Jay Z Sticking With Barneys

Jay Z Performs At The Oslo Spektrum

Still Donating Proceeds.

Jay Z’s sticking to his guns and announced yesterday that he’s moving forward with his collection at Barneys next week.

In the past several weeks two separate investigations were launched as a result of the wrongful detention of Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips. My team has been privy to the status of the Barneys third party consultant investigation. In continuing our research, we also contacted the New York State Attorney General’s office for the status of their investigation into both Barneys and Macy’s. Those findings are not yet available.

While I await the findings of the Attorney General’s Office, I have agreed to move forward with the launch of BNY SCC collection under the condition that I have a leadership role and seat on a council specifically convened to deal with the issue of racial profiling. I am in a unique position to use my voice to affect change to this disturbing issue. The easy position would have been to walk away and leave policy making to others hoping that someone addresses the problem. I will not leave the outcome to others. I will take this into my own hands with full power to recommend, review and revise policies and guidelines moving forward. I am choosing to take this head on.

As I previously stated, the collaboration with Barneys has always been about giving and The Shawn Carter Foundation. From this collection, the Foundation will receive not only 25% of sales, it will now receive the additional 75% of Barneys’ sales, totalling 100% of all sales from BNY SCC. Along with 100% of sales from the collaboration, the Foundation will receive an additional 10% of all retail sales from Barneys New York stores nationwide and Barneys.com on November 20th.  – Shawn “JAY Z” Carter

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  • Tysonz

    Listen Jay knew he really wanted to show off his collection of watches, suits and snakeskin snapbacks. He worked hard on it and really wanted to get the fashion props for his collaborations. That being said he stayed quiet hoping the racist scandals would just blow over so he wouldnt have to back out. Its a shame our generation’s Black Che Guevara couldnt stand up for his people on this one the way he did for Trayvon Martin. Where’s Nas when you need him huh?

    • Steems

      Look at the man in the mirror, Jayz aint nobody savior. How bout you do something? Ya sit here and down down and Jayz as if he hasnt done anything for black ppl, oh yea i forgot, ppl love hand outs…

    • marty mcfly

      Jay is not the black Che Guevara, he an artist that came in the game to make great hip hop music and the other things he’s done was for him to help his family and others that he wanted to help but thats it. If Jay was supposed to fight every issue in this world he would be fighting a new battle every 3 seconds of everyday. Who wants to live with those kinda problems. Jayz is not Al Sharpton, its up to YOU to fight the battles you feel strongly about. Jay has been fighting battles of all different kinda forms for almost 20 years now. Its time to just let him live now.

  • mobby

    What was the point of him telling us to stop drinking Cristal? What Barneys did was outright racist… but I guess my nigga jigga don’t care when his money is on the line… how about we paupers protest him… but who am I kidding.

    • Steems

      Shut ya dumb ass up. Do you not see the 100% being giving back to kids for college. What have you done?

      • mobby

        Senior in college… headed to grad school for public policy to help simps like you is what I’ve done. But you can’t place a monetary value on fixing racism…

        • polopope

          lol you are not cool because you graduating college and headed for grad school. only in north america that’s viewed as an accomplishment.

          • Hart

            mobby, congratulations. I see your position and look forward to your future contributions.

        • Ray

          So in other words “nothing, yet…” Besides, higher education is an investment in yourself. Generating scholarship money for others is entirely different.

    • DG

      The point was that he was invested in Ace of Spades so he got all the assholes who only drank Cristal cuz he did, to drink nasty ass Ace instead just cuz he said so. He figured out how many sheep do what he says after the whole dropping throwbacks for button ups. The only time it didn’t work was with Timbalands

    • cashcow223

      it all was strategic he owns shares in ace of spade

  • Hussle

    and yall really expected him to* drop everything??? LOL his goal is to become the first rapper billionaire. Sorry but this is the sad truth

  • young

    genius, dude flipped the whole thing

  • wow

    I knew it, hes Not passin up on NOOO money


    • eastpointvet

      if all the money getting donated how is he about the money? lol

  • LMAO…
    I dont know whether to laugh at the fact that Jay-Z thinks its ok to work with racists (who discriminate against his own kind) as long as its for his charity lol… or laugh at the fact that Barneys will be making a shit load of money off of the ppl they discriminate against thanks to Jay-Z lol.

    Jay-Z,s blind sheep fans (mostly African American) will be stacking up the barneys tills to get a hold of his collection.
    And when the partnership is done and barneys and Jay-Z (Him and his foundation) walk away with a lot on money… normal service will resume, where black ppl are not allowed or employed.

