• Geez

    Dope. Koopa always comes with the heat..

  • H-tinee m/

    Screwed & Chopped

  • ChamilitarySgt

    Just had a debate. Whose iller Chamillionaire or Jesse Heavyweight? I just got put on to Jesse but Chamil has been doing it underground for years.

    • KC

      are you talking about “Jesse Is Heavyweight”? if so that dude is beyond trash…Koop is like Jay Z compared to him lol!… Cham is cool, liked him better when he was underground with Color Changin Click. His music after his major deal has all been horrible.

  • DJ

    King Koopa reigns supreme!!!

  • BillyBobJohn

    album is dope

  • Mt

    where’s Paul wall on this? the 2nd person on this song sounds like Boston George.

  • Julius Green

    i like this.

    • monkie

      Don’t forget macktoons aka monkie mike the next drank baby. R.I.P Big Moe