New Video: Kanye West “Bound 2”


Bike Love.

Alongside his fiance Kim Kardashian, Kanye escapes to the Grand Canyon for his brand new video. Directed by Nick Knight, the clip was premiered during Kanye’s visit to Ellen yesterday. Yeezus in stores now.

During his chat with Ellen, Kanye speaks on proposing to Kim, future wedding, fatherhood and more.

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  • Respect

    wasn’t feelin this at all, kim bad as shit though

  • GandalffTheBlack

    lol looked like ye was fuckin the shit out her in that vid

  • Hussle

    Did he really just make a Kim Kardashian video??? LOL this nigga…

  • SMDH

    the only good song on this album and he ruins it with a video like this. smh

    • Justin Time

      Yo I was just thinking the same thing. He put this dope song as the last track on this crappy album and then come thru with this horrible video smh

      • heez

        Man that pussy must be lined in gold and unreleased dilla beats this cat is ruining his brand broad was just as bad of an actress as in her porn video

      • @OneManBeats

        Cats will do a video, we look at it and say this shit dont fit the song. Then when you see them in an interview they give you this whole artistic bullshit. if its wack its wack try again.

    • riccardo

      THIS was the only GOOD song on the album???? I can’t imagine how bad that makes the rest of it!

    • Britney

      I think this guy released my beautiful dark twisted fantasy after his mom died.

    • TonyHill

      Wow Is there another human being on the planet with an ass that big?

  • North West


  • YallJustHatinOnKanyeCuzUSuck

    im feelin it. only because there was some type of artistry in this video. Its different and feels kinda real in some way, Kim lookin good too.

    • LMAO waagagagagagagagaga… what artistry ???.
      Kanye West fans pls stop, just stop, no artistry what so ever here.

      • Trinity

        Siy, the only way Kanye could sell his crap is to people who think CRAP is Artistry and have a few bucks and an ITues acct., I mean come on, really. The is no other reasonable explanation.

  • hahaha

    hahaha I love how cheesy and terrible this is

  • Dashing28

    Let’s be real. This was some budget green screen shit. Horses running and shit? WTF? And the lyrics aren’t nearly as romantic as the video images seem to suggest. Yeah, Kim looks good, but this is a terrible video. But I can’t say I’m surprised that Ye took the 2 most listenable songs on the album and made 2 really bad videos.

  • Wacklemore

    Cornball makes a Hallmark card style video with a porn star he wifed. Wow,

    • He’s on the Rock Star shit B

  • Video looks like something I’d come across on cable access TV. You can barely even see Kim K. Hell, might as well have put Ellen in the video.

    • riccardo

      Maybe Ellen could re-write the song too

  • Word

    Terrible video, but I know Kanye fans will eat this shit up like teriyaki. Classic, genius, look at the way Kim Kardashian is positioned through the video. Only Kanye can do that!

  • jobie

    i expected a traditional video, but shouldve known better. dude is crazy hhahha great song

  • Ason Frio

    is this ye’s version of a sex tape with kim? some softcore porn with a little green screen action to keep you occupied when you’re tired of lookin at kim’s one expression

    • Art1

      That is a very interesting point of view! The video was shot in a cult film kind of way. Very Quentin Tarantino like…

  • Fistacuffs

    Wow. I thought you guys were all exaggerating. But nope, this video is garbage.

  • tmb

    song’s about her, so why the hell wouldn’t the video be centered around her lol. just like when kanye was gonna make a vid for blame game but when amber rose said she wouldnt be in it he didnt make it

    • tmb

      this probably is one of his least interesting videos though

  • LOL

    both are desperate for attention with this one.

  • NativeKing


  • Leo

    how can i embed these videos to wordpress? 🙁

  • NAs

    This is better than the blakkk skkkinhead video….kanye doesnt give a fuck yall know that

  • JP

    Oh Ye, we all love you and we all agree you’ve built a legacy and your spot in the Hip-Hop Hall Of Fame is waiting for you but damn, you’ve gone and lost your mind. I hope you find it soon, “Hola we want pre-nup, we want pre-nup yeahhh” because damn, its something that you need to have.

    • Shell

      As soon as the vid started playing, I thought it was a joke. Then when I realized it wasn’t I felt real bad for Kanye. The video was horrible and so was the song. Im not sure why he has any fans at all. I think this is a case where a person gets such a big head and has so much money, no one has the balls to tell him that he sucks. I think most people just take his money and run. I would tell him he is great all day long as long as the money kept coming my way. YEAH I SAID IT !!

      • Sam Robilotta

        why he has fans at all? lol ok

      • Tootypoots

        Exactly! I thought it was a joke too. Him on the bike in front of the green screen looked so fake!,

  • 1chukc

    Who.cares about the video the songs what matters. Yall niggas wanted some wrecking ball shit or.what? Tafuck outa here bitching about a vid.

  • Alex

    Horrible video. Horrible. I thought this was gonna be something like the International Players Anthem video. Nope.

  • Heybuddy

    It’s a Kanye video… You either love it or it’s weird… Haha
    But side bar… Kim makes just some of the most weird awkward faces during this video. She is definetly not video vixen worthy just yet. But she fine tho.

