Eminem Performs At BBC Radio 1

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 6.44.18 PM

Turn The Volume Loud.

Following his interview with Zane Lowe, Marshall hit BBC’s Maida Vale Studio stage for a performance of his single, “Berzerk”. MMLP2 in stores now.

UPDATE: Carrying on his performance, he does “Stan” below

UPDATE 2: “Survival” and “Not Afraid”

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  • hotasice

    he needs to stop with that blank stare look… doesn’t make any sense

    • Kieran Lewis

      That is the whole point of him doing it cause it doesn’t make sense. ‘Just Weird Out’

    • GandalffTheBlack

      kinda does in relation to the song and video.. but he does look like a fuckin goldfish doin it lol


      he does it as a joke, joking about his past drug abuse…because when you start popping mad xanax, valume and all types of benzos thats that type of faded, shot, blank stare you’ll give…shits not good. haha

  • West West

    Eminem is the GOAT folks!

  • EminemHipHopsLegend

    I do anything to go to see this man performing GOAT

    • Hip Pop Is Alive!

      You’ll do anything to suck this man’s wanker GTFOH

      • 11.2.11

        Hip is music. Pop is music. Period. Those who doesn’t have the Law vocabulary should stop speaking. So don’t put words of others and make it your own because you will end up having a garbage in your mouth. HipHop is Law vocabulary. So for all those who doesn’t understand, go away all of you demons!!!!!!!

  • ten

    I like it.

  • Billow Baggins

    is he the greatest???


    Can’t believe someone attempted this……