New Music: Fat Trel “She Fell In Love”

she fell in love

Murder She Wrote.

D.C.’s Fat Trel recently signed with MMG. And for his first release, he’s bringing that gangsta love produced by Izze The Producer. Dope, boy.

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  • 123

    someone said this is one of two new “signings” to mmg………..gave it a listen and real talk this aint it. mmg in danger of loosing any buzz they have left..if any.

    when u over saturate the market with the same music for along time people get bored and move on…….this is that time now for mmg.

    ross and his crew never turned out to be the superstars the blogs and media wanted everyone to believe as the number of people at their shows and album sales would show.

    real talk i hope that other nigga got something cuz this aint it.
    heard it before,nothing new……..same old shit.

    when your run is over and your brand is falling off dont try and revive it with sup par music and another nigga who aint even better than the niggas on the shelf u already got.

    real talk.

    • michael

      obviously havent heard of rockie fresh and gunplay bro.

  • @hiphopEless

    Garbage .on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d say -25


  • @hiphopEless

    No I was wrong …. about -46

  • Pearl

    #SBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSB Stop fucking hating! Respect someone putting on for their city. Trel’s been grinding for a minute and actually can spit. Just watch. It’s real out here for the internet thugs haha. #SBSB Salute

    • @hiphopEless

      If he can spit then what was that!?!??

  • @HiphopEless

    You’re delusional Wale has DC on lock this guy Trel won’t reach his levels. And if Trel can really spit then what the fuck was that?????

    • 1

      ross fell off and meeks buzz is zero[philly maybe a little]. only wale doing something.
      this nigga joining a sinking ship. ask rockie fresh and stalley.

      nobody wants to hear another selfmade tape. the last 3 was enough,

    • polopolo1

      God forbid the mmg empire falls, i feel like wale will be the only one who will be ok. im willing to bet his next album will go platinum, its a crazy concept i feel like it will be a game changer. shout out moco shout out pg shout out dc

      • @hiphopEless

        Ross has timeless music, records like maybach music 1, 2, 3 and 4 are classics

  • J boogie

    Cool record even though it sounds like a ross leftover

  • Yacht

    Fat Gleesh! It’s your turn.Why not too many rappers scared to be them self. I Respect it.

  • Killmo

    Slutty Boy Shit Bitch! Someone tell @hiphopEless to shut the fuck up! #aprilfools #nightmareonestreet #sdmg all crank! If you can’t relate it’s not for you, but why talk shit??? Salute Trel! Proud moment for a DC nigga.

  • Killmo

    Only a outsider would say Wale has DC on lock!!! Speak on what you know. Love to Le tho.

    • polopolo1

      Nobody will ever have dc on lock I know alotta places be hatin but dc hate is soo strong. Y’all niggas hate on all your artists wale, phil ade, logic, fat trel and I know they aren’t all from dc but from my understanding they are at least from Maryland suburbs that surround dc. If y’all ain’t hate so much y’all might have been able to get gogo poppin nationally

  • @HiphopEless

    Killmo I agree it a proud moment for DC only let’s be honest that wasn’t up to MMG standard. I hope fat trel has something else because I am an MMG fan but that as a first single wasn’t up to scratch the comments will show you. Nobody is hatin, the record wasn’t lyrical or even catchy

    Fuck you Killmo 🙂

    Kind Regards @HiphopEless

  • Neal
  • LiveWire

    shit sound weak.

  • Viva La Raza

    “I fuck her like a real nigga”

    word, good to know..thanks G. Not what im trying to hear on repeat.

    6 out of 10

    get your bars up homeboy, not bad but def not good. Sounds like a Ross leftover.

  • KayandGee

    that beat hardd

  • Andrei

    This shit is fantastic, I don’t understand the hate

  • levii501

    The reason yall dont like the song is because yall cant relate..this is for real ninjas only. If u bout that life …do yo thang home boi…chiraq checkin in