Maino Responds To Trinidad James

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Discipline Niggas.

Following Trinidad Jame$’ the south runs NY rant, Maino addressed the issue with TJ via Twitter. After a few back and forth tweets, Hot 97 called Maino this morning to discuss the issue and defend his city. This could get ugly.

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  • raptv2day

    Maino is one of the many known NY rappers who sold out years ago and started doing atl snap music. Then they wonder why NY has become atl north. Didn’t one of those asap dudes call his album trap something. Remember that red cafe clown who went all Gucci man lol!

  • Maino bout to resurrect with the Hand Of God.

    • Sonny Tutimez

      he might get away with it in NY but if he go to atl with that it might not be pretty cause Trindad james aint no push over

  • DJCognac

    raptv2day is on point.

    • GokuDynamite

      Yet Maino didnt say shit K.Dot oh ok

  • LOL

    the OG’s need to help out Maino as well, you cannot disrespect the Mecca of hip hop and get away with it. HOT 97 & Power 105 need to stop playing that fuckin trash as well. boycott all these radio stations, they don’t support NY as well.

    • Sonny Tutimez

      the ppl of new york don’t support their own music thats why not the djs don’t play the stations are syndicated now which means they can’t play what they want anymore they have to play certain songs or else the dj will get his ass fired…all big radio stations are like that

  • BillyBobJohn

    new york had its run and was huge and made some of the best artists songs albums videos ever while other places were struggling now things have changed and the south is on top and new york and other places are struggling but in a while the south will fall and somewhere else will take its spot and so on so on.

    new york in general are just more real they speak their mind and aren’t
    scared to speak out. but because everyone else is so fake and soft and
    to scared to keep it real and speak up they say new york is mad and
    hating. really think about what i just said and look at new york artists
    who are more self made and about competition aggressive content and
    southern rappers who are all bff’s and everythings great lets party and
    dance in the club

    • aikens todd

      New York had its run? We’ve created what everyone is yapping about. This wack ass artist really need to show some respect. New York is the Mecca for hip hop point blank period. We birthed it now niggas wanna shit on us that makes no sense whatsoever.

      • Sonny Tutimez

        but its like new york shitted on a lot of regions when they had it and now ppl are doing the same thing to them so how can you dish smthn and not take it when karma comes full circle…and the south will always be pippin, the west will always be pippin and new york will get back to pippin if the ppl from new york supports them…i travel a lot and the thing i hear in atl club scene is different than anywhere else in the world I’ve been because they play their own in atl and don’t really play nobody else but in new york then playing everybody else but the new new york artist beside asap crew

        • aikens todd

          Guy no matter how you put it NEW YORK WAS THE BIRTH PLACE OF HIP HOP. If anything the whole world is emulating NEW YORK just being involved with the culture.Once again these so called rappers ” a whole lot of new era ringtone rappers if you ask me” needs to show some respect and give their praise for the place that gave them the opportunities that they have. Only in hip hop you see fans turn on certain artist because of where there from or their too old that shit is ridiculous its all about the music. You mentioned ASAP no disrespect theirs alot of artist in NYC thats alot better than them but because of confused fans who follows whatever is popular and shady politics its hard for these artist to be heard on a larger platform.

  • yorapper

    It’s funny how we wont listen to even 10 seconds of a Maino song but will listen to 6 minutes of Maino get his grumpy old man on.

    • Reyo

      OMG Becky!

  • Corey

    Who the fuk cared bout maino…no1 checking for his bullshit, all gold everything is sadly bigger than anything this dude ever did

    • Omain

      Main has a platinum 2 singles. one iwas 2x platinum.
      All Gold Everything only sold 500k.
      Mainno sold more records and has more hit than mr. Teeth.

      but of course you wanted to address musical success, instead of the disrespect to NYC. wrong on both

  • Sean Power

    Rappers like Maino is the reason why new york hiphop is at the bottom of the barrel the compain and don’t put no music to get spot light on new york but hate on everyone tell the truth

  • Just Another Blogger

    Who cares just put good music out.

  • NativeKing

    who tf is maino

    • You’re Going To Jail Now #POW

      who tf is YOU?

      • NativeKing

        who tf is you? who tf is maino?

  • You’re Going To Jail Now #POW


  • Kunda

    Y’all network niggas emotional thugs

  • kirk

    Puff and jay z pimped your city out a long time ago. They were the first ones running down to Miami. The last real dude to come out of NY is 50 whether you hate him or not. He tried to take on the entire rap industry but you NY dudes hated on him the most. I see the west rising again to take the throne behind TDE. All those dudes can spit with a little of that old east and west coast flavor.

