New Music: Master P x Rick Ross “Two Three”



Michael Jordan has another song to add to his legacy. And this time, it comes from Master P and Rick Ross. The track is more Sam Bowie than anything, and will appear on his albumĀ The Gift dropping on December 6th.

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  • majormar

    Trash nd I rock wit ross nd master p

    • Derek Leblanc

      Then you rockin with the wrong one must not Be Talking bout the same Legend No Limit Forever Master P. That I’m Talking Bout cause Ross is garbage 2 Me Ya Heard Me Ugh

  • yo

    man this nigga ross wanna sit down somewhere coz that nigga getting played out.
    feel like i heard this shit for 5 years straight.
    u can keep this garbage.
    ross u falling off . and them new signings aint it either.

    mmg brand is dying. 4 years of the same music shit getting played out.

    • Underyoskin Ashford

      Boi bye

  • Underyoskin Ashford


    • Derek Leblanc

      Mane P. Is Back On Top. Don’t Hate He’s A Legend Hommie No Limit Forever Ya Heard Me 225 Duffy & Dumb We re- Tawded for real.

  • disqus_EeYK71lzzB

    Was this part of the Fat Trel signing to MMG? Master P gets 16 bars of bullshit! Don’t fuck up the brand homie.

    • Derek Leblanc

      Mane you must ain’t heard Master P’s New Album The Gift That Bitch Going Hard from start 2 Finish real Reconize real.



    • Derek Leblanc

      Hells yea All No Limit Forever New Stuff Going Hard I’m Riding With This Tank Till My Death Date.

  • Derek Leblanc

    Master P. Glad You And Eminem are Finally back To Join My Lil brother Kevin Gates and Boosie(touching down in a few more days)as Some Of The Few Last Lyrical Real Rappers Left On This Earth. For A Couple Of Years Now The Rap Game Has Fallin victim To Garbage With Hooks And No Lyrical Content. Finally Getting Back To Where It’s Supposed To Be At. In 2014 mark My Every word it’s gonna be all About No Limit Forever,BadAzz Entertainment,& Bread Winners Assotiation,Shady/Aftermath Entertainment. Real Reconize Real.