New Music: Timbaland Ft. Jay Z, Drake & James Fauntleroy “Know Bout Me”

know bout me

You Don’t Know Nann.

Timbo previewed this a couple of times during his European run last month with Hov. But now we get the song in full. Before pressing play, here’s one thing you should know: No new Jay Z verse.


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  • Nahhh

    Fauntelroy though.

  • Cam TexasBoy Perry

    this beat bangs tho…

  • BK James

    Wouldn’t it have better to just sell the track based on the strength of the Drake feature? I hate when artists have someone’s voice on the track and list them as a feature. If we see “ft. Jay-Z” on the track, we want to hear him rap. Then we feel let down when it didn’t deliver on what we expected…same thing happened to me with Kanye being featured on Game’s “Jesus Piece”. Wouldn’t it be better to have those vocals a surprise for the listeners instead of a selling point that is just going to disappoint? I guess in the case of this track, it isn’t strong enough to market based on just the Drake verse. It’s a pretty whack song overall, and the Jay-Z deception just makes it worse. Definitely not revisiting this one.

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      agreed what you said until you said this song was wack. not even close

    • nahhh

      Good points but the whole, “isnt strong enough to market based on just the Drake verse” is totally wrong. Everything that guy touches hits the radio. Coming off a strong album, whatever he does from now on will be easily marketable and will reach the masses.

    • nahhh

      Anohter thing is if a song says, “Game feat. Kanye” there is a MUCH better chance you will click and listen to the song rather than if it just said “Game”, doesn’t matter if the end result is that you’re disappointed, you clicked, you listened and those statistics matter in todays world.

    • WALKKKdfisney


  • D Pac

    The bounce!

  • The GoatHerder

    Stupid shit.

  • Coney

    Drake verse saved this song from being complete trash. Typical Timbaland bounce and hook plus no Jay verse. Nothing to see here..move along

  • Kevin Banks

    wtf! I was like sooo when is the Jay Z part coming??!? This seems to be a marketing scheme now, i think it was Q tip who had a song out featuring Kanye West and all he did was talk for 5 seconds this is false advertising.

  • haann

    Lets just give drizzy the crown and go home. no need to discuss anything here

    • Scorpio

      The difference between Drake & other rappers is that Drake voice is listenable you can play over & over again and it gets better each play. and that’s why he’s unbeatable. its so annoying people dont give him the credit he deserves but i guess its gonna be his motivation to get better & focus

      • Goten

        His voice really is something. Every noise he makes is fucking catchy dawg.

      • GandalffTheBlack

        so these days u base an mc by the sound of their voice? smh and stop dickriding people give him plenty credit hes one of the biggest new school artists doin it in hop hop

  • GandalffTheBlack

    why the fuck it got ft jay z if jay z not in it though ?

  • Young Cuban

    Drake killed this shit.

  • LOL

    i think Timbo hurt this track by not putting it quickly, it has o impact whatsoever. Drake did well on it, but it needed a Jay verse to be complete. just another radio track for Drake.

  • Chronic

    drake fuckin killed that shit

    • crayzee

      you must don’t know about timbo

    • @hiphopEless

      True. But Timberland isn’t a Rapper

      • Chronic

        Which is the point I was making….

  • GandalffTheBlack

    lol drake dickriders verse was alright nothin exciting

  • Hussle

    this is was bad! Drake’s verse saved it tho

  • Expect Lil Mama to want writing credits in interviews soon LMAO “Whatchu know bout me?” LMAO

  • nora

    I dont hear jay z ?

    • tlox

      explicit version…

  • tlox

    Drake and the beat carried this song…but I have a feeling there’s more to come when the explicit version comes out…STILL waiting on that and also Trophies,

    • Goten

      Every lay up-line in every gym in the world is waiting for Trophies.

  • heruthagod

    gave it a listen hoping drake’s verse lived up to the comments but nah. honestly this was weak as hell, beat was decent but the raps just didn’t cut it

  • Why not get Jay Z to ghostwrite a verse Timbo? Drake bodied his verse! Beat hard as fuck.

    • Landoe Lamont

      its actually sounds like Jay wrote Tims shit…

  • JacobMcCourt


  • DJCognac

    didnt read the caption. listened to this whole track and no jay verse. FML!

  • Mirza

    fauntelroy was ill!!

  • Snake

    Fuck Drake! For real…any Drake feature can make even the sickest songs with the sickest beats almost unlistenable cause I gotta change it before his annoying voice come on and fuck up my day

  • king dame

    Drake killed it wish i heared a verse from hov he wouldve went in

    • Snake

      Only Hov could’ve went in on this. Nothing else!

  • From the EastCoast wit love

    Hoping yall could check out my song, aint tryna go to college, tryna do something right to please give me a moment of your time. Also RIP O.D.B Happy Bday

  • jDawg

    There is no jay z verse bruh. Songs aite. Drake went in.

  • CASH

    False advertising at its best. Fuck this shit…wheres Jay Zs verse?

  • @hiphopEless

    I agree with BK James im a big fan of everyone on that record I think you short changed the fans but in saying that the record is still hot @hiphopEless

  • Billow Baggins

    The beat was cool, I’ve heard better from Tim though. Putting Drake on the song was a good move, sounds like he wrote tims verse too. bye bye

  • Anthony

    Nobody caught that ? He threw a shot at em “if this was 10 yrs ago, nigga woulda went diamond”

    • uptownreppa

      em said his name, fuck a shot

  • @hiphopEless

    i agree with BK James. im a fan of all the artists on the record, i was expecting magic from Jay but i feel like you short changed us Timberland. the track was still hot though

  • The wisw

    A throw away track with no purpose!

  • Sati

    Drake carried this whole song. Could of been better, drake saved it

  • brollya

    damn i was waiting for jay z to come in last wtf

  • Jeff Eastland (FirstDirt)

    Dope song…drake killed it..

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  • uptownreppa

    this page aint nann but hot 97, suckin the same ole dicks. everything hov do they post it as hot shit. yes man ass niggaz. @justjtoday fyi this song is doo doo

  • DaJuan

    That Bo Jackson punchline was mean!

  • twothangs
  • JADatsyuk

    “No new Jay Z verse”….*anticipation goes down 90%*

  • Kassie

    So much going on with Tim and the singing at the end. Nice beat and good verse by Drake.