    AY but its for charity right !! so theres nothing wrong with making money for ppl who discriminate against ppl of your own kind lol.

    • marty mcfly

      The thing is people like you are mad at Jayz and “Barneys” instead of being mad at the people who did the racial profiling. Barneys is just another brand with employees and it was some worker that did something wrong, not Jayz or the whole company of Barneys with thousands of employees.

    • marty mcfly

      Jay is saying im not gonna throw out the baby along with the bath water. If some of the water is dirty then ok, lets dump that dirty water down the drain but still keep the baby. We have racist people in the every kinda business so should we just stop supporting all business? NO

    • Selorm Amuzu

      and i laugh at ppl like who is always looking for a black leader instead looking to make a change yourself

    • Steems

      Jayz is a rapper/Entertainer/Businessman….Not Malcom X, I work on wall street with a bunch of white ppl who are probably racist, shall i quit and not get paid? Funny thing is more than half of barney’s employee’s are BLACK. We all discriminate to some degree, Shit i know i do. Not saying what barney is doing right but if you have such a big problem than DONT go there, period. Racism aint going to stop anytime soon and Jayz is not the reason racism is here you airhead lol

      • Ray

        You must a janitor working in Wall Street, cause your grammar sucks you retarded, un-educated, lazy ass African.

  • wap

    I love how people want him to drop Barney’s, but nobody is complaining about Macy’s. I guess we all have a higher standard for Jay-z and not Sean Combs. Because it is the same exact shit. But there is no protest for puff.

  • NAs

    Jay Z is all about the money man… people expect him to be a community man like pac was….

  • Jose Perez

    charlamagne addresses this perfectly. exactly how i feel.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      Exactly My point !

      • Elproblemo Djblast

        If Malcolm X was still alive he would of called Jay a house nigga

        • Selorm Amuzu

          If Malcolm X was alive he would have alot of ppl house niggas before he could even mention Jay Z… Just cos the man did not act on the temporary emotions of ppl who don’t even shop in Barneys in the first place doesn’t make them a house nigga… I have said this ages ago, what would actually happen if Jay Z dropped out of this deal ? No revolution will be made and no progress either, it’s business as usual in Barneys and racial profiling would still continue… BTW Malcolm X did what he had to because of his accord, electing Jay Z as a black saviour is not that.

          • Elproblemo Djblast

            I’m looking at it as a moral thing nothing like a revolutionary thing, thats how I feel and maybe Malcolm would feel the same if he was alive. in this generation morals and pride are thrown out the window when money is involved.

          • Selorm Amuzu

            Is it even right to try and force a person to do something that had little to do with him in the first place in the name of “keeping it real”or make ourselves feel better . we make opinions about Jay Z all day alot of them bad but we still expect him to do shit for us. I would like to think the man knows his people really and how we are hence why he made the decision he did. it made no sense to go at Jay Z for something Barneys did… Funny thing at the end of the day Barneys might end up reviewing their situation because the last thing they want is receiving bad press for this kind of shit

          • Elproblemo Djblast

            good point

          • Selorm Amuzu

            I think minorities should stop looking for saviours,heroes or even kings and be that in their situation because at the end of it all Malcolm X, MLK and even Tupac became the men they were on their own accord not on other peoples.

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    umm why is this a surprise

    jay never gave a fuck about nothing else but the MONEY

    cant place MONETARY VALUE on discrimination

    • eastpointvet

      how much money is he making from a deal donating 100% of the proceeds?

      • Care-Giver

        Probably a helluva lot more than we think(behind closed doors) Barnys don’t need this type of exposure,sounds like a lawyer made deal to me….it’s called Win-Win

    • Steems

      I never gave a fuck about nothing else but money neither, u should try it…

  • Dashing

    Let’s be real folks. Barney’s isn’t going to go out of business because of this. If Jay-z was not attached to them, they would (maybe) issue an apology and hope that the story blew over.

    Now that Jay z ‘s name has been attached to it and he’s received NEGATIVE publicity towards it, it’s in Barney’s financial interest to make Jay happy. And what will make Jay happy is being sure that this instances don’t happen again so that he doesn’t get burned for sticking with them. So now Barney’s will likely have to take real measures to ensure that their policies have changed.

    And that will be due to Jay z, whether his motivation is self-serving or not.

