• Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani


  • jahseeree

    So who recorded this convo like the police? SMH
    No matter how it looks, it looks like Maino is making Trinidad James apologise lool
    And I’ve got the feeling TJ will delay putting the apology out

  • Devante

    Why does Maino feel he’s the voice of NY? This nigga gets no love out in NY

    • LOL

      quick for you to say, he ain’t none of these fakes in the industry today. they don’t allow real niggas to win, and that’s apart of the reason. he ain’t the voice of NY, but at least he’s waiving the flag and sticking up for what he believes in.

      • SunnysidedownlikeSURPRISEeggs

        the dude was on an MTV reality show, ya real nigga…

        • Moe “Extra Syzzle” Syzlack

          what show?

        • LuckyP757

          so what he had a show…doesnt discredit him in any way .. the nigga wasn’t incriminating nor making himself look wild and crazy. musically he may not be top tier, but as a man in the city he’s respected and as dude said, he’s waving the flag.

          BUT i do think he felt like it was light work to jump on trinidad james. like, that shit wasn’t necessary for it to even get to this point

      • real talk

        yo people would rather support sub par weirdos like wayne,khaled,ross who are all fags and some wwf clown shit.
        get the cartoons and the weirdos outta hip hop.

        if it takes maino to stand up and make people debate then i fucks wit it.

    • PeanutHeadShawty

      the question is who actually gives a fuck bout what trinidad james gotta say hes a novelty rapper hes not an mc

    • FuckOff

      Your name is Devante so eat a dick….plus dude is stepping up for his hometown. You’re probably from Maine you clown.

  • Myke Wayne

    Maino thinks he matters, That’s funny.
    One more time, This dude is a fucking BUM.
    Fuck Maino, you give your town a bad name

  • Aaron T. Andrews

    I respect it…

  • LOL

    at least Maino sticking up for NY, where the fuck is the other rappers always claiming to be NY and they let this slide? niggas quick to say “oh he’s a bum” or “he ain’t shit” but guess what? this is bigger than that. u disrespect, u deserve a beating. these outsiders getting too comfortable, we can’t allow that anymore.

    • Trinidad James is the only nigga I see sticking up for NY rappers maino is part of the problem

  • Myke Wayne

    It’s 2013, it’s a terrorist threat. He’s getting the losers riled up and that’s whats wrong here. When or if shit hits the fan, he’ll play that entertainment or I ain’t instigate this game and he’ll be dead wrong.

  • JIG-AH

    Fuck Maino N.Y niggas SOFT…L.A niggas run y’all city wit them B’s & C’s…K.dot challenger the whole city lyrically and even mentally…Them boys scare to death to go back and forth wit them CALI boys…

    • LOL

      fuck Kendrick’s elf lookin ass, he’s lucky he’s backed by Dr. Dre & Interscope Records or else he wouldn’t be shit. L.A. is clinging to his ass because he’s young, the last nigga that blew from L.A. and got platnum plaques is The Game. L.A. just got outta that rut last year so i don’t know what the fuck u talkin bout.

      • JIG-AH

        itz funny how N.Y niggas talk that GANGSTA shit and all them niggas wanna be BLOODS & CRIPS…U don’t prove ur strength by going at the weak…# Scare Money Don’t Make No Money

        • LOL

          dawg i ain’t talkin bout the gang culture fool, i’m talkin about the being the MECCA of HIP HOP. you guys can have that gangbangin shit we don’t care for that. you disrespect our city you don’t get love out here. it’s gonna be harder for u outsiders now gettin play out here, believe dat!!

    • Watch your mouth!!!! Brooklyn & South Central are linked thru DRGNATION do the math #DRGNET #DRGWEST Where you from?? Cause we probably in your city too ..

      • JIG-AH

        As I said nigga bunch of wanna bees…Nigga check urself pussy…Online snitch ass…We don’t claim Nigga…We just BANG

        • geez

          Well if u such a banger WHY ARE YOU ON HERE?

      • Sun Zoo

        are you serious? you’re a dum fuk.

    • Kash Klay

      Aint’ that the truth… Shug and Dre proved that back in what ’94 when they pretty much said F- New York on stage at the Source awards (in NY). Nobody wants any problems with them Cali boys… I’m not even from Cali but as a spectator that’s how it looks.

  • HipHopObama

    I agree with Maino that TJ DEF took it somewhere else with that last “we can do whatever” comment, he was outta line 100%. I love rap music and hip-hop culture as much as anyone, but that said, ppl really wanna catch a charge over how some nigga opinion about music? Music?? Not ya mom. Not ya sister. Not ya wife. Music! I guess so…seems to me that energy could be much better spent in a different direction.

