TV One’s Unsung: Geto Boys

geto boys

H-Town Down.

As one of the most influential Hip Hop groups, TV One follows the Geto Boys rise to fame in their latest installment of Unsung. Commentary includes members of the group including original member Prince Johnny C.

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  • TexasBoy713

    Texas is the most underrated place for dope MCs. Geto Boys, UGK, SUC, Rally Boys, If it wasnt for SwishaHouse Houston wouldnt have never blew up. Dallas is even worse off. They last hope is Jesse Is Heavyweight he is one of the few who does more than club songs.

  • TrillOG

    Texas will be fine. With or without the mainstream! S/O to Lil Twist though

  • NYCityG

    Nobody doing nothing today. smdh. what happened to def jam south? bush wick still on coke and all these niggas was arrested in the last 3 years. Ghetto Boys indeed.

  • Mga-Czar

    trust me Dallas is going to be the epicenter of hiphop in the south real soon and not with bullshyt dancing songs but true skill ….5A

  • bSwails212

    did not expect to see Jesse Heavyweight name in the comments. salute bruh!

  • TA

    HTOWN stand up. Geto boys never get their due respect in hip hop like the other southern hip hop groups IMO

  • RIV

    S/o to Houston….come check out my new music video “The Good Die Young 2K13” in 720/1080p HD:


    1987 I was there. Shout out to Bido, Ready Redd, Lil Troy , Scarface, Bushwick Bill, The Prince Johnny C, Juke Box, My Brother Raheem The Vigilante who was left out of this documentary a brother Who was Houston’s 50 Cent before there was a 50 Cent dissing NY Artist because they would not give us respect. Shout out to Choice, Les Money, The Royal Flush, Def IV Rest In peace Lonny Mac. Shakim and the whole Vigilante Posse. Troy T aka Dj Def the Creator of Power Players Magazine Houston TX circa 1987 @powerplayersmagcom:disqus

  • monkie mike aka macktoons

    Young Hogg aka monkie is in the building.The Geto Boys of the eighties was and still is the shit,and can’t and Aint nobody fucking with that.So all you new boots need to respect y’all elders.Big UPS to the whole RAP-A-LOT COMPOND.R.I.P DJ SCREW. S.U.C FOR LIFE