Zane Lowe Interviews Eminem

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Shady Conversation.

Eminem was back across the pond last week and stopped by Zane Lowe’s spot for another sit down. In the first of his four part interview, Em spoke on his approach on The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Part 2: Em talks about dealing with crossover success and fame.  

Part 3: Em discusses more tracks and leftover songs.

Part 4: Fin.

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  • wwe


  • MyOpinionMeansMoreThanYours

    Good interview. Elliott gotta be mad and embarrassed. We all know he asked Paul for a favour but Em said no. Ha Respect

    • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani


  • EminemHipHopsLegend

    Great interview .. Really !! LOL Love Eminem Such a great artist !! Rap God !!

  • Hussle

    King Mathers. Can’t wait for part 2!!!

  • Ridalen

    I love eminem but I hate his fans

    • Crespo

      if u love Em that means u are a fan too so u hate yourself right? try proof reading before commenting.

      • Fistacuffs

        Hmm. Maybe you should take your own advice. U is not a word. Sentences begin with capitals.

        • Crespo

          U understand what abbreviation means? U for You

          • Fistacuffs

            You isn’t a word you abbreviate. Maybe if you’re texting.

  • Donn

    I guess going in I shouldn’t have expected the level of interview Kanye had. But I just was trying to get something new and hear alot of emotion and details but all I got was Uhhhh and ummmm, and Yeaaaaa. Its weird how the greatest lyricists in the world can say so much on a mic but not articulate themselves in real life. Hope Part II has more in depth dialogue. This was like a How’s the weather conversation

  • Chronic

    Kanye came off crazy because of what he said…em comes off as insane just by looking at him

  • JMcL

    ems just thinkin let me get outta here

  • Word

    I can’t lie, Em is a dry kinda dude with interviews. Very dry. But, he’s sorta anti social at the same time though. I know a dude just like him that articulates his thoughts poorly but is the smartest guy I know. Em seemed to get comfortable towards the end so hopefully the next part will be better. Zane Lowe has such energy and enthusiasm but Em isn’t throwing the same thing back.

    • The Real Gucci Mane bruh


    • PeanutHeadShawty

      thats because em doesnt say crazy shit like kanye so it makes for a less entertaining interview but i know what u mean he doesnt have much to say in interviews but alot on the mic i think some rappers need to start doin the same lol

  • fafalean

    old slim

  • Delete the hooks And The Album is dope.

  • Stan isn’t Dead Canibus Saved him.

  • TImeChange

    The Goat’s goat

  • DJCognac

    dont sleep on MMLP2 its fire.

  • JMcL

    ems a great rapper but horrible interviewer

  • Guy Who is Not Gay

    I think Eminem is gay.

  • sdkjf

    Zanes annoying af. Yea he knows his shit but does he have to cut off every artist and try to summarize their ideas for them. let the dude speak

  • shayden2kz

    okay first to all who iare comparing kanye interview to Em interview as EM stated himself he is not an attention seeker as a person his music speaks for him Kanye West however likes to speak more the n his music does he wants to get attention so of course you can’t compare the interviews also we know Em hasnt been in the public eye a lot last few years we all know heis socially awkward so fucking get over it if you listen to what he has to say then you get the insight you want if not then keep it moving

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Getting deeper! You can tell Zane is really getting deep into his psyche. It would be great if the Kanye interview got this deep 🙂

  • M&M

  • Mega


  • bounce it

    LOVE IT. Eminem is GOD. the GOAT.

  • bounce it


  • brza

    sometimes he just cuts him off be fore he’s finished answering the question

  • Billow Baggins
  • Kush_Dean

    his eyes are all dilated…he’s fucked up lol

  • 11.2.11

    Eminem is speaking to a Fake employee in this photograph.

  • Ten

    The dude in front of em is fired.