Childish Gambino Debuts “The Crawl” In TX


Turn Up.

As Childish Gambino’s because the internet‘s release nears, he’s performing across the nation and premiered a new track off the album last night at the College Station. He previews “Telegraph Ave” with the LA Learks at the 5:40 mark below.



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  • The wise

    Get this fagget the fuck outtta here nobodys checkin for this bull shitt so many wack fuckin no names in rap now a days

    • Bibby

      You Really don’t think this guy can rap… are you mad that he can be him self and you stuck pump faking behind those keys …Hip Hop don’t Know you!

  • jhdiplomaticpower


  • Dream Koala

    childish gambino is DOPE.

  • Roly
  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Every new gambino interview this dude drops gems. Not just musically, he’s good for the system

  • Billow Baggins
  • Jerry

    I fuck with this. Excited for the album to drop.