Kanye Talks At Harvard School Of Design

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Before Kanye’s show in Boston last night, he spoke to the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He invited everyone to his concert and discussed his views on architecture and design.

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  • LianChikakoChang

    Transcript and video of Kanye’s remarks is available at Archinect here: http://archinect.com/blog/article/86775098/video-kanye-stops-by-studio-to-talk-about-architecture-with-students

  • R.E.A.L


  • Raymond Samora

    that was the shit. He reminds me of @HustleVision

  • Errol

    Saw Kanye last night. DOPE concert.

  • TimeChange

    what does Kanye’s resume on architecture look like? what are some of his works? just wondering

    • LSSN

      He used to go to art/design school.. He designed the Watch the Throne stage and the sorround vision cinema for the Cannes Film Festival.. Two very good pieces of architecture..
      Apart from that he spent the whole year hanging around architects and designers while making his album to get inspiration and also to form an opinion and knowledge on architecture..

      • TimeChange

        Thanks 4 the info

    • Dan Karlin

      Yeah, he went to Columbia College in Chicago, a big liberal arts/design school. When I went there as a film major, I’d brag how “I go to the college Kanye won a grammy for bitching about.”

  • t

    That’s whatsup.

    I just like seeing non-typical news about Artists

  • :obamawhew:

    Ye is so dope. I appreciate he’s encouraging people to be more creative in their own endeavors.

  • eastpointvet

    when will people with iphones learn to not hold the phone upright when recording? turn it sideways so we can get full screen playback

  • GandalffTheBlack

    kanye the type of nigga to press start when you pause the game to go to the toilet