Rick Ross Covers The Source


Leave It Alone PETA

Decked out in his colorful mink, Rick Ross returns to the front of The Source for their Oct/Nov issue. The issue hits newsstands November 26, but here’s an excerpt from his cover story with Shaheem Reid.

“It feel good as hell. When you look at these dope ass covers, just being on the bible, it still means that much to me,” Rozay says in the feature. “You understand? I’m going into my 6th album, my 5th cover just letting you know that every year they supported the team MMG. Get ready for the craziest Ricky Rozay story, as soon as you see me on the cover, pick it up, even if I’m not on the cover, still pick it up. It’s the culture.”


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  • BillyBobJohn

    who is he william roberts tony montana suge knight hulk hogan big meech ricky ross lol

    • Shade 45

      mc hammer

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William L. Roberts is a comedy show by himself. YN might have a life size photo of this above his bed.

  • NativeKing

    still supporting this fake?

    • facts

      nah nobody supporting ross anymore only paid media sites and paid blogs. basically dickriders who use emotion rather than facts.

      facts are his 8 mini tour of small asembly hall arenas are struggling with ticket sales[struggling with 1500 capacity is a real worry]
      a flash sale of tickets online at various ticket sites still resulted in large patches of empty seats in his boston gig.
      the rest of the tour looking bleak aswell as far as ticket sales.
      thats why they aint showing the usual visuals of his shows cuz they struggling.
      they resorting to taking smoke and mirros photo angles of the boston show to make it look full but it was largely empty in places.
      with the mmg selfmade tour bombing aswell things are getting worse for ross.

      but the paid dickriders will say otherwise……………….

      smoke and mirros……………..


    The rapper Rick Ross has also been having problems with the Gangster Disciples for using their leader Larry Hoover’s name in his BMF song. It’s been said the Rick Ross canceled the rest of his Maybach Music Group tour because of safety concerns and YouTube videos posted by members of the gang who threatened to step to the rapper and make a move on him. And recently the rapper was the victim of a drive-by shooting. So where this all ends we don’t know but one thing is for sure the rapper Rick Ross’ past is catching up with him. The lies he has told to build his rap career are finally coming back to haunt him and the man whose story, likeness and image he stole to create his rap persona wants his piece of the pie. Can the rapper get through all this or will he go down like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer or other entertainers who got exposed as frauds. We will see.

  • NiggalosCage

    this nigga done fucked around and skinned papa smurf


    This dude is DOPE THO!!! http://youtu.be/cs6dbRyRXUU

  • Hannuri Na

    this wat i imagined the boogie man looked like when i was a child

  • You niggas be worried bout the wrong thing. At the end of the day, he putting out good music. Can’t hate on the music and the moves he making in the game. Miami run NYC too!

    • facts

      what good music???? officer rozay been making the same dam song with the same content for atleast 4 years straight.
      box chevy-wack…..no games-wack
      all them selfmade comps sound the same…nothing special.
      no originality…..nothing. his mmg crew outside of wale aint nothing either.
      same beats…same features…rinse and repeat for years.

      but they got paid dickriders like ebro and elliot wilson telling people that its hot when its not.
      then comes the drake,jay,wayne feature to save his latest project….again.

      smoke and mirrors.

      • The content is the same. Can’t argue that. All that matters is that it works. It being the same beats, features, or whatever. His market loves that shit. It’s considered good music. These niggas down here don’t know who a Elliot Wilson, Ebro, or a Rosenberg is. They don’t listen to a Hot 97 or a Power 105, nor do they frequent Rap Radars & other various blog(B. Dot isn’t a blogger though) sites. We don’t need anybody to tell us what to like down here.

        Wale the nicest nigga on MMG! Nigga rap circles around Meek, Stalley, and Ross combined in my book!

      • LuckyP757

        you sound like a disgruntled rapper my nig. go ahead and add your link in your next comment

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    *glances at cover*……

    baahahahahahha lmfaoooooooooooooo

  • FerociousLionsOrg

    I don’t get it

  • LuckyP757

    Pusha T cover > Ross #nohatethough

  • vato

    fat fuck!

  • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

    that cover haha

  • RIV

    Yo… this cover is slick…

    come check out my new music video here in 720/1080p HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vp8lj_Smpw “The Good Die Young 2K13”