This case feeds into that psyche. You are overlooking that if Trayvon was white he would still be alive, but because he was black he was suspicious and died. Black people are not killing for shits and giggles bruh. And I can read your statement and tell you have the same devalued psyche by the amount of times you have said the N-word. Get it together bruh.

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    @Izzy-ballin I agree with almost every thing you said in regards to hurdles being place in our society…My argument and focus is based on NUMBERS and logistics. Pretty much you are stating that we (Black people) are incapable of fixing our internal issues because the one’s inflicting it on us won’t change it for us? How pitiful and weak of you… Like an injured animal you gonna just wait their to be fed and healed by the predator? Really.

    That’s the damn problem my NIGGA, yes i use the word NIGGA…because I don’t LET it effect my “Psyche” anymore. A trait I hope you gain with age. That’s strength my brother… I and millions of my peers too live in the same environment as the ones who struggle (or worse) and DECIDE NOT to shoot. kill, and steal. Though the avenues and opportunity’s are sparse for us, THEY ARE THERE. We bothered to look instead of accepting our situation… You can’t deny this. I am living proof. Please tell me that any of the “G’s and Thugs” you know have ever truly made any attempt to remove themselves from their situations. Most likely no. Niggas aren’t lining up to go to the library bruh. We line up for the newest “Jordans” and “Remy weave”.

    That fact alone eliminates and validates your pitiful cop-out that anyone actually has the ability or strength to keep you down. No, you let them keep you down. So please please…Stop making excuses to not show more concern for the FACTUAL higher murder rates between blacks. Thanks.

    “There’s a gaping hole in my boat and my engine has stopped. I’ll fix the engine first.” <—-You're logic

  • Homie

    Webbie is slow as fuck. I’m talking IEP plan. I still bump ya music tho homie. But as far as regular convo….nahhhh

  • Izzy-ballin

    @***BLACK MIRROR*** You obviously misunderstood me bro. Where did I say we’re incapable of solving our issues? I said the system has created psyche that has lowered our self-esteem causing us to kill each other without hesitation. The Trayvon Martin case is a prime example lowering our esteem through the racial inequity in the justice system. It’s a powerful system and we are capable of defeating it, but the problem is a lot of people don’t know it’s going on. Stop putting words in my mouth bro. And men with strong psyches like Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela don’t/Didn’t use the N-word because they have respect for their race and their ancestors who died before them. You think Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Patrice Lumumba would be happy that we are using that word?

  • 456 headCrAcK


  • YGFent

    Street Family new artist “Ty-Riff” https://soundcloud.com/tyriff

  • TomOfTheRoc

    Dude is high as fuck…..worst interview ever!

    It;s the Roc !!!!!

  • smfh

    webbie is a legend musically savage life is a classic album man

  • The Brain Trust

    Cosign @Blackmirror!!

    I’m so fucking sick & tired of other black people who engage in endless self-pity.

    Oh. ‘The system doesn’t love me. I don’t feel accepted. America, I need a hug’.

    FIx the alarming problems in your fucking neighbourhoods & stop blaming ‘the man’ for the gun YOU choose to pick up & the bullets YOU choose to fire. The change starts with you. ALWAYS.

    Also, the notion that Trayvon was killed (in self defence btw) because he was black is laughable.
    You don’t start beating someone to a bloody pulp ‘ground and pound style’ & then blame him for defending himself.

    Stop getting conned by these crooks posing as civil rights leaders, who directly profit from worsening race relations.

  • StarFox64

    this dude said “shout out my rotwieler”….case closed

  • StarFox64 says:

    Thursday, July 18 2013 at 2:13 PM EST

    this dude said “shout out my rotwieler”….case closed


  • chasee

    lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo webbie is the finniest guy everrrr

  • NovaKaine

    Why does a black life only have value when another race an 8 yesr old was killed last night and a 7 and a 4 yesr old aswell as a grandmother were wounded in oakland last night nobody is even batty an eye its disgusting and until you hold yourselves to the same standard as you do white people nothing will change

  • the watcher

    i couldn’t even watch the whole interview of this “return of the apes”- looking character.. how can u even listen to his raps after hearing this spastic fool speak and replying to questions in a way a caveman would conduct an interview

  • Kay Gee

    He’s not as dumb as u think he is… he just high drunk and got a southern drawl… if u ever got to The Sticks in Louisiana this would be the norm


    100 rackz to get on the breakfast club?

  • Ray

    LMAO…that’s a funny mofo.

  • vizzy090
  • My nigga! Trill Entertainment! Young Savage!