New Video: Maino x The Mafia “Fuck These Industry Niggaz”


Labels Beware.

Taking matters into their own hands, Maino and The Mafia ski mask up and come swinging in their brand new video. Batters up.

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  • Abe6772


  • LOL

    c’mon dog, why this shit sounding trap music for? we get it, you need it to sound like it for people to check it but still bro, you from NY. time to re-invent, not copy.

    • Gonzalo

      • Gonzalo

        “Infinite Elite”
        Radio Blog Diss

  • Marley71

    All that tough talk was so he could drop this wack-juice? Newsflash, no talent, hustle, one hit wonders are what is bad for the industry, black, white, northern , southern. Who let these bums in the league? This isn’t music, just “product”, that some poor soul is going to consume.

    Yep, I’m a “hater”, I hate all forms of wackness.

  • Didntwatchvideo

    “Your either corny, or an Opportunist”- Kendrick Lamar.

    NY needs to make better music and represent NY that way. not this though!!

  • Viva La Raza

    not feeling the beat. He need to see Scram Jones!!!

    but regardless, Maino’s verse is nice…I can appreciate his candor..his 1st album was tight, havent heard much since. As long as he keep supplying lots of music / videos, he will do well.

  • NativeKing

    wack as hell

  • BillyBobJohn

    people dont want no problems with maino

  • TeF

    As a Brooklyn dude, I fucks with Maino to an extent, but shit like this doesn’t speak to me at all. I didn’t listen to this and think to myself, “Damn, this makes me proud to be a New York nigga!” Not only that, It sounds like some shit that should have dropped over 10 years ago. Drop the gimmicks, overall corny visuals, and heavy endorsing of a group I care nothing about. JUST FUCKING RAP!!! How hard is that?

  • Gonzalo

    “Infinite Elite” Radio Blog Diss

  • The Weirdo

    Maino keeps complaining about NY but even all his recent tracks have been on trap beats (those are southern right?!). This nigga is confused.

  • Killyoself Asap

    He should say some names about who in the industry he talkin about. He always with this tough guy talk. Him n all these other rappers never say no names. Say what you mean mane

  • JIG-AH

    Fuck MAINO pussy NIGGA…Scare of L.A niggas…only av strength for them weak MFers

  • Just like you up north niggas say, “This shit is light B!” Of course I’m feeling this beat because it sounds like it’s straight outta Atlanta! Way to go Maino! How the fuck you going to bring NY back using our beats and our slow ass, simple rhyme schemes, and flows. Sit the fuck down! Only time this nigga(been relevant) ever got some spins down here was when Hi Haters was popping. C’mson Maino GTFOH with this bullshit! This half-ass attempt of “taking matters into your own hands” is exactly why #AtlantaRunsNYC!

  • The Incredible Creation

    1st verse was super struggle…