    • marty mcfly

      Jay is not happy or sad about this situation. In reality the only thing that would make him happy about this is continuing to help children get better educations through his foundation but none of this “hurts” Jayz as a business man nor does it hurt Barneys. This is about holding the people who actually made the wrong decisions accountable and truthfully the Jayz wasn’t there at the time this situation happened and he does not work at a Barneys store. Here’s the thing, Jay is not a struggle teenage drug dealer anymore people. He’s a 40 something year old adult so he has to act like one bottom line. He does business that not only makes his business good money but it creates opportunity for others the work with him and for him. He has to do things with a level of maturity now. He can just do whatever a bunch of people who really have no business, dont know the facts and just react off emotion tell him he should do.

      • marty mcfly

        He has to do things with a level of maturity now. He canT just…

  • Kingly_Caracter


  • rell250

    Do you people know how to read? ” have a leadership role and seat on a council specifically convened to deal with the issue of racial profiling. I am in a unique position to use my voice to affect change to this disturbing issue. The easy position would have been to walk away and leave policy making to others hoping that someone addresses the problem. I will not leave the outcome to others. “

  • rell250

    “From this collection, the Foundation will receive not only 25% of sales, it will now receive the additional 75% of Barneys’ sales, totalling 100% of all sales from BNY SCC. Along with 100% of sales from the collaboration, the Foundation will receive an additional 10% of all retail sales from Barneys New York stores nationwide and Barneys.com on November 20th. – Shawn “JAY Z” Carter” THeyre donating money because of the issue. They’re literally PAYING the price. Idiots,,,,,

  • Matt

    Politics as usual

  • 6 ft. 1

    As for Jay the rapper he’ll always be in my top 5! But, I couldn’t care less for Jay the businessman! Some of you dumb f*cks need to wake up and realize he’s not a “SAVIOR” and has ALWAYS been about the money… If you look at the life he lead and bragged about in MOST of his music then you would realize that ANYONE DESPERATE enough to push POISON(Crack) in their OWN community is probably more concerned with making $ than the destruction he brought to his OWN kind! So, go ahead and DEFEND him! Go buy every stitch of that SHITTY knock-off designer collection! OR DON’T! But, It doesn’t really matter HOW YOU FEEL! As long as he makes $ he WINS! With that being said what will you guys gain? Trendy garments that fade out as quickly as they came in… LMFAO at all of you!!

  • Chill

    No Surprise here (Jigga moving forward with Barneys). What is surprising however is the commenters on this blog post! Whether you guys side with him or not, I was finally proud to read some blog comments that sparked questions and showed that you guys are not just sheep and would buy anything someone in a position of power says! It’s great to know that some of you guys will not let wool be pulled over your eyes! You see that there is a lack of care for our community and that it is shielded and tucked under sophisticated terminology and flat-out bullish*t positions (i.e. the leadership role and seat on a council specifically convened to deal with the issue of racial profiling). In that same paragraph, it says that Jigga will review the stores policies and guidelines himself!. Hey… I didn’t say that to start debate. It’s right there in black in white. So if you believe that to be true… Well, hell… I have some beachfront property in Arizona I’ll gladly sell you at an amazing price!

    This Barney’s deal was never even in jeopardy of being delayed, let alone terminated. I think Jay has a great business mind. And I do agree (to a very limited extent) with some of the commenters that Jay has no responsibility to look after the community, only himself and family. You’re right there (to some degree). However, on the flip side it’s this same community that put him on the pedestal he is now on! As a black man, I subscribe to the doctrine of “To whom much is given, much is required.” That’s no law that any of us are required to abide by. However, it’s the right thing to do. And I’m sorry if I offend you hardcore Jay fans, but the man has been given a lot and has given mack minimal in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, Jay makes these deals on his own these days, but we have propelled him to a point where he can make such deals. Corporate America looks to US (Black America) to tell them what’s next or who they should do business with. Can you not tell this by the hip-hop in advertising, the way models are dressing, and the marketing of some of these products/stores? Surely there are many rappers/entertainers who are business savvy, but we say Jay is the one who “WE” will buy products from. Therefore, it’s Jay who gets invited to the table. So we (the community) should feel entitled to a lil say-so when we feel shamed by a business deal that not only doesn’t reflect our interests, but is literally a slap in the face to our dignity. But then again, I’m just one man, with one opinion, trying to build up my community. The next man can freely disagree with my approach and I’m totally OK with that. Peace.

    • Elproblemo Djblast

      yea me too i was surprise

    • marty mcfly

      People always saying Jay should give back and do things to help other black people but thats what he been doing ever since he started hiring people to his own label in 1996. Jay has been given back for years now so your asking for things that Jay has done and continues to do.

      • marty mcfly

        Young Guru has said Jay been given back ever since he first got rich and he gives alot. He just doesn’t broadcast it to the public ever time he helps people out but Guru has said Jay actually gives out alot of money and stands behind many programs that help people get good education and build up poor communities.

