Eminem ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’ Goes Platinum

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Record Timing.

It only took 14 days, but Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 has crossed the one million mark. With Jay Z and Drake leading the way, this makes only the third rap release this year to go platinum. Congrats!

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  • Coroner


  • PeanutHeadShawty

    em will never lose.. fact

    • Snake

      yea, he wont. he has all of white america supporting him

      • Shipwreckdakota

        Hahahaha, he won’t lose cause white America? Or because he spits faster than a fucking ak47?

        • Snake

          not BECAUSE of that, but he does have the masses of all of white america’s support! lol. and faster than an AK? slap yourself! Tech N9ne owns the game with his rapid fire on point flow. aint nobody in the game got a flow like Tech’s!

          • EV

            Uhh, how about Crooked i, Tech N9ne & Em on a track…

          • Snake’s a faggot.

            Are you aware that Tech has said eminem is the best rapper alive? Is Tech white? I forget. Your favourite rapper just shit on your theory.

          • mbounce88

            Tech is a good rapper, but most of his recent shit is garbage.. Nothing like anghellic or absolute power.. I’m not saying he didn’t have good or decent albums after these, but a lot of his music now is watered down garbage with that crap friend of his singing hooks.. Eminem constantly has put out good records, besides maybe encore.. Even that wasn’t bad

      • PeanutHeadShawty

        theres always 1 bringin the white argument into it em is dope as fuck wether blacks or whites support him

  • Nickey Negrito

    That’s not even impressive. It’s just automatic.

    • Mikael Boberg

      Dafuq? Are you serious?

    • Word

      Agreed to an extent. GKMC still reigns above all other albums in the last year, and with a platinum plaque to go with it. Agreed with the assessment of Em lyrically over Jay, but I think they’re closer musically than ppl think. Either way, the new generation like Kendrick and Drake really put out great albums. Out of the legends, Em’s album is my personal favorite.

      • Snake

        HOW DARE YOU ALL SECOND PLACE THE GREAT HOVA’S CLASSIC PIECE OF HISTORY THAT WAS RELEASED THIS YEAR. Fuck mediocre Kendrick. I should’ve thrown my beer at him at the Staples center at the Yeezus tour and told him to shut the fuck up

    • LOL

      bahahahahahaha, Kendrick ain’t touchin Eminem lyrically or globally. Em has limitations and he can still turn up. be grateful he put out some hip hop this year, along with Jay-Z. Kendrick gettin all these passes for nothing, like he the second coming of jesus or somethin.

      • mbounce88

        Kendrick needs to release a GREAT cd first.. maad city was decent..

    • Dashing28

      Just because it’s automatice doesn’t mean it’s not impressive.
      Once he hangs it up, and no one else(white or black) replicates what Eminem did, people will go “Wow. That was really some shit.”

    • Respect

      Drake nd Jay dont “musically” kill em, shut that shit up

      • Snake

        for real, just Jay

        • tlox

          just Drake

        • Respect

          Are we talking the albums they just put out or career wise?

          • Snake

            Life in general

  • Dashing28

    Has Em ever not gone platinum?

    • Word

      Infinite? And I dont know if the Bad Meets Evil album ever went plat.

      • Dashing28

        Yeah, of course Infinite, but Bad meets Evil doesn’t really count since it’s a duo album. I wouldn’t include the D12 albums either.
        But since he’s been on a major label I don’t think he (as a solo artist) has ever not gone platinum. Even with those garbage albums (Encore anyone?).

        • Shipwreckdakota

          Encore went more than double plat I believe. It’s not even that bad of an album… I like all Ems albums. They all have gems.

        • Waboodidoba

          Encore did 1.5m in first week

      • mbounce88

        Nah just gold, but single lighters went 2* plat.. CD was good , guess people were satisfied with the burnt copy..

  • MrDope

    Yup, standard.

  • Word

    Not to start a war or anything but, two weeks plat for Em, month and half for Drake. Both great albums though. Shows that Em isn’t as outdated and irrelevant as people thought since he’s still outselling the younger cats.

    • tlox

      Drake is the 2nd fastest to go platinum this year in hip hop and 3rd in ALL GENRE…

      • Word

        Thanks, SECOND fastest. Second to the dude I just mentioned. I don’t get what you were trying to say.

    • mbounce88

      Damn why so many people on Drake nuts? i can see if its chicks, but his newest cd is garbage.. Even 2 chainz better then drake.. every time I see drake I get the picture of him in wheel chair in degrassi..

  • Hussle

    Shit will go 3x plat

  • JMcL

    just 9 mill left lmao

  • jumpdmc

    It already did 1.2 mill it’s first week worldwide


  • Luciano

    The album is going to go EMERALD!

  • Yo !

    White talented rappers will always sell more than black talented rappers, some people just buy a rap album when it’s a white dude #FactsOnly

  • tlox

    Drake has still broken records that Em hasn’t this year in the UK and in north America for digtial sales he broke record not for this year but for all time so ppl should stop talkin shit just Congratulate your guy and move on


    people bringing the white argument should shut up!! please mention another white rapper that has gone platinum? dont mention macklemore pls or ill bust a cap in your ass!!

  • brza

    you either like him or you don’t but put it this way Em released a record called “Rap God” and not a single “rapper” challenged that. I may not have purchased an Em album since MMLP but when it comes to lyrics Em numero uno. with that being said I’d rather listen to Jay at any given time but I’ll always respect the fact that nobody writes like Em

  • brza

    lol @ people STILL discussing the color of his skin smh it’s almost 2014 people get over it

  • nachit


  • Billow Baggins

    Anyone notice Eminem is the only artist that gets more than a few comments…. typical.

  • Lil dro

    Just because someone sells more albums doesn’t mean shit to their status as being the best. Em has had solid albums with consistent lyrical and story line based songs that hasn’t been done in the way he does since big l. Jay z isn’t even close to as good as you’re making him, he had 3 or 4 solid albums, blue print being one and Eminem murdered him on his own shit. Nas ruined jay, he’s a fag.. Kendrick and drake are terrible I will give Kendrick the shock factor he does surprise me, but he’s average. They’re also girl based rappers which is why they get so many sales, not because they are good. Em big l nas tupac and biggie are the best rappers to ever step foot on this earth.