• EDGE

    He is the one who looks like the weirdo. How absurd was it for him to say Kendrick, someone he admits not knowing at all is shy and is a weirdo for wearing hoodies all the time. It doesn’t get more street than Compton. Stop trying to compensate for your lack of skill and need to glorify treachery to be cool enough to listen to, by subtracting from an artist with a complete set. Be happy, keep quiet and humbly take the money the market is so sheepishly willing to hand your average ass and walk away.

    • wow

      lol you so emotional man….

    • The Weirdo

      i’m witchu on this!!!

  • That Guy

    wow, this was weak as fuck

  • liveniggarap

    astro is better than this nigga.

  • “Never play a dumb nigga close, a nigga play, you play dumb with the toast!”

    I fucks with Troy Ave. He just won’t get no spins down here though. #POWDERrrr