  • Maino, piece of advice. Respect isn’t heard, It’s seen. TJ simply made true statements about the state of hiphop in that region. Obviously it’s realer to him if he’s makin statement’s as such. You don’t care about that tho because your tapping phones for free publicity tryna g check a nigga over some shit that never concerned you this convo should have took place in a meeting and if you really adamant about your city you would include the artist that was named. Just because you go around slappin niggaz don’t make you real. What’s real to the wise? smh dumb niggaz.

    • Kash Klay

      I rarely read comments due to the amount of ignorance on the internet but I loved this reply… You could practically cut and paste your response on almost every hip-hop website period.

  • SunnysidedownlikeSURPRISEeggs

    why don’t rappers RAP anymore. What kinda thug records a phone conversation and puts it online.

  • That Guy

    Now check this out. Before calling, this dude maino pressed the “record” button, dialed TJ’s number, put whatever recording device he was using to his phone’s ear piece, and then went along with this conversation. That is a bitch-made move. Men do not publicize such conversations. Maino should be ashamed of himself for prostituting NY’s name and another’s blunder for some shine. Move out of my city dawg.

    • Sun Zoo

      shut up.

    • Only people that record phone calls is police and bitches well and niggaz who act like bitches smh fuck that nigga where was he when Wayne did it snoop Kendrick and etc diss ny lol

  • Maino still making himself look crazy because the man said in the video that it wasnt an apology….

  • Foreign luelz

    That’s mob shit. Use technology to your advantage. Both them niggaz ass cheeks so who gives a fuck what these monkeys is doing!!!

  • True talk, from both parties, media is hyping it up but at the end of the day you don’t throw ANY hate at New York IN New York , end of story

    • Jeff Eastland (FirstDirt)

      That’s real talk.

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  • Ben

    Maino wish he was pop pin like trindad ha I don’t know which of these dudes suck more. Ha

  • Ben

    Maino would die to be relevant

  • 60nio

    d-list rap star maino talikin like he relevant, as craziest as it sounds trinidad james more relevant than he is. Where was he when kendrick/control shit was poppin off, he know how to choose his battles

    • cyclone777

      Right. He did say that shit when Lil Wayne said fuck New York. Where was his flag then?? Lol.


  • ismellsyou

    I feel like a pos for listening to that. IMHO, both of em are pretty weak, musically speaking. This and then the new Kanye video got me thinkin the world is going to end soon.

  • JamesBrutonLA

    Once this is over, Maino, and a slew of other New York artist, will go back to NOT being played on New York radio.

  • Da_Truthhhhh

    Congrats you dumb ass niggas do a good Job being hostile towards each other, Congrats my niggas, you proud of killing each other over gang colors? congrats my niggas you doing a good jobe helping the KKK agenda

  • Guest

    Fuck ATL, FUCK L.A all yall citys been on suckin Nyc dick, don’t front now faggots

  • Neal

    Fuck u fake bloggin ass niggas know about GANGSTERS lmaooo, by the way ATLANTA MUSIC SUX, AND SO DOES L.A MUSIC U ONLY GOT LIL KENNY AND NIPSEY BESIDES THAT ?????? T.d.e is fuckin overrated

  • Neal
  • Mr. Keith

    I respect maino for standing up for his city and the code that should apply for every city. If trindad was in detriot, trick trick would have been on his ass. Chiraq, them global gangsters & GD’s would have approaches him. In Cali a multitude of gang members would have had an altercation with James. So I have no issue with maino stepping up and speaking his mind. The funny part is that James was quite mild mannered from all the loud mouth talking he does. There’s a code of conduct you must follow when appearing in these cities. Trindad just learned the hard way.

  • Sean Power

    look at maino try get some free promo, but on the other side that some sucker ish tape phone call and releasing that toeing the tine of snitching this what has nyc gangster rap has come haha you look even more weaker

  • GTFOH!


  • FWM

    NYC look maaaad hurt.

  • HipHopSince1975

    Maino misrepresenting the city. He’s arguing with Trinidad James about what Trinidad James said at Trinidad James show… Corny. Plus I thought Maino said he was done banging out… NYC NYC NYC. Fab running around talking about the The Great Fabsby, French Montana is repping the south trap. Hov letting yall die slow. Maino wants to hold shit down but he just can’t. NYC may be officially finished.

