Just Blaze On Making Jay Z’s “PSA”


In & Out.

Still discussing The Black Album with Revolt TV, Just reflects on the first time he heard the sample he used for Jay’s “Public Service Announcement” and Jay recording his verses in between press runs.

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  • Ben

    Could be Jay z at his best

  • brza

    one of the best Hip Hop records of all time

  • Dashing28

    Great story. That song might be the defining song on that album. Can’t imagine Black Album without it.

    Where’s that “Looking at my S.Dot’s” record at though? If it was good enough to initially be on the Black Album it’s got to be pretty good.

  • DJCognac

    Just Blaze holla at me maaaan!

  • Cabrini Greens Finest

    Dope Just is still top 10 producers!! Now go give the drummer some!!


  • Guy Who is Not Gay

    I believe Just Blaze is gay.

  • Stories like this are so fuckin DOPE & they need to be shared with the world in a more timely fashion & on a grander scale! Every one involved in Jay-Z’s career should do interviews for a lifetime documentary before his bio movie is even thought of. #TIMELESS

  • nirusxhonda

    top 5 jay-z songs for all-time..its in my top 10 songs for all time…the drop on that joint is nuts.

  • truth

    that little boy blues “seed of love” record had everyone’s attention again because of black moon’s “stay real” which came out about a month before black album. but buck wild used it first as an intro to “point o views” on oc’s word life album.