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Rather than taking it to Twitter, Tyler logged on to his tumblr and reflected on the success of his recent OF Carnival, performing his favorite “Late” with Kanye, Camp Flog Gnaw and more.

Its Been A Week Since The Carnival, Which I Have Now Realized Was The Greatest Day Of My Life. Seeing Everyone I Care About There Was Crazy. No, Thats Not Even The Part That Got Me Excited. Seeing What Some Stupid Little ideas Can Turn Into Is What Shocks Me. The Little Stupid Cats And Graphics I Made On Photo Shop Out Of Boredom On Flags And Murals; Seeing That Donut I Drew When I Was 15 On Stages And Everyones Bag; 10 Thousand People Came To A Place Called ‘Camp Flog Gnaw’, Wow. I Remember When I Came Up With That Name Summer 2011. I Never Been To Camp And In My Head, I Created A Place That I Figured Would Never Exist, But That Changed. Just Fliping The First Letters Of Wolf Gang Turned Into Its Own Separate Thing. Seeing All Different Races From Skinny To Fat To Everything All In One Place With Something In Common Was Mind Blowing. The Zipper Is My Favorite Ride In The World. Not That You Care, But That Fact That I Figured Out How To Get That Thing And Ride It For As Many Times As I Want Without Waiting In Line IS Fucking Amazing. I Have An Amazing Team With Me. No Matter How Crazy And Offensive Or Weird My Ideas Were, They Put Their Trust In Me And Allowed Me To Move Forward.Like Dude, We Threw A Fucking Carnival In The Middle Of Los Angeles With 10k Plus People. We Didnt Have Any Crazy Sponsors And I Didnt Have To Suck Up to Anyone Or Any Of That Shit, WE Did It. And The Skatepark? Did You See That Skatepark? I Was Up Till 2 Am Painting That Bitch! Growing Up In Hawthorne At The Dirty ( skatepark) And Seeing My Old Friends From There Getting Clips Was Prolly The Craziest Shit Ive Seen. How Far Ive Came With Every Little Idea that I Believed In No Matter Who Did Or Didnt. Walking Around Seeing Kids In EXACT Things That I Wear Is Mind Blowing. Something That I Just Naturally Like And Put On, Its Some Kid Out There That Studies Every Article Of Clothing That Was Put On And Emulates That. Thats Crazy To Me. I Used To Do That With P, So Know That Someone IS Looking At Me The Way I Look At Him Is Really Amazing To Me. I Didnt Think I Would Change So Many Lives. Someone Retweeted An Old Tweet Of Mine From Feb 2012 Yesterday And It Read ’ I Had A Dream That Kanye Invited Me To Perform LATE With Him. I Wish’. Kanye Came To The Carnival And I Performed Late With Him. My Favorite Song By Kanye, AN Album Cut He NEVER Does, Was Performed Not Only With But During My Set And My Carnival! No Matter if You Hate Me Think Im Stupid Untalented Annoying Or Whatever, I FUCKING WIN AND YOU CAN SUCK MY WHOLE SHIT. We Did This, OF Did This, Coming From Actually Jack Shit And Turned That Jack Shit In Something. I’m Just Blabbing Now. I Just Want Who Ever Reading This To Know That Anything Is Possible, No Matter How Crazy It May Seem, Anything IS Possible You Just Have To Figure It Out. Get Your Self Esteem Up And Like Yourself, Then Like Your Ideas. We Live In A World Where People Dont Even Like Their Own Ideas, That Why You Have People Copying One Thing Thats Working So Much, Then Everything Gets Over Saturated With The Same Shit, And That Goes With Fashion, Music And All That. If People Actually Loved Themselves And Believed In Themselves More You Know How Many More Crazy Things Would Be Created? There Is No Fucking Limit To Anything! ( Except Elevators). Its A World Of People Who Dont Give A Fuck About The Mall Or The Radio Or None Of That Shit, Who Dont Care About Race Or If Someone Is Gay Or What Not. Thats What I Was Trying To Say On That Arsenio Interview. I Prolly Came Of As An Idiot Tho. Im Really Passionate About Everything I Do. From Music To Clothing To Videos. I Love Make Videos So Much. I Just Want Some Millionaire To Throw Me Money To Be Creative And Get Shots. I Remember Kids In School Always Thought I Was Weird, Not Just Cause How I Dressed Or The Music I Liked Or That Fact I Was Just Different Overall( in comparison to them), But Because I Was So Open With Future Goals. I Would Always Say The Grammies Im Gonna Get, And The Number 1 Movie Im Going To Write And Direct, And Just Random Shit Im Gonna Do. Now Those Same Dude Who Shut Me Down Are Paying Shitty College Debt Doing Something They Hate, Because They Didnt Go Full Throttle On Their Own Dreams And Quickly Shitted On Mines. And Im Not Knocking Anyone In College, Please Get Your Education, Im Just Saying, Do What You Love And Be Happy, Dont Live For Anyone Else. I Dont Like The Color Black. I Dont Know What That Has To Do With Anything But I Like Colors, Bright Colors, Like Flowers. It Brings A Great Energy. Ok Im Just Talking Again. Its Prolly A lot Of Typos In This But Im Just Going Off Of What Ever Is Coming To My Head. This Photo Of Na-Kel Smith Skating In Front Of The GOLF Mural At The Skatepark Means So Much To Me. The World Is Yours Little Nigga, And I Mean That. They Are Them, We Are Us, Fuck Them All! OFWGKTA

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  • datguy

    tyler is the smartest in the new school

    has that same mentality kanye has

    • campfire_music

      YES!!!!! KANYE x TYLER vibe soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/reckless

  • xxx


  • HeyBuddy

    Wow. This is a Kanye rant! Lol. It’s good to see and read articles like this. I personally have not listened to any of his music, but only the nardwuar interview which is one of my favorites, but he is a funny character.

    Idk, but it seems like a lot of rappers are making their own festivals these days, the trend. Also wish kanye woulda done “gone” on his own if he remembered all the lyrics.

    Good read…

  • B.young

    I would love to hear Tyler on this Lantana “All Hustle No Luck.”

  • Neal

    Definitely the closest thing to Yeezus out the new wave of artist


  • BigJohnStuD

    This Kid is nice. I mean nice son.

  • petey wheatstraw

    i didnt like these motherfuckers at all a few years ago i thought it was juvenile sophmoric bullshit and i was going thru a phase where nothing in rap had interested me in years like how wu tang dre or kanyes first few albums etc. with that said i still dont see a lot of brilliance in some of odd futures work outside of sweatshirt earl….to me the whole shit should revolve around him hes nice like jay electronica nice…but i digress.

    the reason ive grown to respect odd future and view them as a asset in hip hop culture is because this is the closest thing to a wu tang this generation is ever gonna get. those were very special times to be a hip hop head in the mid ninties you were witnessing something special. i see the potential of what the wutang movement SHOULD have been. they had THAT cult following and same energy…if there was a festival centered around wutang back in their hey day it would have been a huge moment for hip hop and thats why i respect tyler hes juicing this moment for as much as its worth right now. his musics okay too im just starting to get into it. anyways props to these dudes man, they doin what they want in this game breaking all sorts of creative barriers while doing it.

    • Chronic

      Agree with so much if what you just said. I always knew these kids could rhyme and each had a unique flow that was nothing like anyone else in the group. I always said once they grew up a little and realized life is more than fart jokes they’d be awesome and I hope that day is coming.

  • OldManOnCampus

    Mad props to Tyler and OF and the stuff he was talking about living out your dreams I think we all need to do that