  • Trini

    Trinidad James shouldve blew on that nigga. Real shit. He shouldve stood behind Kendrick Lamar and Topp Dawg. “I didnt say I was the King of your city on a song my dude, I entertained my fans at my show. Period.”

  • Banga718

    Ny is da Mecca All ya others R Like Wetbacks Hopping The border Course ya getting da Job ya Work is Cheap Ders no more lyrics all der is now is good beats by Harry Fraud n ect.. (LA Is Cool Well Da people Who Rep it Not these lil internet Bangas)

  • Banga718

    All the Above
    Hi Hater
    Million bucks
    Let it Fly
    Trinidad James
    All Gold Everything
    Lol Enuff sAid bum assa nigga


    Too many people just throw the word snitch around too loosely … Snitching is when people doing dirt together & One tells on the other to save his own ass

  • Inmate

    Maino let that shit go my nigga (I was locked up with you nigga) I know you about that life…..you like freedom? let that shit gooooo!!!! Just like you said the nigga “over-talked” You should be mad at your city cause you the “only” one repping….
    See Jay-z, Busta, didn’t say nothing (Brooklyn-nites)
    H-block stand up…gravy train……pass me a soup nigga and beef/cheese stick lets chop it up…….
    Stay focus Maino don’t get off your square!

  • Sun Zoo

    when it’s all said and done… the next time TJ performs in New York someone will go at him while on stage. Just to get a rep.

  • areal1

    Damn thats some police shit

  • TimeChange

    i dont fuck with maino But Maino’s applyin pressure on TJ, you can hear Maino sonning him in the audio. That says it all. TJ dont want it,if so he would be wildin out on some Pac shit in that convo.
    TJ didnt lie tho,he just shouldnt of said that last bit.

  • brollya

    bra u suburb niggaz need to shut the fuck up…… ya not in the street…. dats how niggaz do…. wen shit get disrespectful, u go see the nigga or u call em…. u dont run on facebook and twitter and if u do run on twitter, u go to that man face to face or a phone call and address it…. not lik u corny ass internet dudes who make fake ass pages and twit all day bout a nigga across the world but want hurt a nigga talkin shit to u in ya own neighborhood.. u niggaz talk all dat shit high on them mollys and lean and pop all dat shit and thinkin u superman til u get knocked the fuck out or wake up in the mornin and regret wat u say……. put that heat on trinidad lame maino…..

  • rap2day

    Main is one of the known NYC rappers who was doing atl snap music. His main song was a t pain special. Fake outrage!

  • LiveWire

    maino is a joke. old ass punk. he fuck around and get his ass whooped.

  • PaperTags

    All the PANs getting uncomfortable with the tension lol. Maino the ONLY NY dude standing up and putting his foot down. All your “relevant” rappers from NY… where they at? How come they not saying nothing? If it wasn’t for Maino this shit would continue on forever. But I promise yall, no one will ever disrespect NY in NY again while Maino around. No one! He getting us our respect back.

  • Abe6772

    yet, when K-dot did it this dude was NO WHERE to be found

  • Urexellence

    At least he stood up for yalls city. You didn’t DEVANTE! You got some weird, clown type saying they run your city and YOU didn’t say a thing. So, if your from NY, DEVANTE, and YOU disagree on what MAINO did, you should probably shut up.

  • Naz

    Maino is WHACK … Trinidad is WHACK…this little “beef” is WHACK! Even though Trinidad spoke the truth niggas acting like Trinidad bout to have niggas saying fuck NY. Stuff like this is exactly why hip hop is where it’s at now. These rappers try so hard to put they street cred into this hip hop world instead of keeping it in the streets! If you wanna be a street nigga then stay in the streets!

  • knockcangetit

    Maino may be playing this smart from a marketing perspective. I’m in Cali and I never heard of this dude until this whole situation came up. I still haven’t heard any of his music but at least I know who he is now. I guess that’s something, right?

  • C’mon Son

    maino is a bum…this nigga is not the NY spokesperson on any platform… Hand the phone to Jay or nas you bum ass nigga

  • WayneLamar

    nobody said shit to kendrick tho

  • Champo PhD

    And now for a very important segue

  • geez

    Nas BEEN stepped up about this issue….YEARS AGO. He spoke on it on hip-hop is dead, he spoke on it on streets disciple. Ahead of his time, and niggas got mad at nas. Now everybody wanna cry about the state of hip hop. Well, yall keep supporting and buying that bullshit so deal wit it.