  • Donn

    This is just music at the end of the day. Niggas be taking this shit way tooooooo serious. The nigga didnt say fuck new york. He said your music is southern now. Now niggas wanna fight? Lol. That’s just setting us back.

    Maino has an opinion like everyone else. We all have our opinions. But honestly, the radio doesn’t control what I listen to all day. I have an iPod, and I have an iPhone and theres ITunes radios and playlists and we can now choose to listen to what we want to listen to. There is no South Music, there is no New York music, there is only MUSIC. I don’t care where it’s from. You guys are conditioning and segregating music genres and making everything territorial just like NIGGAS. Stop putting chains on the culture. Just enjoy MUSIC for what it is, good or bad. Listen to what you listen to and stop trying to force your opinions on others who don’t share your ideals. Support the artists you like, and leave it at that. I got Action, Joey, Jay, Nas, 50, Jadakiss, everybody in my iPod. I don’t give a shit about anyone’s opinion on music, I just enjoy what I enjoy and don’t feel the need to have a discussion about it. Blog comments are the smallest form of popular opinions. As you can see by all the sold out shows of other artists who we love to hate. Ppl don’t wanna have debates about this shit, they wanna enjoy what they enjoy and not feel the need to defend themselves. LET IT GO

    • Sonny Tutimez

      this the realest comment here

  • JIG-AH

    Fuck Maino…All NY rappers are SOFT…I put my LIFE on the line if any one of these PUSSY av the BALLS to step to any L.A niggas…All NY rappers are SCARE to DEATH of the West Coast…Fuck maino why the fuck you ain’t get at K.DOT…NY gettin’ softer an softer shit like this will only prove what type of PUSSY they are…# Maino scare of west coast niggas that’s FACT…

  • blindbarber

    Silly dudes got the shit twisted.You don’t go to Rome and take a shit in the Colosseum, or piss in the Sisteen Chapel. People can’t tell the forest from the trees. Its not about hot videos and individual artist, its about the whole foundation dudes stand on and eat off. There is no other region that has brought more structurally to the game than Ny point blank. When dudes think to put rhymes together, they use thought patterns that NY built. Other regions have made great contributions, but in the big scheme, and not to down play shit but, those contributions are cosmetic. This dude Trinidad is a monkey, does does he really think he is bring anything to the game that has lasting quality? Fake shit is always new

    • shit chu just said has nothing to do with the FACT that what TJ said was TRUE! He ain’t say shit about NY HIPHOP’S history no one is discrediting the history son!

      • blindbarber

        Lol believe me I don’t discount the contribution that the south brought to music at all, and believe me i’m well versed in the many contributions they made to modern music, I mean, you can pose that american music in general started in the south. but the thing is, we aren’t talking about music in general, we are talking about a very specific genre–hip hop. You raise a good point about how “slaves” in the south harmonized and rhymed to drums, but would you really say that that was indicative of them being in the south? or could it be that was something they brought to the south from the many tribes they came from in Africa? My point is– like Rome, Ny isn’t the first empire, and it for sure won’t be the last. But in terms of hip hop(not all music), there is a certain architecture
        that NY built that brought it to the level that we experience it today, and that can’t be denied. and just to make my original argument clear, Ny’s influence was never measured by how many people wore dip set shirts, or wore their hat in a certain way that’s some petty cosmetic shit. I’m talking about structures, a certain level of rhyme scheme and composition. Tj’s argument to “real Hip hop fans” about how Atlanta runs New York musically based off fashion and cosmetic bullshit is bogus and makes no sense.

  • Dear Maino,
    HI HATER! #AtlantaRunsNYC (musically)

  • Young pi

    Maino is good he has core fan base. James, 2 chains, and cash out are trying to secure their place is this game of hiphop or rap whatever the fuck u wanna call it!! If u gonna talk that shit u haft to be prepared for the consequences!!!

    • Sonny Tutimez

      you coldve left 2 chains name out cause he’s made it to the elite level now..all he has to do is just keep doing what he does..if his next album is progress like his 2nd from 1st he will be the next rapper that went from underground to superstar out of atl..he almost at superstar status now

  • RIV

    New York has been on the rise as of lately…Asap Rocky…Joey Badass…. Action Bronson…. etc…..
    come check out my new music video in 720/1080p HD: –> “The Good Die Young 2K13”

  • DA

    The point is if you say that if you wanna do something shit in any city in America you would have a ruff time