    • Steems

      His job is to entertain us with music, if we like the music we buy the music. Clearly we been liking his music since we been buying. Jayz owes nobody no favors. He is getting attacked by dickheads because he did his job well. He is not Malcom X or Martin luther king…He’s just a rapper/Businessman. anyway, ya going to always look to point fingers

  • Neal

    Jay z cares about Beyonce and Blu Ivy , sometimes MAYBE he might give an impression like he’s a cultural leader but at the end hes5 a HUSTLER FROM MARCY PROJECTS IN BROOKLYN NYC

    • Snake


  • NovaKaine

    If it was out right racism isnt Jay winning by taking that money and giving it to bkack charity

    KR Mack debut album Young Wild Reckless Dec. 10th

    If you have a moment

    100 Shotz ((official video))

  • Gaz

    Not one of you fucks would pull out of the deal in his position haha, the staff at that store on that day made a bad decision, simple as that, 100% of sales are going to charity, jay z pulling out wouldnt help or solve one thing you silly fucks

    • Snake

      For real…stop hating and start paying homage! I mean come on, its JAY-Z! The greatest rapper to bless this universe…!

  • Darrell Cabey

    the knicks suck.

    • Samsohn

      the BROOKLYN nets suck more

      • Darrell Cabey

        and your mother sucks the most.

  • Tysonz

    Jay been a sell out though, he couldve easily move his collection to another store or open up a pop up shop and keep the money all in the community.
    He didnt because he wanted white folk acceptance and feel like he was a trendy nigga smh

    • Steems

      What store you know besides Barneys or any other “High End” store should he move it to? Let me guess, Payless? You do know that in the line theres 35-40k watches right? What community should he move this too? Your so dumb, he wants white ppl money, fuck their acceptance. This is the same nigga who accepted an award with a Du-rag on, same nigga that boycotted the grammys for years. I dont think he needs acceptance from white ppl. And yea he is a trendy nigga. He says it, ppl wear it. thats trendy if you ask me. Anyway, your a dickhead

      • Snake

        Tell em! All hail HOVA!

  • bronxbillyunz


    • Care-Giver

      10 percent is B/S when you profit margin is 60 percent for that Crap!!!!

  • JADatsyuk

    Hov just doesn’t lose!

  • Care-Giver

    There are a lot of thought about Jay-Z and if he move forward with this Barney’s Campaign ,well who remembers the statements and stands taken by James Brown,Muhammad Ali,and Petey Greene, and Many others.Sure A Scholarship foundation is a great concept.But where is the real self-worth,when on the on the other side of his neck he is making “Holy Grail cd’s talking bout “Nigga I got this ,I can buy that,”REALLY!!!!!!!

  • Oz

    man bring back the days of the source when media outlets representing hip hop actually reported about THE MUSIC, like where the fuck can a nigger find a review these days on any of these sites? shit is lame none of the online or offline publications really rep hip hop the way the source did, too much focus on all the celebrity bullshit and shit lifestyle, no wonder the shits dying

  • datprettynigga

    jay a coon

  • inthestudyo

    This simply says that our mistreatment has a price tag… Our moral and respect should be appraised nor based on some marginal value. The fact that a charity receives more funds from the mistreatment of the same people it’s supposedly benefitting is not the way to go.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      No it means the man has the sense to look the big picture and assess the situation as such, why aim for the man who made an endorsement deal compared to aiming at the source of the problem in the first, Jay Z would not have lost anything if he left, Barneys wouldn’t lose cos they would choose something else and black ppl definately will not win because no change was made and no message was sent, you can hate on Jay all you want but your initial opinion on him never changed before this fiasco and wouldn’t change after and I believe he knows that. Why work for something temporary when you can work on something permanent.

      • inthestudyo

        I’m not hating on Jay. I want to recognize that nothing has changed and that their is a price tag instead of admission of guilt or wrong doing. Instead of Barney’s stating that we rather pay this amount instead of apologizing.

        • Selorm Amuzu

          Of course they are not tryly gonna apologize because as much as racial profiling is wrong there are also cases where young minorities act on some fuckery sometimes and the innocent pay for it , it’s also a matter of checking these niggas on their bullshit aswell …. I think in 2013, we as black ppl should take into account that niggas can fuck shit for us aswell.

  • Sar B-child

    Is it a question of racism or financial intelligence?

  • Leo

    Im still waiting for YN to blackout on hypocrite ass Jay-Z but he wont… We all know why too…. SMH