  • rell250

    Peep Kanye’s facial expressions toward the ends of these videos. OH SHIT LMAO

  • MrSkeezyMak

    All this vid needs is that scene from Forrest Gump where he is running down the mountain road and all those people are following him.


    These visuals are BORING. zZzZzZz Song > video.

  • titus tucker

    If you don’t understand minimalism, you can’t appreciate it.. Opinions are just that tho.. I ain’t a mad stan.. lol

    • Furious Styles

      Out shut up. This was just a BS Video. Move on.

  • FerociousLionsOrg

    this video is dope, you all are gay im guessing

    • Trinity

      and you are high !! and probably gay too. Did you like the running horses the best or the babbling brook, or the babbling Kanye?

      • FerociousLionsOrg

        nah I liked when kim k was layed out on the bike my friend. I might be high but atleast im not a homo like you.

  • Video shot at the same studio used for the movie Broke Back Mountain lmao.

    One thing they definitely have in common is their bad acting skills.

    Trash video.


  • wowserz


  • Daddy D

    Kanye always wants to talk about how creative he is but then puts this basic ass video out.

  • brza

    lol she said “you’re a lot”

  • Amber is a much better video. LOL

  • Dev

    lmaooo Great Video Ye…seriously!

  • Guy Who is Not Gay

    Kanye West has very homosexual tendencies. He is gay.

  • ShatteredWorld

    It started out pretty nice and was already better than the Black Skinhead. But after those first 30 seconds, it all went to shit.

  • RoastedRay

    Lmao I could make a better video on my fuckin cell phone and I could still manage to find a badder bitch.

  • Matt

    word this is the best song and he knows it

  • itdontmatter

    i don’t know what has happen to this dude… maybe staying in paris to much.. f’ing this kim k whore or whatever but his music n everything he does sucks… dumb ass video … n he minds well change his last name to Kardashian …

  • Yacht

    Um… Mmmm… Nah I don’t think this is the one. My fav song off album too. I guess I’ll get over it. Damn.

  • Innovative and not a mainstream rap video that every other artist in the game is throwing out there, i like it , legendary shit

  • ColeBlooded

    This shit is not innovative nor genius. Its a soft porn video with a porn star that had his baby. Kanye stans give it up. Dude fell off. It was fun while it lasted.

  • #1Nigger

    Why ain’t this number 1 on the video chart Elliott?

  • yorapper

    The beginning of the vid was next level crazy and then progressively got more meh as it went on.

  • inthestudyo

    Idk about this video. i watched it several times to try and gage with Kanye and his vision. but nothing. It reminds me of the opening credits to a new soap opera or etc. It looks corny and done last minute and rushed. I love the record but not a fan of the video

  • Abe6772

    i feek like kim k had more facetime then kanye did lol

  • Otis Thelonius

    I could have just did with a basic video of him shooting concert footage instead of “The Chronicles of Narnia”/”The Horse Whisperer” with a “Mad Max”/”Easy Rider” twist.

  • PeanutHeadShawty

    remember who hit it first kanye

  • westside

    Gay fish ft Gold digger ========> pure garbage and video of all time

  • westside

    pure garbage and worst video of all time

  • Aerial Belvedere
  • BloodCarter

    Can you say garbage…he is quickly falling off and I’m happy for that. The video sucks ass…And this non acting bubble head self..stick to fashion Kim…Both are you are dry and desperate for attention that’s the purpose of this wack ass play hard like you a bad boy when you just a soft bi-polar dude…i will be so glad when the world hit delete on your ass..

  • ally

    Does the body double for Kim come out in Bound 3?

    • ally

      sorry shouldn’t have used the phrase “come out” when referring to Kanye. “She” still in da closet with her givenchy.

  • lm

    hhaa!! stupid song and stupid video

  • Anthony Monarrez

    You all see Kim’s hair blowing the wrong way when Ye is driving forward? lol

  • Guest

    Is there another human being on the planet with an ass that big?

  • pc raptor

    Retweet if you have a dog! Microphonixxx – The Imaginary Ladder: via @youtube— Microphonixxx (@zaid1) November 10, 2013

  • crayzee

    look how he changed… i’m not a hater but somebody told him to act on this show… c’mon kanyeeee….

  • PeanutHeadShawty

    Kims pussy

  • John Jay

    Long live Kanye!!!!
    Pushing the enveloppe

  • CHS

    Worst song and worst video I’ve seen in a long, long time! How is he making money with this garbage? Oh yeah….his herd of sheep that follow him ’cause they mistakenly think its cool. Blarrrgh!

  • WS

    Is it me, or does this guy have zero flow?! He’s almost trippin over his words and then adds that sh*tty and annoying, with no place in the song “uh huh honey”. Wow… there is no way to suck any more than the combo of that video and song! The absolute Worst! I will never buy anything associated with this guy, and hopefully I can switch channels fast enough so I don’t have to listen to his so called “music” ever again. (Kanye loves himself enough anyway…. so no one else needs to)