Jay Z Signs Jeezy To Roc Nation


Snow Business.

This comes as a shocker, but this afternoon, Jay Z’s Life + Times announced that Jeezy has joined Roc Nation in a management partnership deal. CTE x Roc Nation x It’s Tha World!!

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  • NIGGA. Shit about to get so real on this next Jeezy LP. Roley watch, 2 pots & 3 scales as the cover! Fuck with MY vision! #ROCNATION #TIMELESS

  • MainoLoses

    Jay-z gettin desperate in that race with Puff to a billi Ha!

    • Shipwreckdakota

      Desperate? If Jeezy is desperate then you got shit all fucked up. Jay just signed a hot ass artist. Respect to Puff, but Jay making big moves…

  • D Nic

    Should’ve happened years ago, Jeezy belongs with Hov and the Roc

    • cte


  • DJCognac

    its the Roc! U BASTARDS!

  • majormar

    Jeezy keeps proving he not a boss. He should have done this after thug motovation if thats da case. He hustling backwards

    • Yep. And ain’t do sh^t for Freddie Gibbs

    • Terence G 

      Jay Z is worth more than Lyor Cohen! Lyor is Ross Boss! Smh good move snow!

      • x

        Don’t get shyt phucked up Lyor got more bread than Hov. Do your research

        • Terence G 

          You slow! Lol DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!

        • Terence G 

          Jeezy sits down with another street nigga to get more money! Lol Jeezy and Jay about to shake the game up

        • B

          no he doesnt? lyor 75 mil, hov 500 mil… dumbass
          do your research little terence D-

  • 7thEmerson

    I hope Jeezy’s career gets that momentum back with this.

  • OldManOnCampus

    I wonder if Jeezy’s album will be released before jay electronica’s. 2 j cole albums and no electronica…wtf!!!

  • inthestudyo

    Hopefully he is singing to Roc Nation and leaving Def Jam.

  • Observer

    Hov about to get hit by the Federal Trade Commisssion and US Dept of Justice on some antitrust law shit… Like damn nigga you eating too much and the game is no longer competitive lol…

  • areal1

    I Fuck with snow heavy but DAMN how you a boss signing under hov smfh boss ya life up jeezy fo real

  • PeanutHeadShawty

  • realdeal

    ross makes jeezy look like q pipsqueak

    • nigel

      lol ross signed under Atlantic stop it

    • Hannibal Lecture

      Ross and his crew can put all their record sells together and still couldnt add up to TM 101.

  • TimeChange

    Just because you want to be a Boss,doesnt mean you have what it takes to be a Boss. I fucks wit Jeez,but he aint no Boss.

  • CTE

    Salute..power move!

  • Fraud MMG

    Ross Stans upset. .lmao

  • This is definitely a power move for both sides of the equation. For one, we never know what to expect from Hov. This can lead to major changes, and possible collabs on Jeezy’s upcoming release.

  • bronxbillyunz

    Everybody gotta boss including Jay – Doin business w/ HOV is always the right move. Mike Bloomberg made over 10 million dollars a day in 2009. Ya favorite rapper made 6 million for the year in 2013. And then there’s ur pockets!! There’s levels to this shit….

  • Jacob

    Yo what are y’all takin bout? Jeezy last album did better than Ross first week…he’s featured on like 4 or 5 hit singles this year alone! I’m sure this wasn’t a move in desperation just better partnership!

    • RealityOverIndustry

      aye Jacob..they gonna hate Jeezy regardless..they just started listening to trap music when ross dropped BMF album..meanwhile Jeezy albums go platinum and Ross doesn’t have one…smh..

  • eyon1770

    You can tell who the dumb niggas is…how is partnering with Hov a bad move exactly??This shit is Deeper than Rap…Ross told you that!


    How dafuq is this a shocker? Didn’t Hov sign him to Def Jam round 04-05?

  • Terence G 

    They are Partnering on a management deal they both will gain on this! Jeezy got them lames nervous!

  • disqus_EeYK71lzzB

    This is another example that the South run New York! You lames blaming Trinidad, blame yourself. Jay-Z co-signed the take over. Damn!

    • @hiphopEless

      Fuck your comment nigga nobody taking over New York

  • kate

    Nice to see Jay Z give someone who really needs a break and a foot in the door some support. http://kwn.me/mqu1

  • anon

    i am so glad i found this website updated articles new music and its troll free!! i couldn’t ask for more! good move from jeezy go where the moneys at

  • Emmy

    Yessss! I love this!!! Great idea HOV!

  • Neal

    Power moves for both parties involved. Congrats.

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  • mas

    Who gives a Fuck lol. Jeezy goin to Roc Nation aint puttin no money in my pocket.

  • This move will be good for Jeezy. I feel like they haven’t been supporting Jeezy like that since he first started trying to drop TM 103. They were definitely letting his career slip thru the cracks but he was resilient enough to keep pushing and keep his name known. This could breathe new life into his movement. He can turn the corner now and start being a motivational speaker for everybody, not just the streets or just Atlanta. Roc Nation is a great pedestal

  • PeanutHeadShawty


  • GreenBergs

    But what happened to jeezy being the vice president of a & r at atlantic records?

  • southernhayze
  • Jayde da Blade

    They look so happy to be working with each other. I mean I see the enthusiasm all over their pretty faces.